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Avatar f tn Does anyones insurance cover fertility? I just found out that my health insurance does not cover any part of fertility. Does anyone know if you can get a loan for fertility treatments or do some doctors set up payment options?
Avatar n tn I found out I was pregnant two weeks after I started a new job and told them at 16w when I told the rest of the world. My boss said he appreciated knowing early. I got insurance through my work so I don't know about that part.
Avatar m tn Beckley Treatment Center 175 Philpott Lane, Beaver, WV 25813-9501 Charleston Treatment Center 2157 Greenbrier Street Charleston, WV 25311-9623 MindCross Training 253 Skyline Trail Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 Associates In Pro Counseling 511 7th St # B Moundsville, WV 26041-2173 Northwood Health Systems Inc 10 Ash Avenue Moundsville, WV 26041-1318 Storm Haven Transitional Home 527 Burmeister St Raleigh, WV 25911
Avatar f tn If your son is low income,he may qualify for state health insurance. I belive its actauly federaly funded. In California its called Medi-Cal,in Maine its called Mainecare. I dont know what its called in your state. Then look for a hospital that has a detox/rehab department and try to get him in there. In Maine, they take state insurance, detox four four to five days, put you on Suboxone and set you up with aftercare/counseling. The NA is also a VERY good idea to start.
Avatar m tn If not is there some kind if community health services? I don't have any information on what one would do without medical insurance and most definitely no information about WV as I like in WA state.
2062192 tn?1333718023 I am so sorry your going through that. If I were you I would go to the er after work insurance or not. You need to make sure you and baby are OK :). I don't know what state your in but I am in Oregon and I got Oregon health plan its similar to medicare I believe. And every pregnant person is allowed oho(as far as I am aware ) unless they make an insane amount of money.
Avatar f tn I did not sign up for health insurance through the new health exchanges. However, a friend of mine did. This is what he said: Spent all day reading and comparing the plans in the platinum tier. All I can say is if you dont know how to do the math you will have a problem! The lower premium plans will definitely cost you more throughout the year because they have additional % attached to them in out of pocket maximums. One plan didnt even have an out of pocket maximum.
Avatar m tn I am a disabled 60 year old male in poor health. I have health insurance. I was released from CAMC General in Charleston WV on 1-5-2011, after being in for a week being treated for celluitis (have Type 2 Diabetes) in lower section of left leg. My primary care doctor does not have hospital privileges, so CAMC assigned whoever was on call to manage my case.
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Avatar m tn My problem is i dont ahve any insurance, ye s i can go to veterens hospititial,but the vet hospititial in Hunt,. WV doesnt do any kind of heart surgery not even astent. tey do stess test and caths, but cant do surgery, so what does a guy do. I dont want a cath where they cant do surgery, what if soemting hapens during the cath. I have been told imight have a blockage.I am not conplaing and am thanful for what i have. Jusr asking for any sugestions or ideas.
Avatar n tn It is extremely frustrating, but the biggest disappointment in all of this is that I can't go to an outside facility. I am a Veteran and since I have no insurance, I have to be seen at a VA approved facility, or otherwise pay out of pocket. I see the new Cardiologist in April and I am asking for a referral to a specialist, because I am tired of being tired and feeling bad all the time.
Avatar n tn My nephew (20) has had chest pains for sometime. Finally, doctor did a cat scan (insurance would not allow nuclear stress test then). A long story short, the cat scan shows one side of his aorta twice the size of the other. The Dr said it's serious and wants to see him in three weeks? (I don't get that) He said he will definitely need surgery. I believe his blood pressure is good. He's not on medication. Currently, my sister is trying to get him in to Cleveland Clinic.
Avatar n tn She is now age 31 and seemed to be in excellent health until April 2008 when she had a grand mal seizure out of the blue. Since then, she's had approximately 10 more. Does anyone know of other adults diagnosed with seizure disorder that had Kawasaki as a child? Just seems like there might be some connection between the seizures and Kawasaki. My daughter went to the seizure clinic at Barnes hospital in St. Louis back in August for an extended EEG.
Avatar f tn I would also be concerned about Low Vitamin B12, as it can cause a number os serious health problems, it can lead to stripping the coating from your nerves called the Myelin Sheath, this condition can reduce range of motion in the limbs and also severe neuropathy pain, I know, because I have the same condition now,although my issues are not caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency, it is caused one of many causes of this condition.
