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4624236 tn?1357891407 ) 19 years old and im 16 wks 4 days
Avatar n tn Have u had an std check.look up std symptoms on the net.
535822 tn?1443976780 Well i wonder if THEY, the Muslims will still be able to spit on our flag, or burn it or step on it even after the government silences the AMERICAN CITIZENS who love this country! Will the Muslims still have "freedom of speech" those OURS will be taken away??
Avatar n tn If this is negative then other causes of delayed or missed periods will have to be looked at such as stress whether emotional or physical, hypothyroidism, polycystic disease of the ovary, pituitary tumors secreting prolactin, anemia and poor diet, hormonal imbalance, unexplained or sudden weight gain or weight loss. You will need to consult a gynecologist for this.
Avatar f tn Do you have pain when you tap your face in those areas above and below eyes? The jaw pain could be due to teeth clenching awake or during sleep. Dry blood could be allergies or dried mucus membarnes so drink plenty of fluids or get saline nasal spray OTC at pharmacy. Wouldn't worry about thrombosis at this point. Take care- the rest sounds like typical axiety stuff--dizziness and tight muscles. Don't worry but get it checked out.
Avatar f tn The nearest is the family health clinic in the lemon grove area but if you really want quality you shouldtry the ucsd la jolla pprenatal care. All the family clinics are full and dont do anything. In la jolla they have an ultrasound machine in every room plus is the same doctor not like the family clinic.
Avatar n tn Low intrinsic factor in gut that hampers absorption, pernicious anemia, parasites in the gut, diet poor in Vit B12, Crohn;s disease, IBS, or poor metabolism by liver are the causes behind it. The hands could be cold due to reduced blood supply as in diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, poor sleep, smoking, Raynaud’s phenomenon and pinched cervical spinal nerve.
1008446 tn?1251197132 I've been having itchy vigina for a while now but as soon as i apply this cream my doctor suscribed,it heels. i search on the net regarding this issue and it seem's to be vaginal-dermatitis(i do have a very sensitive skin), i might be pregnant but not sure yet. It wont be my first baby,i already have a baby girl 1year & 9 months. My question is could it affect the baby? And i use to take herbal diet pills,i stop a few weeks ago ,can this affect the baby too?
277836 tn?1359666174 Please take a few moments of your time before posting and READ the health pages. You should find all the infomation you need there. If you are still not sure then post a question. I know how it feels to have the fear set in. Remember this the fear can only get as bad AS you let it. When searching the net for all sorts of scenarios you will find many untrue things out there so dont go looking. Med Help is a very reputable web site with lots of forums and educated people.
5419644 tn?1386030237 Im looking because i have cats and dont want them in my sons crib (they will be in a different room when he is born so no opinions please), im just curious if anyone has heard of them or knows another option for over the top of the crib. Thanks girls.
Avatar f tn The site also said something about it being like a somatoform or conversion disorder. It said the emotional distress is exhibited as seizures (or non-seizures). My mum has had seizures in the past. This could almost be describing her. Perhaps therapy could help. I expect this could be challenging as emotional stress could induce a seizure. I would strongly recommend dealing with your own stress first. Would it be possible to decrease stressful events in the significant others life?
973741 tn?1342342773 The wife and I pick a series and watch it in its entirety. Not necessarily in one sitting but we've been known to watch 4-5 episodes of Sons of Anarchy and Longmire.
Avatar f tn // So, if the cardiac work up doesn't net out to be the cause, then absolutely, time to begin working on the mental health piece of this.
Avatar n tn I have a project to do for my finials as a dental hygienist&therapist. I have chosen 'frequent flyers and dental health' Special referance to business people and the effect of frequeny flying on their oral health. I can not find any surveys relating to this topic.
Avatar n tn At your local health food store. If you must buy on the net, look for Aura Cacia, Frontier Coop, for two companies, but best bet is still your local health food store.
Avatar f tn I started to get visual problems like floaters and i have constent pressure in mt head, back and forehead and pressure in the ears, sometimes my eyes really hurt and i find it hard to keep them open and i have also expierenced floaty dizzy feelings, I asked my GP for CT scan and he says he doesnt think i have any symptoms to a brain tumor (which is what i think i have) and that going for a scan could be dentremental to my health because of the amount of radiation.... Can anyone HELP .
Avatar f tn I had no idea this was an ongoing issue. Are the health pages controversial in some way, or is this some sort of poor site design/maintenance issue do you think?
Avatar m tn no and dont compare yourself to what you read on the net wrong thing to do
Avatar n tn There are allot of people who have gotten off zoloft, with no W/D? I talk about it in my open JOurnal entries here, sure you will find others who have, ALSO ALWAYS remember, the what you read here is one persons experience and there can be other reasons (MANY) why some people have a harder time., zoloft is one of the easiest!
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone! I am so sick of health insurance companies its ridiculous!! My only idea of what to do next is go to their office and stomp up and down and scream at them to kiss my A**! I am at wits end... so I was hoping if i posted my insurance dilemma here.. maybe someone else has some insurance knowledge that they could share with me and a more appropriate plan of action than my stomping and screaming approach :) lol Heres my issue....
Avatar n tn I went to a surgery and seen a GP and she said it was not warts and was Pearly Penile Papules. I doubted this as my research on the net indicated that these were not found in the area's that mine were. I then went to see my usual GP and he had a look with his magnification gear and he said they were not warts but looked viral.He then froze them off. I asked wether they were molluscum and he said probably but the was no center in the papule like typical molluscum.
Avatar m tn Even if you actually have NGU or a prostate gland problem, these are believed to be entirely harmless when the standard STDs have been excluded. There are few if any long term complications or health problems of any kind, either for affected men or their sex partners. Many men with such symptoms find them quite easy to live with, once they are confident they are an inconvenience only, not an important health threat.