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Avatar f tn I am not pregnant, have no kids, and I'm not working so I can't qualify for my state, Texas, women's health plan. I have no major medical expenses so I don't qualify for medicaid or is it medicare (gets the two programs confused). There are no free-clinics so I can't get any basic tests, such as physicals and what not done.
Avatar f tn Like someone else said , the ONLY way to know how your insurance works and what is covered is to call your insurance and ask about your specific policy. I worked for a major health insurance company for years and the biggest mistake you can make is not calling them in advance. I also recommend finding out what options you have for permanent coverage for your baby.
4983320 tn?1378405868 Even if you don't qualify for medicaid your baby probably will! I don't qualify for it but my kids do or like she said you can apply for chips.
Avatar f tn If you are above the poverty level, and have to pay for insurance, it's horrifically expensive. Obama care is great for those who can't pay, but for those who can, it breaks the budget.
Avatar n tn What I'm tryin to do( i'll have coverage if tx is workin) is to keep things movin so all the approvals for the meds don't disrupt my tx . If the tx isn't workin , we wait for newer drugs . Dern insurance can be b-llshit to deal with(health assurance).
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear your having problems with insurance, it doesn't seem right that along with having to deal with the hep c you have to deal with the insurance companies. It took three weeks for me to get approved for 12 weeks, but I did make a lot of phone calls and actually got one of the billing people from the pharmacy (a hospital pharmacy) to make some calls for me. After 12 weeks they want to see if I get the 2 log drop before they will approve the remaining 36 weeks.
Avatar f tn For Canadians, it's a given as we all have health insurance as per the Canada Health Act. Supplemental insurance for most prescription meds, eye care, dental care is another matter and covered by supplemental health plans. I have that too. Other interesting questions would include how much do each of us pay for premiums, how much are our co-pays. I'm curious about how much $$$ is spent in total one year on my health care including physician visits, radiology, ER visits, etc.
Avatar n tn But I am also at a level where expensive medical realities are going to hurt me financialy. 1.Should I get some kind of health plan or health insurance before I go in for this test? So that way I will be able to absorb the costs of this thing if/when they find stuff out? 2.Is it possible to get some kind of health insurance after being diagnosed? And not through a company but as an individual through a health plan? 3.Does anyone have any links about this kind of thing? 4.
Avatar n tn That isn't healthy competition to keep prices under control and make access to health insurance affordable, and for many even available. For reasons like this our government is looking and moving toward solutions that will make it possible for every American citizen to have some method for obtaining healthcare insurance and be able to keep it if they lose their jobs, or start a new job. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.
250986 tn?1229920898 Thank the good lord for my grandparents, they have been trying to get my fiencee health insurance for cheap but he does not qualify for anything, either he is not disabled enough or makes to much money (which he doesn't make that much). My grandparents have been paying for all my Dr. and Dentist appointments, i just got the shot to prevent HPV and that cost my grandparents $200 and i still have to get 2 more doses of it.
Avatar m tn He competes with his brother for better grades and competes with kids in his grade academically as well. He too is real, real smart.... But he has a drive to keep pushing. He's never really been an under dog academically. I hope that he never goes there, but do think he has his brother as a model. This guy can show up late, completely unprepared for an important quiz/test, and just ace it.... That too drives me nuts because I wanted that...
Avatar n tn Would a short term health insurance program offered by such companies like Aetna, BCBS, Unicare be the way to go for her or do you have any other recommendation that she can inquire about to obtain health insurance coverage for an affordable monthly premium with low deductibles. She has no kids either and does not smoke. She's in her mid twenties and single. She also makes close to 28 K a year.
Avatar f tn I was under the impression that the doctor's office called the insurance co. They gave me that impression, maybe its just to see that THEIR visits are paid for...but they should have told me that I needed to call the insurance for meds...i never assumed that. Thanks though. Don't leave this place again without asking, And the answer is "no." if you do ask.
13724114 tn?1440988803 I can get an apartment for the amount they want me to pay for health insurance... I'm not sure how much i would be paying out of pocket for her visits to doctor...but I'll look into that instead of paying for insurance...
