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387294 tn?1207620185 My son and daughter may be looking for health insurance after they leave college and are no longer dependents. My daughter has been diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic heart valve. She has a healthy heart and it is working well. With this impact her chances to get health insurance on her own? Will it impact our ability to continue her insurance after the cobra period is over on our insurance?
Avatar m tn ok about 2 months ago i just apply for medicaid health insurance and i am moving next to Pennsylvania will my insurance still work out there?
Avatar f tn //]life Insurance Atlanta[/url] or [url=]life Insurance Atlanta Georgia[/url], as far as i know there is a state medicaid that you could qualify for.
Avatar m tn Because I have no health insurance I cannot obtain assistance with my chronic back pain. This problem has made it difficult for me to obtain and maintain viable employment. I applied for Social Security Disability Benefits and was denied. I am a 50 year old African American male, with Asthma, exczema, chronic lower back pain along with pain in my extremities. What can I do?
Avatar m tn Ok I applied for Medicaid health insurance about 2 And an half months ago, so when i filled the application out it gave me theses questions, income job title and how much I'm paying for rent bills and other things and since I have no job and have no income I put all 0's and asked me where I'm living at so I put my girlfriend grandparents house whom I've lived with for about a year now cause my girlfriend lives here with them so basically I live with my girl anyway , they sent me
Avatar f tn WASHINGTON — The refusal by about half the states to expand Medicaid will leave millions of poor people ineligible for government-subsidized health insurance under President Obama’s health care law even as many others with higher incomes receive federal subsidies to buy insurance. Starting next month, the administration and its allies will conduct a nationwide campaign encouraging Americans to take advantage of new high-quality affordable insurance options.
693413 tn?1233732272 UPS will pay for health insurance if you work for them for 4 hours per day/ five days a week. Shifts are late afternoon and evening.
517902 tn?1314715429 First of all if you won't be able to work again apply for Social Security, now not later so you can get covered. Secondly apply for Medicaid if you don't have health insurance. In New York state a variety of eligibility factors, including benefits eligibility makes one eligible for a Con Edison program called HEAP that helps with some of the energy bill. I'm not sure of what programs are in Texas. However, you should speak to your local independent living center.
Avatar n tn What type of health insurance is available to a Canadian wanting bow leg correction surgery with Dr. Dror Paley in MD or Dr. J. Dean Cole in FL? Are there any specific international medical insurance carrier(s) that you recommend? Has anyone successfully done this through B.C.’s MSP? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Furthermore, they tell me I am not qualified for Medicaid and my student health insurance, which will start on August 20, consider my condition pre-existing. So far I have been visiting private clinics but they are really expensive. Does anybody have some experience or suggestion...I would appreciate.
280299 tn?1216855676 Can a "Life" insurance and NOT a "health" insurance get information from a person's doctor? I thought this was not possible for doctors to give out medical histories of the patients especially not without notifyfing the patient before they give out the info. I heard before that a husband or wife cannot even get information from doctors about their spouses health/illness but the Life Insurance companies can?
Avatar f tn The reason is that the differing plans have different protocols for reimbursement and eligibility for treatments, and the hospital uses the protocol of the insurance plan you submit to them. The premiums are an extra expense, and in most cases you can do better by paying cash for ocasional problems, if you are in reasonably good health. And once in you can't elect to get out.
Avatar n tn Dear kelleymonica, In case of a qualifying event such as death or divorce, Federal COBRA can be extended from the original 18 months to as long as 36 months (18 + 18 = 36 months); however it doesn't seem like you have had a qualifying event (as described by COBRA law). The good news is that after exhausting your COBRA you are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) eligible, which means you will qualify for some type of coverage depending on your State of resident.
Avatar m tn About 8 million Americans own long-term-care insurance, which helps cover the cost of in-home care or nursing home and assisted-living facilities. So why are so many claims being denied? The reasons may vary, however some fear the recent turmoil in the industry may lead to even more claim rejections. I think the key might be to read the fine print of your policy before hiring a caregiver or entering a companies each have their own requirements.
Avatar n tn A psychiatrist would have to write up the documentation but your local independent living center could help gather the documentation and take the person through the eligibility process and then when there are approved work with the housing provider agency to find them appropriate housing:
Avatar f tn They may also require that you have either no health insurance, or no prescription drug benefit through your health insurance. Please contact the pharmaceutical company directly for specific eligibility requirements and application information.
Avatar f tn They have 30 days to approve me. I have a feeling i am about to get screwed. If I just paid for health insurance on the 29th shouldnt i stil have coverage?
Avatar f tn Where you live there may be a womens program or health dept that can expedite your insurance. I was in a similar position with my 1st pregnancy, but once the health dept and moms program confirmed my pregnancy and medicaid eligibility I received "Emergency medicaid" which just meant i was covered asap. I wasnt normaly eligible, bc of too much income, but they change the regulations for expectant moms.
Avatar f tn The patient can have no public or private prescription insurance and have an income at or below $25,500 for an individual ($34,500 for a family of two, $43,000 for a family of three) The patient must be 16 years or older. A doctor can only have two patients on the program at any time, unless the doctor is treating over 60 patients with opiate addictions, then the doctor can have three. Application Process: The doctor/doctor's office should call for an enrollment form.
670314 tn?1247875773 I had previously assumed that a patient became more likely to get on the T- list if their symptoms/health status was more severe... perhaps different countries have different assessment criteria (I am in Australia), but that post did make me realise that there is very obviously a whole lot more to it than that. Can anyone help me find more information? It wouldnt change my situation, I am just very curious now...
Avatar n tn Dear Paula526, Depending on where you live, there are plenty of affordable private individual health insurance plans that you can apply for. Just keep in mind that private individual health insurance is “underwritten” in most states & not guaranteed issue. That means whether or not the carrier issues a policy will depend upon the applicant’s health history. I am not saying every simple flu or cold can get you declined, but I am saying that it is considered during the underwriting process.
Avatar f tn I just found out that I'm pregnant I'm 6 weeks and 3 days but I'm a college student. I don't have a job because I was in school full time and I don't have support from my mother anymore. I don't know how to get insurance for myself and I'm scared I won't be able to get any. I need help.