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4983320 tn?1378402268 Even if you don't qualify for medicaid your baby probably will! I don't qualify for it but my kids do or like she said you can apply for chips.
Avatar f tn Like someone else said , the ONLY way to know how your insurance works and what is covered is to call your insurance and ask about your specific policy. I worked for a major health insurance company for years and the biggest mistake you can make is not calling them in advance. I also recommend finding out what options you have for permanent coverage for your baby.
Avatar f tn s a given as we all have health insurance as per the Canada Health Act. Supplemental insurance for most prescription meds, eye care, dental care is another matter and covered by supplemental health plans. I have that too. Other interesting questions would include how much do each of us pay for premiums, how much are our co-pays. I'm curious about how much $$$ is spent in total one year on my health care including physician visits, radiology, ER visits, etc.
4097344 tn?1349754756 im in need of some help. i need health insurance but i just lost my job. now that i have palpitations im scared to drive or do anything. i went to the er and they did a ct scan with contrast and said they didnt find anything wrong. i just feel like crap. out of energy. all blood test came back good. i got a ct scan with contrast for my head last week but i havent heard back from them with the results so im guessing they didnt find anything.
Avatar n tn Depending on your salary alone, you may be entitled to more than just health insurance. For example, I was on maternity for most of 2013, and went back to work part-time for several months. I filed my income taxes married but seperate so when they looked at my income, they actually sent me a benefits card for me and "unborn 1" ha. I already have a 1.5yr old and she qualified for health insurance regardles.
Avatar n tn Alright, so I'm on my dad's health insurance through his work. It's upmc. Well, my boyfriend & I are getting our own place & my dad told me I can't change my address & stay on his health insurance. How true is this? Because I just looked it up & it said that a child under 26 can remain on a parents plan even if they don't live with them. I just want to know for sure because I can't afford it on my own. Especially not with the baby coming.
Avatar f tn Hi Frrecks, I'm sorry that I don't know anything about the insurance, since we still have private insurance. It has to be so difficult to set aside the financial worries and concentrate on feeling better. I do know a lot of the DMD companies have programs to assist anyone without insurance. As for my private insurance cost, my employer just finished the open enrollment for next year and here is what I will be paying for my health insurance - $238.00 a month for me and my spouse.
Avatar f tn I just recently got accepted for medicaid and just wanted to wish u luck on getting it for yourself
3180580 tn?1344745287 m super excited to meet my little girl and such. i am 17 and a senior in high school. what kind of health insurance would be options for me to get got my baby.
6927110 tn?1393318669 The first thing you do is start looking for a dr with the new insurance. Once you have your dr picked out ask for your medical records that way on your first visit new dr is on the same page and has a plan for you and baby boy. Register to a hospital that corresponds to new insurance as with Kaiser we didn't have to do that. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
Avatar f tn I am going to lose my health insurance soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of any government programs I can participate in in order to afford doctors appointments and delivery.
Avatar f tn They should cover you, but they won't cover the baby when it's born. All babies can be covered with Medicaid (i live in MA so it's mass health) you just need to apply for it.
Avatar f tn So i got a form today from the insurance i applied for. it came with a MC 210 state of facts sheet but i don't understand how to fill it out. does anyone know how to? it would mean so much if someone can please help me on this. my insurance well temporary insurance expires this month so i need to send this in asap so i can get it asap.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me with a health insurance question? About a year ago Anthem Covered two separate visits to the doctors office that I had gone to. So initially they paid and I thought I was all set. Now, almost a year later, they retracted payment due to my coverage ending within days of the visits. I understand if I wasn't covered, but I am wondering how they can pay for it and then decide they were wrong and bill me a year later?
Avatar f tn To be positive you should just call your insurance company.
Avatar f tn What health insurance coverage/plan do you have? How much do you pay deductible and premium? Im so confuse about that. I'm 35 and planning family soon, but I'm so confused about this. thank ;you Just trying to get an idea.
387294 tn?1207620185 My son and daughter may be looking for health insurance after they leave college and are no longer dependents. My daughter has been diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic heart valve. She has a healthy heart and it is working well. With this impact her chances to get health insurance on her own? Will it impact our ability to continue her insurance after the cobra period is over on our insurance?
10973576 tn?1414346147 If you can't get insurance through your employer, try applying for Medicaid.
Avatar f tn Call your health plan provider. It's different with each state, I believe.
Avatar n tn What are the best health insurance sites/companies/agents? When you search health insurance you get, and, and as the top 3 but I want to know if you have found better ones than these ones.
Avatar n tn m currently 20 weeks and not working at the moment but I do have money save up. Does anybody know any health insurance that will help??
Avatar n tn To make matters worse I lost my health insurance two months ago and have no prospects available for new. The diagnoses I have are now considered pre-existing conditions anyway. So I guess all of this has led to two questions: 1) Can symptoms of Chiari be mistaken for migraines and can Chiari symptoms ebb and flow with increasing frequency, but not be consistent?
Avatar n tn now all this its taking its toll being so sick i have two kids that need their mommy but i have no insurance so doctors are just passing me over like a basketball
Avatar n tn t healthy competition to keep prices under control and make access to health insurance affordable, and for many even available. For reasons like this our government is looking and moving toward solutions that will make it possible for every American citizen to have some method for obtaining healthcare insurance and be able to keep it if they lose their jobs, or start a new job. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.
377493 tn?1356502149 Hello; I am glad that you were able to so freely get your son treated.. I am in a situation where my insurance was cancelled,(excess income )we had fidelis..We are a middle class family,both full time employes. But insurance through my job for a family of 4 is $12,000 yr. We cannot afford that.. I am now left with no insurance coverage and have some health problems that I have to "live" with for now until I can figure out what to do? Without bankrupting my family..