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Avatar m tn Assuming a plano (0) target was hit, 1 diopter of accommodation would barely give you arms-length vision (1 meter), 2 diopters gets you to about 18 inches (half meter), and 4 would be closer than a foot (quarter meter).
Avatar m tn http://www.politifact.
920032 tn?1550680156 s important to let us know which standard you are using. Makes a huge difference. Did your home test meter come with a User Guide? Most do which explains how to correctly use the meter. If not you can always Google the make and model number as most manufacturers post "How To" guides online.
Avatar f tn I had sprained my ankle while I was coming down from a meter hight and in MRI talus bruise was mentioned. I am better now but I cant put my foot normally w/o pain .
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with endo. @ 17 y/o. At 18 I miscarried and didn't even know that I was pregnant...(due to irregular periods). I was about 8 weeks and had a d&c afterwards. Now my concern: Will I ever get a chance to have a baby? My doc. said that it is not as bad...I have light scarring on my (left) ovary. Right now I'm not ready for any kids, but I would like to have a child later in life (maybe 2 years from now).
675923 tn?1296238011 Wow ~ 18 days has just flown by! I do need to share a "freak out". I had a dream that I smoked last night. I've done this before on different quits yet knowing doesn't help my anxiety. When I woke up & shook off I went to my bathroom mirror and committed to being smoke free today. I have encountered more cravings this morning and the only part I'm nervous about is the "painful thoughts" that haunt me. Horrible headache too. Thank you again for 18 days.
Avatar n tn hi, am a 26 years old female software professional, am having extremely high myopia, -18 and -16 powers. Am not a suitable candidate for LASIK,Gyopitics or intralaser or any other vision correction surgeries.I have undergone laser surgery for retinal detachment a year back. Thinking of to undergo Phakic IOL(implanted Lens) surgery. Please share with me if any experiences,risks,advantages,disadvantages,maintanenceand cost(in india).
608104 tn?1352587153 It seems to me that fewer physicians and health care providers know that self-monitoring for prevention of asthma is available and worthwhile patient instruction. Which organizations in 2011 are promoting peak flow meter use for asthma management? Years ago, thanks to a pharmaceutical company's partnership with Jackie Joiner-Kersee, a champion athlete, I started using a peak flow meter to manage my asthma along with inhaler medications.
Avatar n tn I have been told I'm am pre-diabetic but type 2 diabetes is written in my health records. I just got a new meter (OneTiych). My previous readings with the "Freestyle " meter were no higher than 110. Most readings stayed in the 90's.
Avatar m tn Lost health insurance and can't get coverage -had cancer 20 years ago. I need to know if anyone knows where I can get diabetic strips for free.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed about 4 months ago and use one touch meter to test I have been vigilant watching what I eat.this has happened quite a few timesfor example, . I test two hours after meal and am at 133, which I think is high for what my meal was. Only Two minutes later I test again and meter drops to 117?? Is meter not good or broken? Should I change meters?
2088051 tn?1334542007 So I Was Diagnosed With Hypoglycemia When I Was 15.. I'm 18 Now. It Seems Like It's Gotten Worse As I've Gotten Older. I'll Eat.. Then Not Even An Hour Later, I'll Start Shaking. This Stuff Is Horrible. I Just Need To Know If It's Because I'm Not Eating Enough Or It's Because Of The Food I Eat. Help!
1246037 tn?1273681596 a ver chicas llevo un par de dias (a ratos claro) intentando meter datos en mi grafico, pero cuando llego a la ultima pagina se queda bloqueado, le doy a las flechas o a done y nada...ademas me aparece abajo todo el rato como listo pero error en la pagina...a alguna os ha pasado? os da errores o meteis los datos bien? jooo que quiero poner el grafico y nada!!!
Avatar m tn 2 unfunded wars....
Avatar f tn Tea tree oil chewing sticks and black licorice root (which can be purchased at a health store) help greatly to calm the urges to smoke. It can take 8 min for the strongest urge to subside. Chew on a black licorice root, don't hang out with ppl who smoke for awhile. Find out what ur triggers are and replace them with new, healthier habbits. And most of all, don't feel guilty if u relapse, u can always try again. Dev new coping methods. I hope this may be helpful to sum of u!!!!
Avatar n tn When I was first diagnosed, I was lucky to have a sit down with the registered dietician attached to the health care team. For males limit carbohydrates to 60 per meal. It sure worked for me.
Avatar n tn I hope I get some answer to this, though it is Christmas time. I read a lot about eye problems and RD, but I couldn't understand some things, so to understand my symptoms. I have never visited an eye doctor, but I will visit at the end of january. I am 24, female. For many years, since 17 or 18 years old, my distant sight started blurring, but I've thought that even seeing distant objects blurred I'd never wear glasses, so I never visited a doctor. Slowly it was getting worse.
1239317 tn?1298175866 solo deja tener uno creo que tenemos que anotarlo todo en la misma o me equivoco haber si alguien nos ayuda
Avatar f tn Im 36+4, ive already gone threw that lol! With this belly.. theres like.. a lazy-o-meter.
Avatar m tn Since we have no mention of a home glucose test meter in your post my question to you is how do you know when your blood glucose is going down? And when? See this link on when to test your blood glucose before, during, and after a workout. As Sally mentioned, it is best to monitor your blood glucose with a home test meter.This is the only way to know, besides being tested at the doctors office, your glucose levels.
Avatar m tn I found out about 3 weeks ago that diabetic test supplies, meter, and medication are 100% covered under my health care. I just received my new meter and supplies, and tested first thing this morning. My level was 247. I was concerned, but not overly much. However, about one hour after my evening meal, I tested again and my level was 350. That scared me. I don't have any of the classic symptoms of keytoacidosis and I feel fine, so should I be alarmed?
Avatar f tn My 16 yr old daughter has been caught sneaking out of the house, occasionally smoking pot and skipping the occasional class. When I try to explain to her that she could get caught and danger any future plans (she wants to be a therapist/psychologist), hurt her and it makes me upset, she just acts like she would never get caught, it doesn't matter and as for me being upset, that's my problem.