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Avatar m tn Weve got health insurance. Good health insurance. Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The whole family went to the eye doctor yesterday. All had exams and each exam was $10. Yeah, $10 bucks!!! Pretty awesome.... glasses for the whole outfit excluding me, even with good insurance is going to cost $700. So much for that good insurance. Who knows what it would have cost if I was going to get glasses....
1530342 tn?1405020090 My company subsidizes the rest, if you can believe that, as an incentive. In my mind, it's worth it's weight in gold. Not having access to health insurance is one thing, but having access to it, and opting not to take it, is something completely different. I'm not sure about you guys, but no matter what the cost, I'd keep/hold onto my health insurance coverage come h3ll or high water.
458072 tn?1291418786 A survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that 46% of doctors will seriously consider leaving the medical profession if ObamaCare goes through. What good is health insurance if you have no doctor to go to? Americans for Tax Reform estimates that because of the bill's onerous impact on small businesses, ObamaCare will cost the American economy 690,000 jobs over the next decade. If ObamaCare passes, taxpayers will be funding abortions in the U.S.
Avatar f tn never gives me answers ir even really try to find out ehats going on because I dont have insurance !! What do I do have 3 kids and I feel like death warmed over...
329994 tn?1301666848 I could have written more in the letter but I had teenage kids hanging over my shoulder anxious to get on the computer so I wrote what I could. Here is a copy of the letter. I hope they don't take his name out or delete this because people should know about him and more than likely the only ones who will read this are my friends and they don't live here!!! I left off his address! Dear Dr.
521840 tn?1348844371 Research has shown that early intervention services (including speech language therapy, special education, applied behavior analysis and psychotherapy) are the gold standard of care in treating children with Autism. Not only is this the time when the child's brain is the most adaptable, but professionals can intervene early to prevent undesirable behaviors from taking root.
Avatar f tn How you you plan to treat your HCV without insurance? Current treatment involves 48 weeks of treatment for genotype 1. Since your insurance will run out in May, that gives you 7 months of insurance at best. How do you plan on treating with the newer treatments if you have no insurance? Not having insurance when you have a chronic illness is not a good strategy in my opinion.
1310633 tn?1430227691 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Americans may be able to keep their individual insurance plans for one more year, under a fix offered by President Obama on Thursday to address a controversial provision of the Affordable Care Act. The deal is meant to mollify millions of people enraged after their insurers canceled policies that do not meet Obamacare requirements. But how many it will ultimately help remains to be seen.
Avatar m tn Before health department experts finished a study evaluating alternatives, Scott and Harvey had a bill drafted to send the uninsured to private insurance companies for health coverage. Mr. Scott earlier blocked creation of an insurance exchange which consumers in other states find helpful in weighing the market’s confusing options. Exchanges have also achieved lower rates through transparency.
398059 tn?1447949233 In the United Kingdom where there are more people to support for universal health insurance, the tax rates are anywhere from mid 20 percent to up to 78 percent tax rate. Craig does work with people who live in United Kingdom and they very often state that they much prefer our tax rates!!
184674 tn?1360864093 Not that Trevor isn't smart--he's actually quite intuitive with people and has an amazing memory--but other kids just seemed to pick up reading, writing, coloring in the lines, tying their shoes, riding a bike, and heck...even playing video games more quickly and easily than he ever has. For me, as his mother, I feel like I spend more time getting onto him to settle down and focus and be still than I do anything else.
Avatar m tn Nothing seems to be working and I am running out of patience with this. I currently don't have health insurance so I'll have to pay for everything out of pocket. The four tablets of Fluconazole cost me $84 from the pharmacy. Please help!
Avatar f tn Hello friend, at first my physician was only testing TSH, many physicians only go by TSH. Sad truth ! Here's what I shared/asked my physician. FT3/FT4 are produced by the thyroid, If these levels are not important, then why do labs have test for them? Aftwards on my lab reports, noticed my physician began to test FT3/FT4 along with TSH. He's still clueless as to balancing hormonal levels, but at least I made alittle progress.
Avatar f tn The neuro said I will have to followup with my pcp; and yep, that was already set up before I even saw the neuro. Anyway, the insurance benefits statements are starting to come in and my out-of-pockets are going to be a couple thousand dollars. I am sure I need to get a stronger Rx for my bifocals along with those neuro/MRI/etc. bills., so there goes more $$ (although I understand the necessity of spending $$ for health reasons!) Point is, I wonder if I should even go to see my pcp?
