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1817813 tn?1317017629 It may sound like an odd question, but could your grandmother have an STD? Std rates have been on the rise in nursing homes and elderly communities so it could be something to rule out.
Avatar m tn According to Federal employment laws, you are not required to anwer questions concerning your health -either during a job interview or on a health form. The only health information you should need to submit is a form that goes directly to the medical insurance agency -something the is not in your employment file and something that is protected by HIPAA rights. Unless you are involved in a contact sport (no, nursing doesn't qualify!) your employer should never see this.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with a complete body cleansing program while they are nursing? I am interested in doing one and was wondering if there is anything I should be concerned with while nursing. Thanks!
Avatar f tn These are not the signs of autism. Given your literacy skills I would assume your intellect is in the average range. However it is possible that your cognition is on the lower side of the average range which results in this type of challenge. You or your parents can pay for a psycho-educational evaluation from a psychologist to determine exactly what the problem is.
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Avatar f tn It is common to see this in nursing homes. A woman I cared for developed it at age 99, and upon discontinuance of the meds, it diappeared at age 102. She now 108 years old.
1945565 tn?1330465775 s (which was paid for by the hospital I work for). Although I have not worked directly in mental health nursing, all nursing exhibits mental health to some degree. Overall I highly recommend pursuing your dreams of becoming an RN and someday an NP if you are committed to helping others. The benefits are great, and giving back is truly an amazing feeling.
676912 tn?1332812551 So I went to the store and bought a 38 DD nursing bra tonight, I'm wearing a 36 D/DD depending on the brand of bra. SO I tried it on tonight and it's too tight, the 38 part isn't bad, it's comfortable, but my boobs are squished in it. SO where can I get a bigger nursing bra? I was at Walmart tonight, and I didn't see anything bigger...
470168 tn?1237471245 Maybe he is plugging into this ability which is helping some aspects of literacy/numeracy but is causing the mirror image problem.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am positive with Hepatitis B, can I still be erolled in a nursing school and become a nurse?
Avatar f tn so my grandma is at this nursing home in huntington health and rehab. a worker there is giving out information about the resident (my grandmother) to outsiders; suchs as; people not working there, her kids, other people. this is going around the school about how my grandmother acts at a nursing home. and i want this to stop. is this illegal to give out information? tell me please. and if you get it from a website, type the web site in.
Avatar n tn You can certainly give this little guy the best nursing care you can for as long as you can, but with these severe neurological signs and out ward physical deformities this early in life, the prognosis is not good. As for assistance now, you simply have to take each symptom as it comes. Constipation would need enema / rectal lubrication and soft food diets, problems with urination would need to be corrected quickly as they cannot survive without urinating for very long.
Avatar f tn Medicare pays only for medically necessary SKILLED nursing facility or home health care. However, you must meet certain conditions for Medicare to pay for these types of care.
Avatar f tn he is very cleaver in maths but hates literacy and often refuses to do it. an occupoational therapist identified a slight problem with his fine motor skills and am now waiting on a test. i now have parents threatning harm to me and my child due to him attacking their children in school time. i have tried every behaviour therapy going and still nothing works.
Avatar f tn He has a phonological processing disorder and has a range of sounds he cannot replicate. His literacy an numeracy skills are at least 18months behind his chronological age and SALT are not sure why it's having such a global impact on his learning. We dont think he's dyslexic or dyspraxic - but what other add on problems/disorders could he have. He's had a standard hearing test (which was ok) and sight test, including testing him for double focussing etc.
770551 tn?1305578901 com They are a corporation who donate a percentage of their profits to world literacy. Free shipping and great prices on new and used books.
Avatar f tn What you are doing sounds about right. I don't understand the pumping though. The baby is the best pump I can think of. As to when to stop breastfeeding, that is up to you. The earliest months are the most important. And there is not much point in going past age two. But as you say, all your baby's are not breast milk so he is already being weaned. That is just fine. As for yourself, stop whenever you want to. Your baby is well on the way to good health.
Avatar f tn When I was young I was diagnosed with cancer. I started receiving blood transfusions in 1988, which is well before they started testing for Hepatitis C. Since then I have used IV drugs but I've been clean now for a little over 2 years. I am just absolutely terrified that I have contracted Hepatitis C somewhere along the way. Now my only problem is that I'm entering the nursing program this fall and if I test positive for Hep C and they find out I can not enter the program.
649848 tn?1534633700 The headlines blare Jerry Sandusky and Bullied School Bus Monitor because those are the stories that get the hits and sell advertising space. Stories about literacy in the Afghan Army or what kind of toxins our children and grandhildren will be drinking in 20-50 years quickly get pushed down the page and disappear. Stories that matter, like homelessness, pollution, literacy, or war are too complex or too painful.
5894884 tn?1386969571 I'm diagnosed with both and was on heavy needs then stopped taking then when I found out I was pregnant . My symptoms were a lot better during my pregnancy , I mean I had a few panic attacks and got worked up a lot and for the depression it was ok buying stuff for my soon seemed to help and thinking about him helped a lot too . He turned a month old yesterday and I'm still not taking my meds I'm nursing but coping good still . I hope you ladies the best !!
10228675 tn?1423881456 I'm curious the best place to buy Nursing tanks from? Before pregnancy i was a 38F.. now that bra is way to small.. so im looking for a nursing tank that my boobs will actually fit in.
Avatar m tn My little man was one week old yesterday. We are starting to get the hang of nursing, thanks to the lactation consultant at the hospital! He sometimes goes 2 hours between feedings, sometimes he doesn't even go 20-25 minutes between feedings. Anyone else experience this? I know he will have a cluster feed around day 10, but he does this almost once a day! Thanks!!