Avatar f tn I'm a single parent with 3 kids and am lucky to have a group health insurance plan with my workplace. Being a Canadian, I also have the advantage of having public health insurance but it doesn't cover things like dentist visits or prescription medicine or glasses for the two out of three of us in the family who need them. My friend on the other hand isn't as fortunate as I and she has had the misfortune of paying a small fortune for her children's health needs.
1901977 tn?1333995326 So no state assistance, and while he'll be contributing, no state-run child support. I'm asking more because my default plan was just to add her to my insurance for now. But if his insurance costs less monthly and is just as good, I'm wondering if we should place her under his policy. We'd both be contributing to her monthly medical costs either way, I'm just wondering if there is any particular benefit to keeping her under my insurance or any particular rules about these things.
Avatar f tn Ok when do you set up health insurance for the baby? Do you do it when your preg or after baby is born?
Avatar f tn I get so sick of hearing how the poor are well taken care of. I just became poor in the past 2 years and have had a good taste of the health care for the's not pretty.
Avatar m tn He says it may be cheaper just to pay the fines as they will go bankrupt if they must pay the heath insurance for their p/t workers. He is no fat cat, just a hard-working guy with a team he loves... Well, we will see how all this unfolds, maybe the tax credits will make it possible.
Avatar n tn To make matters worse I lost my health insurance two months ago and have no prospects available for new. The diagnoses I have are now considered pre-existing conditions anyway. So I guess all of this has led to two questions: 1) Can symptoms of Chiari be mistaken for migraines and can Chiari symptoms ebb and flow with increasing frequency, but not be consistent?
Avatar n tn I'm not quite sure when I was infected, but did have major surgery in 1988 due to a gunshot wound. My employer does not offer health insurance, and though I've explained my situation to him, he refuses to insure his employees due to the high costs. If I didn't feel as bad as I do all of the time I would go get another job that would provide insurance, but feel like I would get fired from any other job due to constant fatigue and nausea.
Avatar n tn As I understand it, disability insurance will only cover lost wages, and long term insurance is more for nursing homes and whatnot. I have no idea if my impressions are correct though, or if there are other types that fit people like us. An issue I have is that I'm a stay-at-home mom, and thus, I have no income (though I deserve a huge paycheck!!). So I'm thinking disability insurance would be useless.
335728 tn?1331418012 It sounds like for anyone in limbo awaiting a dx, it is in your best interest to apply for both life insurance AND disability insurance now. Also, if you are well enough to be job hunting, now is a good time to try to find an employer who offers life insurance as a benefit, not to mention medical, disability, etc. However I realize that good jobs are not plentiful in many places nowadays. I don't have kids, but I think Wanna's advice is great and is something I was never aware of.
Avatar f tn I think our best chance of getting this mess straightened out is the Insurance Rep from Ford. And he is determined. He said this is just plain wrong. He has access to all of it. So, we have to wait to hear from him next week, when he gets back from Detroit. ~Sheila!
Avatar n tn As long as the insurance pays for your tests and things maybe you can contact the companies and get your medications for FREE that way? I just saw a commercial on tv for something called PPA and they said they help pay for prescriptions. I believe the site was I will try to find it. I had never heard of this before but that mght be help for you too!
Avatar f tn People over 65 are eligible for Medicare, the federal health insurance plan for the elderly. Frieden said more people also went for a year or more with no health insurance -- from 27.5 million in 2008 to 30.4 million in the first quarter of 2010. "That's an increase of 3 million in chronically uninsured adults," he said. "Now, the data also allow us to debunk two myths about health care coverage," Frieden added.
Avatar n tn At this rate of increase we will eventually end up with one good system for the rich and a lesser or non-exsistant one for everyone else. Business, which traditionally pays for health insurance for employees, has been cutting back due to the rising costs. In the future they will shift all the increasing cost to the employee.
299912 tn?1341626700 I'll say no more for now, but rather immerse myself in your novella and then check in with you. Thanks for the immediate response -and for joining. You have much to offer this forum, not just in terms of your experience, but a very good understanding of what's going on. As a man once said... I'll be back.
352975 tn?1196806548 She has not been able to see any other doctors for her medical coverage ran out and she can not afford to go. I am just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has or knows someone who has these symptoms and what it might be. She has been under a lot of stress lately in her life for different reasons that I would rather not disclose right here right now but I don't know if stress is the sole colprit for her symptoms.