Avatar m tn -- but when they finally work with your body for a few days and healing kicks in, from the inside-out -- man, they are worth their wait and weight in GOLD -- and if I could highlight and bold the word GOLD, I would do it here.
547368 tn?1440545385 Like you I worked hard and had great health insurance. I just went to the doctor when I needed or took my kids when they were sick. I paid little for a great HMO and thought it would always be that easy. I WAS part of the Health Care Delivery System and we took care of one another....until the loaded dump truck decided differently. Now what??? Where to from here for this fine country? What kind of a mess have we gotten ourselves in.. and how did I....or we... miss that turn?
Avatar f tn New infant and convertible car seats to keep your child safe What about squished legs? New car seat guidelines for kids Kids who have been only rear-faced will most likely not be bothered, since they don't know anything else. And it's completely fine for their feet to touch the seat back, or for their legs to bend. "Once you make the switch, it's hard to go back, so try not to ever switch them before they are ready," says Hoffman.
Avatar f tn I have a great job as far as being civil service - job security, health and life insurance for myself and my kids, a pension and so on. If i did not receive financial help for daycare, i could not afford the added expense for daycare on my day shifts. And i work rotating days and nights. Night daycare does not exist. So if the dad is not in the picture, i could not logically keep my job. Which affects my whole family.
Avatar n tn When they did the endoscopy did they biopsy your intestine to check for Celiac? This the the gold standard diagnostic. Often the blood tests show false negatives. Here is an informative youtube video that explains the different tests & their reliability: If you feel better by going gluten-free, then maybe you are at least gluten sensitive if not Celiac. I say, if you feel better without it, you should probably avoid it anyway.
242516 tn?1368227505 Join me on a free Health Chat to discuss swine flu on Wednesday April 29th at 1PM EST. To register, go to: Due to the swine flu, the US has declared a public health emergency. We're early in the outbreak of this new virus, with most all patients in the US having mild illness who have recovered without treatment. Only 1 of the 20 cases have been hospitalized.
1253246 tn?1332076910 It is illegal to discriminate and asking if you have HIV or HCV on an employment application shows they are going to discriminate either that or they are going to offer you health insurance and support through your disease (RIGHT) start with the EEOC.
Avatar m tn Unlike you, because of the incident and my acute symptoms, they diagnosed the illness almost immediately, so I did NOT have to do a biopsy. The health insurance issue was a BIG one for me. I almost stayed abroad to get the meds for free (socialized medicine). Instead I took the risk, returned and got help from Roche's patient assistance program (1-877-734-2797). I DO pay for Dr.
Avatar f tn There is no way I would have managed nearly as well without the support, knowledge, patience and understanding of everyone here on this forum. No better cohorts could there be than on this forum right here. You all are like gold to me. I get to tell my kids now. How lovely is that. And having said all that ..... I have to say that Andiamo's UND is still the sweetest news I've heard all day...just not the sweetest news my kids will hear today. :) Bless you all.
Avatar f tn However, I do have compassion and think that we are obligated to provide for those are not physically or mentally able to provide for themselves. As far as health insurance goes, I think that everyone has a right to health care, but having the government handle it scares me to death, look at what all they can screw up and make cost multiple times what the private sector can do cheaper and turn a profit on. While is healthcare so high?
206807 tn?1331939784 For example, my mother lives in Europe and receives generally very good government-administered health care but also carries an insurance policy to cover additional costs.
778497 tn?1320557679 Today my 2 yr old baby girl was hit by a car, they were playing in the front yard with their dad, our puppy ran out into the road, their dad told the kids to stay in the yard he would be right back, my daughter looked at him and said ok daddy, he started towards the road, by the time he turned around all he could see was our daughter flipping around in the air and then landing in the ditch like a lil rag doll, the woman that hit her was going to keep going and he screamed at her to stop, she pul
620923 tn?1452919248 well i guess he didn't like that idea lol i'm still waiting on that pot of gold leppy!
Avatar f tn But the cost of that private insurance will be lower since the insurance companies will then be competing with a National Health Plan (and their risks will be lower as well). What this means is that people won't have to do fundraisers to get enough money together for a surgery for their dying child. And do some math and figure out what your out-of-pocket yearly expenses are for healthcare--co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, prescriptions, etc.
Avatar n tn So you definitely have HSV-2. I cannot judge the risk of transmission without a lot more information that you don't provide and probably don't know: how long you might have been infected, whether you might be having mild symptoms you haven't noticed, and so on. But probably the risk is low. In monogmous couples in which one person has HSV-2, who have sex 2-3 times per week, transmission occurs in only about 5% of couples per year.