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707563 tn?1553635552 My words can't describe all he did for others while fighting his own health issues, but you can read some of his history on his profile - He was an amazing man. I know, and everyone at MedHelp knows, that this is a big loss for all of you. We offer our sincerest condolences.
Avatar m tn It's your turn buddy. So glad to hear that nasty C word is outta the picture. So put on that cape and fly high buddy. You're our hero. rock on wit ur bad self.
1297538 tn?1278549702 Hang in there buddy. I am the same way. Listen to your body, and if you can't handle it, lower your dosage a little if possible. I wouldn't up the dose until your body can handle where you are at. You may have to rotate herbs eventually for resistance reasons. It sounds like you have Bartonella. The anxiety and panic attacks can be nasty. I've been in the ER when I wasn't listening to my body on pharmaceuticals with attacks where my heart rate was about 200 bpm.
Avatar f tn Hey buddy you are almost thow the toughest part hang in there day 5 youl start feeling better
Avatar f tn Sorry you feel that way hun, but please don't leave. Its something you can speak to your Dr about it and get something arranged - over hero in the UK they don't give two hoots whether its on or off :-) some people over react in their responses and Im sorry you felt attacked by their posts.
Avatar n tn It was hard biting my tongue. So, that being said, I pray for your health an your eventual SVR.
559277 tn?1330622339 And for those of you treating for infinity or on another go-around, you'll always be my hero. That includes people who have gone away. MY GI doesn't want to do another PCR for another 6 months and I'm okay with that.
Avatar n tn It is a nutritional supplement that you can get at health food stores or even discount stores. I would get a name brand, because I got ripped off by buying one of the big box stores' house brand glucosamine one time, but you do not need to buy the most expensive brand. Sometimes it is sold in combination with chondroitin, but chondroitin makes my dogs itch. Some dogs tolerate the chondroitin fine, but to be safe, I would first try straight glucosamine, maybe about 500 mg a day.
276730 tn?1327966546 Been waiting for this news so glad you made it!! Biggest congratulations dear charm youvé been such a buddy to me . BTW you dont happen to have your post 12 weeks alt ast results ?
Avatar n tn I am a 64yr old ex-athlete originally from England but now living in Australia where my health scheme status is public patient. I have been treated for atrial fibrillation for the past 9 years but for the first 6 years I was in denial and carried on life much as before with lessening A/F free intervals and deteriorating symptoms whilst sporadically (& therefore ineffectively) taking digoxin per my G.P. Symptoms progressed and I was referred to a Cardiologist and put on sotalol for 3yrs.
1058524 tn?1285190840 My top two My hubby and my buddy Chris. Even made a new one, his friend Megan. You see, I am usually feisty, it has to be deep to get me to cry. I try to use humor a lot to get past things. Not because I am awesome, just because I hate that contorted cry face, the boogers and the sinus headache that follows. Today, someone hurt my feelings, my heart pounded like it was knocking on the inside of my chest, and before I could do anything, I cried like when my cat died when I was a kid.
Avatar m tn I want to fight even harder so that I don't fail and let someone whom I have encouraged down. You are the hero as a hero is someone who inspires and your short post inspired me. One Eagle, you answered the first post that I put on this site and I am forever grateful. The fact that you are still checking on me shows me that you are a real friend. Just because I know not your face, or voice doesn't make you any less real to me. A real friend.
Avatar n tn 39-53 % this based on a research trial but remember everyone is different backround/genetics/overall health etc. You have gone the correct direction and you had viral response,this is the first step.
Avatar m tn hey everyone i need help i cant get free and i want to so bad so so bad i get to 2 days and cave 3 days and cave 4 days and cave i just cant get free ive got so much to live for people on here are always saying hang tough you can do it well ive tryed and i just cant i dont know what to do anymore i dont want this **** anymore though it feels like just dying would be a better option i checked into inpatientant tetox and i have good health insurance but there is still upfront fees and they of cour
Avatar n tn , couple who have generously funded the anti-evolution movement and other right-wing causes that advance their fundamentalist Christian outlook. You one of those flat earth people are ya? Is he your hero? These are the Intelligent Design folks buddy, only problem you disprove their little theory.