Avatar f tn Why do you need a refferal? Does your insurance require one. I know that you do not need an MD's order to go to an independant Lab, although your insurance will not cover it. But at least you can get a Free T3/Free T4 and TSH for around $100.00, they quoted me 80.00 for the TSH and the Free T4, I don't think the Free T3 would cost much more than twenty.
Avatar f tn It also may depend on your insurance - some insurance companies, no matter how the script is written, will not refill a narcotic before the 30th day (presuming the script had been written for a 30 day supply) As mentioned, your best bet is to check with teh pharmacy and they'd be able to tell you when a refill is available. you can also check online if your pharmacy has that option - if they do offer online refills, of course, you'll have to register with their site.
Avatar f tn The the Doc gave him MS Cotin, which he was on for 4 months without my knowledge. I found out by receiving a quaterly update from our insurance company. I knew he was taking more meds than prescribed so I called his doctor. His doctor wouldn't prescribe anymore to him, so he went to our long time family doctor. Who does do liver tests, but prescribes him Lorcet, and now Norcor and Ultram. However, he doubles what is recommended to take.
590399 tn?1218778956 Sometimes an addict needs the ulimatium to quit. As for not having insurance, their are places to go to get help regardless of insurance. Call your local Dept. of Health office or Human services to find out what is available. Remember, YOU and your CHILD are number one. Don't put yourself in harms way.
159727 tn?1356517083 Try for one with benefits, so you can get health insurance. I noticed at a Toys R Us the other day (I think that was it) they even offered health insurance for sales employees. 3. Ask other relatives you trust, not just your dad, for help. If they see you are trying to take charge of things, they will help you if they can. If no relatives, then interested friends (not other kids, though, right now you don't need distraction). You might talk to the pastor at a church if you can.
Avatar n tn Probably not, and we are very far from wealthy, just average working people lucky enough to have health insurance from our employers now, an HMO that hates to pay for anything extra. So what can I reasonably expect to push our neurologist for? So glad I found this site.
Avatar n tn I don't have a will or living will and since I am going under general for the first time in almost 35 years and am not in the best of health anyway I am thinking of doing that. But it just seems so morbid and like borrowing trouble. Thanks for listening!
Avatar f tn WASHINGTON – Millions of people stuck on the jobless rolls would receive an extension of unemployment benefits averaging $309 a week under a Senate bill that appears set to break free of a Republican filibuster. Democrats have stripped the unemployment insurance measure down to the bare essentials for Tuesday's vote, which is a do-over of a tally taken late last month.
198198 tn?1200014517 I've had crohn's 30 yrs. Back pain has been my symptom on occasions. It's sorta like back pain with child labor if you've had children. Recently I've had lower back pain that feels almost like I strained my back. It comes and goes. Does any crampy feeling wrap around your side with the back pain?
414635 tn?1272221293 I have my Master's degree and a good job, and at the end of the day when I've paid my taxes, retirement, and health insurance the money I take home worries me and makes me wonder if I'll be able to truly afford a baby! I'd be really interested in any advice you have because you seemed to do it all, with TWO babies at such a young age...with ALL of YOUR own money! I am married, I have a husband who works, I have a house with taxes and property insurance, two paid off cars...
Avatar m tn it's her perscription of chantix i'm taking now...i have one at the pharmacist in my name...but her insurance paid for hers...mind doesn't) and i had to ride a long time while she smoked beside me. that didnt bother me too much while she was doing it...but i admit...i've felt some anxiousness today. I have checked out whyquit....i guess...according to them...these feelings are good...tells me my body is healing. One thing that puzzles me....after cutting way back on coffee and no smokes...
172715 tn?1285498090 I have fibro and other health problems. I was given a prescription for 3 per day of 50 mg. I took 1 pill at night before going to bed. I start meds slow due to having problems with so many of then. I noticed the next morning I had slept well did not wake up constantly like I normally do. It also stop the need to move around, especially my legs. I took 1 pill at night for a week. I felt better, slept better, had less pain and joints moved more freely.
Avatar f tn ACV has many other health benefits that many swear by, so the ACV may be able to help other health issues you may be having. There are many websites dedicated to the health benefits of ACV, here are a few... 1. 2. I hope ACV is able to help you as much as it's been able to help me.
Avatar n tn Does someone miss me !!
Avatar n tn An MRI can be costly with out insurance but it is your health and that if you can possibly do should be done if your Dr suggest's it. Goodluck.