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Avatar f tn Maybe there is a grace period for the baby to be covered under ur mom's insurance. But it might not cover. Like on mine. Since I chose to keep my maiden name instead of taking my husband's Surname n the baby will have my husband's last name. Our insurance is under mine name so I can't add my child (officially) until I fax over the birth certificate to them. Then they can add the baby even if my husband is under my insurance.
Avatar n tn While you can get the referral after the fact (there's a grace period), you potentially run the risk of not getting it in time and can therefore be charged the out of pocket cost for the visit to the particular specialist rather than the copay. This happened to me at my last job when I needed to see the Eye Doctor urgently and could not get a referral from my PCP in enough time. I ended up getting a bill for 85 dollars.
Avatar n tn First are you the aunt Jessie grace recommended I contact? If so, in answer to your questions, I've "Googled" for pictures of chancres and you're right those are clearly the "worst case" scenarios, but I've seen nothing in any of the pictures that looked anything like what is on my lip.
Avatar m tn that look like they start from the inside and come out of the skin Various ITCHY little tiny cuts all over face, extreme anxiety/ depression, as i have no Health Insurance.. Somewhere around week 9 I had a HIV rapidtest and a IGG Herpeselect blood test done at PP both negative across the board, though I had been taking Acyclovir for a week prior. My forehead also broke out in a burning rash, that I have been treating with Lotrimin AF, that seemed to work,as it resembled Seborheic Derm.
Avatar n tn Most group health insurance plans will accept pre-existing conditions after a short grace period. Some will accept them immediately upon employment. From my own experience my a fib was reasonably well controlled with Sotolol--a relatively inexpensive drug. I think there are several generic beta blockers or other heart meds that do not cost a lot. I have several friends who medicate to prevent a fib, and they have had only minimal symptoms for several years.
Avatar f tn In addition to being so scared about the side effects she has NO health insurance. My second question is..Has anyone here gotten through treatment without any health insurance??She is supposed to meet with the nurse at the gastro/hepatologist's office to discuss charity care and drug company assistance for the actual drugs but it seems like with all the side effects and health problems it could cause (possible need for Procrit, etc...
Avatar n tn I have been late before, but only by 3 or 4 days. My last period was feb 7, and so far no period. I am having symptoms, but have had two negative tests. I don't know what to do. My husband had a vasectomy in september. Neeles to say he is worried I am pregnant. I don't have insurance, so it's hard to just go to the doctor. Have either one of you had a positive pregnancy test yet?
Avatar n tn As long as you have maintained continuous coverage without a break of more than 63 days, your prior health insurance coverage will be credited toward the preexisting condition exclusion period. If you have had group health coverage for at least 1 year and you change jobs and health plans, your new plan can't impose another preexisting condition exclusion period.
Avatar f tn I did see a post with a woman with the same problem, i had sex for the first time in months about 4 weeks ago, it only happened twice, but about two weeks after i got a yeast infection after having my period, and now i got rid of the infection about a week n 1/2 ago almost and now i have this problem with the darkbrown discharge i have no health insurance and am begininng to get really scared, if some has any insight as to what this problem is please help me, thank you :(
Avatar m tn I am beginning to think that it isnt herpes but i dont have health insurance at the moment and am clueless as to what it could be. Anyone out there have a similiar situation?
Avatar f tn Now, it is becoming more like blood like if I am starting my period. I'm not supposed to have my period until approximately Feb 3. Can the medication cause the early period? or could I have another condition like a bacterial infection or UTI? I have no pain or anything, and the rash and the symptoms disappeared completely. what could this be?
101028 tn?1419606604 However, if you wait 3 weeks from the first time you notice the sore until you get a blood test, you could have made antibody during the 3 week period, so it could get confusing. But if you have an antibody test right away when you notice the sore, and it is positive, then it is very likely an old infection. If all you get is an antibody test, make sure it is an IgG test. If it is positive (at greater than 3.5), then you have old infection.
Avatar f tn I don't know what to think so that is why I am here asking you all. I am inbetween jobs so have to health insurance. If anyone has an idea let me know.
458072 tn?1291418786 A survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that 46% of doctors will seriously consider leaving the medical profession if ObamaCare goes through. What good is health insurance if you have no doctor to go to? Americans for Tax Reform estimates that because of the bill's onerous impact on small businesses, ObamaCare will cost the American economy 690,000 jobs over the next decade. If ObamaCare passes, taxpayers will be funding abortions in the U.S.