Avatar m tn You forgot me, buddy. lol Really, you're a great inspiration to me and one of the most intelligent people on this forum. Hugs.....
116701 tn?1210262764 Mike if you are still functioning and have been taking it for 10 years you are my new hero. I walked into a door way and busted my nose one night and never knew I was walking until I heard the crunch of my nose against wood. Thanks for taking time to talk to me about it. Doc tried me on Lunesta but had zero affect on me. From one ambien fog to another.
Avatar n tn thing to do among my friends and although that means nothing to me, I cant say I havent been seriously considering it after hearing them talk about how amazing it is. Ive read the health risks and have considered my addictive personality but there have already been several times where I threw down money to buy cocaine and for one reason or another we werent able to get it that night.
Avatar f tn He swears he gets subs from his buddy who really does have subs on hand all the time but this guy also is a heroin dealer too. He lies to me every day and I know it. He knows it. And he even tried telling me that when I left him at my house, while I was gone for about 30 minutes he took a shower but was gone by the time I got home. When I returned home, he wasn't here, but he left a f****n foil on the back of my toilet in the bathroom!!! But you know what his excuse was?
Avatar m tn you'll have to buy an amino acid supplement called L-Lysine. you can get this thru most Vet clinics or from a good health supply store OR you can order it from the same place I get mine. I too have a kitty with the herpes virus that flares from time to time. this is the one I order , its a very good one...even better than anything the Vet will sell you b/c its pure lysine. It comes in powder form and there is a scoop inside. you will have to give each of the cats 1/2 a scoop each day..
29837 tn?1414538248 so sorry to hear about your health. i am sending you hugs and some prayers. best of luck to you and please keep us posted! we care...
Avatar m tn go to the health pages...print and read the craving intervention article by helps me...put it on ur frig tonight and read it and read it...write down the reasons u quit...
2107676 tn?1388977459 Buddy, Isn't it weird how quickly our brains pick right up where they left off with these drugs? Sorry you are feeling so crummy. Pat~ We have all been where you are at. Starting over isn't easy, but it is a new beginning, right? You have us, and we won't give up on you.
Avatar n tn I am not sure if it differs from state to state, but when I worked at the mental health clinic here and had to call court ordered addicts in for their intake appoinments, I not only could not tell anyone on the phone where I was calling from, but also could not say what the call was about unless that court ordered person signed a very specific confidentiality release form. And then the info could only be given to that person or persons listed on the release form.
Avatar n tn clearly some was(grabbing the KFC bloke over the counter coz he would't take plastic) I spent a long time giving lectures to psychs and nurses to try to help them distinguish the differences between tx behavior and mental health problems. And they strugglrd believ me. I found the whole process of my emotional expressins being doubted de-humanising. Your also right none of us are in charge of this forum but isee a lot of subtle gagging and undermining going on.
Avatar n tn "I cannot comment on non-medical usage of an opiate agonist in any constructive fashion. Sorry." -- and you should be quite thankful you cannot. Nothing to be sorry about there. Even more blessed are you that you cannot get "what I was driving at" in my post, since it is, in essence, the edge of a big-assed precipice which most sane people NEVER drive at. Never mind. No offense, but what I'm actually after are comments from those who DO know what I'm talking about.
108861 tn?1227249648 But, c'mon, on the VERY off chance that someone would show up on my buddy list and actully IM me....well, I cannot see the buddy list now. Shall I stop, Mary? ok. I was born in Washington DC and raised in Silver Spring, MD. I moved to Minnesota, actually came here for college and stayed. I live about five miles from RavenLady. Way cool!!! I could go for a trip to a Maryland beach right about now. Of course, I would need warm weather for that (and a plane ticket).
5592133 tn?1383883103 Think about something that is two weeks away will make you crazy. Hang in there.Take it slow buddy..don't overload your plate and your mind.