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Avatar n tn Hi, I just found out I do not have health insurance. We thought it would be until the end of the month but it's already done. I wad still under my moms plan and she was laid off last month. Well I had medical assistance through the state my last pregnancy but they dropped me when she was a month old because of my fiance's income. My daughter still has medical assistance.
211940 tn?1267884866 I think you are getting mis-information. ;0/ Depending on your income, you should be able to get "welfare" health insurance in your state. Just because you have SSI doesn't mean you cannot get the health care. I saw you were in Kansas so I looked it up for your state. There is a self-assessment that you can do online to see if you should try it.
Avatar f tn She has no health insurance. She made a total of 9k in 2012 along with 22k inheritance but the inheritance money is gone after paying bills and personal loans through family to pull her through the time . She only made 9k that year because of her declining health situation.
Avatar f tn I have health insurance because of my mom but it didn't cover all of my expenses so I also have pregnancy medicaid and they pay after the insurance after my baby comes I'll go back to my regular health insurance and my baby will me on medicaid
1202943 tn?1347844252 Please pass along your thyroid dr info in Kansas City area.
Avatar f tn *Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation *Insurance Information Most insurance carriers now have contracts with certain health care providers. The first step in a patient's evaluation is to have their insurance carrier information assessed by our transplant financial coordinators, who will determine if an individual can be transplanted at The University of Kansas Hospital.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who is 3 months pregnant. She has no health insurance and applied for medicaid but was denied because they say she makes $200 too much before taxes per month. She hasn't been able to find any insurance because of it being a pre-existing condition. She spoke with the hospital and they said if everything goes normal she will have to be $8000 for the delivery and all her doctors visits. Does anyone know of any insurance or anything that she could purchase to help with the costs?
1548924 tn?1296258644 I had insurance, when I was diagnosed, but subsequently with the loss of my job, also lost my health insurance, and even though, I automatically qualified for Social Security Disability, it took several months, even after their decision, I was told, that they have a 2 year waiting period for Medicare, so I still have no health insurance, but he still wants me to see him, he only charges me $50.00 a visit. Obviously, you cannot pay for MRI's, etc.
Avatar f tn Politicians and even some health insurers, including Anthem, are urging a revival of the stalled effort in Congress to overhaul the health care system, arguing everyone needs to be covered by health insurance in order to prevent such premium spikes. In Maine, where Anthem dominates the market, its proposal has several consumer groups planning big rallies at two public hearings on the rates, on Feb. 22 and 24.
1530342 tn?1405020090 html WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A federal judge refused Thursday to block a new Kansas law restricting insurance coverage for abortions, saying opponents failed to prove their claim that legislators' real intent was to create obstacles for women seeking abortions. The law prohibits insurance companies from offering abortion coverage as part of general health plans, except when a woman's life is at risk.
1301089 tn?1290670171 The head of the association's health-insurance committee, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, said she doesn't think these types of mini-med plans deserve an exemption. "If they are sold as comprehensive coverage, we expect them to meet the same [medical-loss ratio] standards as other health plans," she said.
1264863 tn?1391121793 Both my dad's insurance and mu insurance wanted us to go through the mail order to get 3 month supplies but it was only for non-narcotic meds
Avatar f tn WASHINGTON — The refusal by about half the states to expand Medicaid will leave millions of poor people ineligible for government-subsidized health insurance under President Obama’s health care law even as many others with higher incomes receive federal subsidies to buy insurance. Starting next month, the administration and its allies will conduct a nationwide campaign encouraging Americans to take advantage of new high-quality affordable insurance options.
Avatar f tn If you do please respond, and are you having to go thru red tape after red tape to get your shots? my medicine is sitting in kansas city, because of somebodys mistake, doc says it's unsurance,fault and insurance says its doc??? I am sooooooo frustrated and just feel like saying the HELL with it, but my husband said that is EXACTLY what they want you to do. it has been nothing but a nightmare with this company!!! I need to find an advocate.
Avatar f tn org/ - The Kansas City CARE Health Clinic is one of the largest free and charitable health clinics in the country and exists to promote health and wellness to those ~~~~ Clinics in Kansas | Free Health Clinics in Kansas - Search below and find all of the free clinics in Kansas by city. ... Provide primary health care, chronic disease management and medication assistance to very ...
Avatar f tn Political salesmanship and an attempt to address some glaring health insurance problems are key elements of the strategy to explain the initial changes resulting from the law. After battling for a year to pass the legislation, Democrats desperately wanted to have tangible accomplishments to point to in high-stakes congressional elections this fall.
Avatar m tn If anyone knows of a doctor that can help me please email me at Jim.***@**** and I do have health insurance as well as Medicare. Thank you.
1228375 tn?1406045327 We are looking for a good mental health provider and are sick of the corporate types that would rather bill you out the wazzoo and your insurance company. Any suggestions? We have Aetna insurance. Thanks.
Avatar m tn that told me this also told me that it is the hardest to get rid of. I need to know where to start, I don't have health insurance and I live in Kansas. My blood pressure is high and I am on med's for that and I am about 70 pounds over weight (all in my stomach). I don't want to die of this please help me?
211940 tn?1267884866 no health insurance, I appear to have a medical problem, and wish your ideas, please. I haven't felt well, the last few days, with no temperature, but swollen tonsils that are dark red, and a sore throat, appear to be the signs or symptoms of strep throat. Home remedies, that you believe may work, would be deeply appreciated. Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.
206807 tn?1331939784 "Pelosi says just pass the bill, read it later" WASHINGTON (AP) — It's called the Affordable Care Act, but President Barack Obama's health care law may turn out to be unaffordable for many low-wage workers, including employees at big chain restaurants, retail stores and hotels. That might seem strange since the law requires medium-sized and large employers to offer "affordable" coverage or face fines. But what's reasonable?
394017 tn?1255018132 I was raised in NW Kansas but the health care I received out there was better and more caring than anything I have had in Eastern Iowa. If I raised too many questions or did not agree with what was suggested, I could see that this was not being a good little patient. When I lived in Houston, TX, I was able to ask questions and receive answers that were not of the condesending quality I have experienced here.
Avatar f tn There must be a mental health clinic in your area -- look it up in the phone book. They can refer you to a treatment center at little or no cost to you. You must try to get help. If necessary, you can even call 911 -- explain it is not a true emergency, but you do need a referral to mental health resources in your area. Depending on your ability to pay, you will probably receive financial assistance for your treatment. Please don't delay. Help is available no matter where you live.
Avatar f tn I'm looking for a reliable neurologist in the Kansas City metro area. Mine tells me there is nothing wrong with me and it's all in my head. He originally was looking for MS and after looking at my films myself and showing them to other Chiari patients, everyone is convinced that's what this is.
Avatar n tn Have you ever had your TSH level checked?
Avatar m tn Here is some info I found on a web search for hepatitis c testing Kansas City MO http://harmreduction.
535822 tn?1443980380 I also have concern about what relief this modification provides to Catholic business owners who desire to provide high-quality health insurance to their employees without paying for morally objectionable procedures and/or pharmaceuticals. The past actions and promises of the president and his administration do not inspire confidence.” Read more: http://www.ncregister.
Avatar f tn Testing can be done by the NL, and should be done b4 u consider surgery or other treatment as u will want to know what other related conditions u may have, and how ur chiari is affecting ur overall Health. U should rule out PTC, sleep apnea, disk issues, ehlers-danlos, tethered cord, even low levels of vitamins and minerals. Rylanesmom included the link to the list of drs, this list is of the members drs and is NOT a referral...