Avatar f tn It was prolonged and heavier than it should have been. With no health insurance, I visited Planned Parenthood. I had an irregular pap smear and have had follow up gynecological visits pretty much every year since 2004-2005. I asked to be tested for STDs. The tests came back negative. On my most recent visit to Planned Parenthood, There was still no definite answer about my abnormal pap smear.
611537 tn?1220681691 not yellow or green.. The bumps don't hurt or anything. I feel no pain or discomfort at anytime. My period is usual and other then the worry, I'm perfectly health.. I hope. I've had sex with only a few guys and I rather not ask my family for the fact that my mother is in the medical field. I don't want to shame her with my disgrace if I am positive. I'm also afraid to go to a clinic or hospital because my mother unfortunately knows everyone.
Avatar n tn Throughout the day, the blisters stayed the same but as soon as I got home, the blisters spread to the outer lips. I haven't kissed or had sex with anyone for a long period. Is this a possible cold sore or something else? I'm a nail biter so I'm not sure if I transmitted something to my mouth. Two days ago, I tried a lip plump gloss and I'm wondering if this is the culprit. Help!
Avatar m tn I work for a large multispecialty medical group and my insurance limits me to MD's in that group and for obvious reasons I don't want to have that info in our electronic medical record. Thus getting tested is a bit of an issue for me at this point.
Avatar n tn Since you don't have hepatitis C this should have been posted in the Cirrhosis of the Liver or the Health Insurance Communities. What is the cause of your liver disease? Call your Medicaid office and ask how you will be transitioned to Medicare from medicaid when eligible, different states may have different rules. Medicare is Federal, Medicaid health coverage is a combination of state and Federal funds. Although I don't think you want to do that as you will read later.
1004300 tn?1251258667 I was in the same boat with the insurance situation, I had a PPO that would not cover maternity. There is a program called AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers). It is health insurance that works with mothers at a very reasonable price. If you are pregnant I would look into it, because being pregnant requires lots of check ups and test to ensure the health of your baby.
Avatar n tn Planned parenthood also changes on a sliding scale if they don't accept your insurance. You need to be covering birth control too.
1310633 tn?1430227691 New York and California, two of the largest, added a one-day grace period similar to the federal insurance marketplace. Massachusetts said on Tuesday it would allow sign-ups until December 31 given heavy volume and technical problems that have hampered its exchange. Rhode Island, Oregon and Maryland had already extended their deadlines beyond Christmas. SOURCE: http://www.reuters.
Avatar f tn They weren't frequent but most times, now, I notice them around my period. Moreso, lately, I have been worried, maybe due to over reaction, because I see these bumps and they are first ingrown and now one of them have turned red and the other has actually bled a little....I feel so embarrassed to write this....I'm worried because I'm not sure what it is and I've bee researching what it may be but I have gotten different answers.
Avatar m tn I have a very good health insurance, so cost is not an issue. My doctor said no need to worry about hepatitis, but I'll get a 2nd opinion. And I did learn my lesson... you always think it will never happen to you, that you are above that behaviour, until you do it... so always be aware! Thanks again to all of you!
Avatar n tn You would think after 3 months of constant problems that my system would start developing antibodies against herpes. Am I right? I don't have health insurance so all I have is low cost clinics who tell me that they can't help me with my problem. I am losing my mind.
Avatar n tn I dont have health insurance and dont know where to go.. additional information that may help. I DONT THINK I CAN HAVE KIDS, I have ejaculated plenty of times in my girlfriends when with them and never have they gotten pregnant.. thank you very much for all your advice.
Avatar f tn I'm recently coming off my period (about a day) and wear pads (Idk if it could be bacterial infection). I don't have any health insurance right now so, I can't visit my gyn. I'm searching for a free clinic but, Idk what to do in the meantime. Please HELP!
Avatar f tn My previous coverage was 18 months of Cobra, and before my 63-day grace period expired, I bought an individual health care policy on Oct. 1. Because I was HIPAA eligible, I did not have to answer any medical questions and I had no waiting limit for pre-existing conditions. However, during my original phone conversation with the agent,when he asked me what I was currently being treated for, I told him that I was being treated for depression.
1530342 tn?1405020090 See How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? for a formula to help you figure out how much coverage to buy. Health insurance. Make sure you add your baby to your health insurance policy after she's born because you'll be making a lot of trips to the doctor for well-baby check-ups -- and you want her to be covered in case there are any major medical problems.
Avatar m tn html there sees to be an allowance for a 60 day grace period where I could have my insurance reinstated. I contacted the local department of finance and administration (DFA) in the state of Mississippi and they said that there is no grace period. DFA says that If I am not awarded disability by the SSA by July 31 then my health insurance is canceled forever. They directed me to their plan document at DFA's phone number is 601-359-3411.