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Avatar f tn but my point im getting to is if he cant help me financially now while im pregnant then how is he gonna take on a child. His 3rd child wit other women.! But I was seriously considering tanniff , through social services... can anyone tell me or give me a little info on how it works. Can u get it while prego or do u have to wait until after the baby is born.
Avatar f tn Thanks. I'll check mental health services. Every where I have checked so far keeps trying to get me to do methadone or suboxone. I really don't think that is what I need though.
Avatar f tn Make an anonymous call to child protective services. Whether the marijuana affects the child or not it's still illegal and does slow down the cognition of grown adults so only god knows how it reacts in an infant.
Avatar f tn Schwarzenegger proposed ending the entire state welfare program along with most state-subsidized child care, cutting mental health services by 60 percent and considerably slashing in-home care services for elderly, sick and disabled people. Those cuts, along with others, would save the state an estimated $12 billion in the year starting July 1.
Avatar f tn She then had all 3 children taken off of her and put into care (2 were someone elses) now i am pregnant social services are wanting to visit me and my partner this week. Im obvs very scared and worried. As this had nothing to do with me and my partner was not the one who neglected his girl. He has a 14 year old who he sees on a regular basis. Just neeed some advice/reassurance that they wont take my baby away from me i cant stop crying now. I dont need this.
2086555 tn?1332510556 Human Services but they said that since I work 1099 even though I make only $18,000 per year gross/$5,755 net and pay fed/state taxes I am considered a non-citizen and therefore ineligible for assistance but since I can't afford healthcare I am eligible to be charged $1,500 per year extra on taxes due until I can afford it (which makes no sense and doesn't get me any closer to a diagnoses / treatment / cure).
Avatar n tn I have no health insurance I need a mri done on my back who can help me
393685 tn?1425812522 For example, the records created by a public health nurse who provides immunization or other health services to students on school grounds or otherwise in connection with school activities but who is not acting on behalf of the school would not be “education records” under FERPA . . . .
4097344 tn?1349754756 im in need of some help. i need health insurance but i just lost my job. now that i have palpitations im scared to drive or do anything. i went to the er and they did a ct scan with contrast and said they didnt find anything wrong. i just feel like crap. out of energy. all blood test came back good. i got a ct scan with contrast for my head last week but i havent heard back from them with the results so im guessing they didnt find anything.
Avatar f tn As the presidential campaign unfolds, the differences in approaches to Medicare by President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney have taken center stage. But what is getting far less scrutiny: Romney's plans for Medicaid. He would convert the health care program for the poor, disabled and elderly into a block grant to the states and sharply reduce funding over time.
Avatar m tn t give the commission new powers, but the bill — known as the Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act — would give the FCC crucial political cover to prohibit what consumer advocates say would harm startup companies and Internet services by requiring them to pay extra fees to ISPs. "Americans are speaking loud and clear," said Leahy, who is holding a hearing on net neutrality in Vermont this summer.
Avatar f tn I have written on here as I Don't know what else to do... I have terrible health anxiety and it's taking over my life. I don't want to go to my GP. Is there any telephone services I could use? Any help?
Avatar f tn I totally understand about your state's issues with the safety net of social services. Basically most people fall between the cracks unless you are extremely destitute. Which luckily you are not. But you still need help as millions of Americans still do who don't have health insurance. 17.1 percent of American adults did not have health insurance as of 2011. I won't get into the political issues here...suffice it to say I am glad I live in Cali.
Avatar n tn Have u had an std check.look up std symptoms on the net.
Avatar n tn Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP to run tests and examination to clinch a diagnosis. Take care!
1530342 tn?1405016490 ”The logjam has broken,” Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, said. Bill Pierce, a former Health and Human Services official under George W. Bush, added, “It’s a tipping point. You’ve now got a real conservative state, a battleground state and a blue state all signed up. If you’re a Republican governor thinking about this, you fit into one of those categories.” However, for those who want to see more American be able to afford basic medical care, the news is not all good.
Avatar f tn On the part where I said "mental health services in " it was supposed to say "mental health services in INSERT CITY NAME AND STATE HERE" but for some reason that part got cut off.
Avatar f tn New Jersey’s Centers for Primary Health Care (CPHC) offer a wide range of health care services for the entire family. "You don’t need health insurance to get care at a center. Centers serve the uninsured and underinsured, as well as patients with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. "If you’re uninsured, your bill will be based on your ability to pay. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.
Avatar m tn Ok I applied for Medicaid health insurance about 2 And an half months ago, so when i filled the application out it gave me theses questions, income job title and how much I'm paying for rent bills and other things and since I have no job and have no income I put all 0's and asked me where I'm living at so I put my girlfriend grandparents house whom I've lived with for about a year now cause my girlfriend lives here with them so basically I live with my girl anyway , they sent me
535822 tn?1443976780 Have you heard of that ,The Federal Commision says that net-neutrality rules would apply to all parts of the internet ..OBamas FCC is set to vote on proposed' regulations,' this Thursday..Socialism not freedom, they is to rescue the public from nefarious Corporations that control technology..
Avatar f tn I agree with Austin...get tested ASAP and have your husband tested also. In addition, if you are going to continue in your relationship, insist that he use a condom when having sex with you. I would also like to add that y'all may want to seek the services of a marriage counselor. (((hug))) best wishes for you.
Avatar n tn Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!