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Avatar n tn Oh well...what is done is done. I am trying to keep a young mind. ha..ha. Jokes on me. That is all for today. My dogs just bellowed for food. Yes...belowed! LOL.
Avatar m tn “You are the ruler of a kingdom, and whatever you think and feel becomes the law of your kingdom — the law within your body.” 22. “Gratitude is the great multiplier, so say thank you for your health every single day.” 23. “Before you eat food or drink water, look at what you’re about to eat or drink and feel love and gratitude. Make sure your conversations are positive when you are sitting down to a meal.” 24.
173975 tn?1216261375 I have been so stressed today that I've done something I don't normally do, especially since starting TX; PIG-OUT on junk food. Chips, Donuts, Reeses Pieces, Veggie Sushi (great in MODERATION -NOT today), Famous Amos pecan chocolate chip cookies, Cheeze-its, (I'm getting ill just writing this) And (breath) I now have a dull throbbing pain in the liver area. Think there's a connection?
Avatar n tn My son is an odd case. We just got a diagnosis of an EGID - EC to be specific. Along with that, there has been 5-6 months of extreme feeding difficulties... he gets 98% of his calories by sleep-feeding. We currently are in the progress of getting feeding therapy evails, which they are almost positive he'll pass for by talking with them over the phone.
Avatar f tn The ACA provided states with federal funds to institute a Medicaid expansion. The states chose to expand the program also were able to set up their own state exchanges, which were relatively free from the problems the federal site had. Vermont decided to take it a step further by setting up their very own single payer system.
1058524 tn?1285190840 ~~~FEB. 10TH LAST PART~~~ It's now been two hours since I had my little taste of radioactive nom noms. And nothing. I have no gallbladder and the worlds most sensitive GI tract. I just finished five grueling days of my GI tract not holding anything ...lets say I eat some drippings from a waste pan in Fermi and I'm fine?! My body is so weird. So yeah, nothing RAI 131 is nothing to me. No anti-nausea pills needed. My jaw is a little sore. Throat too. Overall no real complaints.
163305 tn?1333672171 Re your silly comment about height = better health, um it's true that poor nutrition (and general bad health) can cause stunted growth. But the US has a huge abundance of food, even our poorest people have incredibly high obesity rates (the highest in fact). Our poor people also have cable television, Volvos, $150 tennis shoes, entertainment centers and air conditioning. In underdeveloped countries, poor people are very thin and are often stunted in size.
Avatar m tn Yesterday when I was dining out with other people,a girl sticked her chopsticks (with some food she was eating) in my mouth after I told some dirty jokes....(well,it's just some jokes.)and about 10 minutes ago,my teeth accidentally broke the inside skins of my mouth when I was eating some food,the wounds were not very deep. Would I get infected with HIV,if she left some blood on the food?Her action was too quickly.....
Avatar f tn She hardly talk at home although I've encouraged her a lot by talking and telling jokes and share everyday's stories.But , she never tell me what was going on at school or with her friends. She has many close friends at school who called her and doing text messaging by cellphone all the time. She is doing fine with studying.- rank 9 in the class. She doesn't like to participate in class discussion .She doesnt like to go to crowded place ,like shooping mall, restaurant.
1462810 tn?1327364049 she wouldn't let me take her to a shelter, but I expected that. I know... Kathryn, send us more jokes... What they say about you see what you're looking for is probably true... or something. Seems like we don't see things until we can relate to them individually. She has my prayers. God has my heart.
Avatar f tn also, i have a low self esteem from some 'friends' calling me anorexic, because of a photo you can see my ribs in.
Avatar f tn I spoke to a friend she told me to jog in place as long as I could we turned on music n told jokes while I attempted to jog. It hurt a bit n when it got to much I stopped. I was like I'm just tired I don't feel anything. She said just wait. 11:30pm the next day I was lying in bed peep myself. Went to take a shower to find out I was leaking fluid still.
Avatar n tn It's funny how people will develop a taste for the bad stuff, but when it comes to developing a taste for the good stuff ... If you can get him to think of food as medicine and medicine as food (besides this tx), it might make it easier. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I don't recall ever hearing HCV being made the butt of jokes and I've been a "white car" since 2003. Maybe I'm not paying attention? Seems I would notice and be sensitive to it. I hope others weigh in on this this thread. I'd really like to know if it is all that prevalent. As far as I'm concerned one incidence is too prevalent. That's terrible and not funny, and I'm being objective as I don't have cancer or HIV and I would not find those funny either.
Avatar f tn The pre-natals i been taking they do help they at least stopped me from taking 3 hr naps in the afternoon LOL! They're at the health food stores they re called garden of life raw prenatal vitamins it's a purple bottle if you re willing to pay for them they do help i think i payed 40$ last time but now i have enough vitamins to carry me through the rest of my PG!!
Avatar f tn No sugar, flour, gluten, dairy, processed foods---if you're like I am, only the food you like are the ones you shouldn't eat! My holistic health doctor jokes (but he's very serious about the message) that if it tastes good, spit it out, unless it's Sunday or a special occasion: birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc. He also says it's not fair to hunt for people who are having a birthday to invite home for supper! The point is, nurture your body in every way that you can.
Avatar m tn I work in a Vietnamese restaurant and I have a cousin that works here also he is hiv positive he is a chef and owns the place the department of health knows this but still lets him work here do to discrimination laws. we serve po bo which is raw beef that is thinly sliced and I have seen him cut his self many times and with his bloody hand pick up the meat and place it on people trays and serve it to them.
663073 tn?1260540720 Did not go into treatment blind, I knew that the chances of me clearing where very slim, and because of other health issues, I could get worse, but, one of the studies I had read, said that going through treatment lowered the risk of liver cancer, and I am not one to lay down and give up! So, did 14 weeks, which did excellerate other medical problems, became so sick, they pulled me off. For me, I started at 5million viral load, and went to 13million. I will not get it checked again.
Avatar f tn i want to breastfeed so bad for the health benefits to both my baby and myself. But I have always viewed my breasts as a sexual tool and I'm worried that my body wont be able to differentiate the two...I'm no pervert or ********* but the thought of that almost has me reconsidering the whole experience. Please give me some feedback as to what to expect...and has anyone has these thoughts??
1742220 tn?1331360327 sorry speaking of Transvestites, (oh yeah regarding the tv I am looking for batteries. no jokes) I went to the little Mexican restaurant by the bldg last nite. that tall skinny as freak Chola girl was there with the crazy eyebrows and total mega tats ... omg ... she has her cleavage tatted so much I could not stop staring. really! she does not even have t*ts. can I say that. **** ??? um they're small like very. I mean that's fine I am not knocking small **** anyone.
1165964 tn?1296487664 But a few days ago, I did get some kind of infection in my system, I think due to minor food poisoning, which caused me to have loose, liquid stools which involved quite a bit of mucus for two days. Is it possible the passing of all that mucus somehow left the area irritated or what? I checked the area in the mirror (what other way?) and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Just red around the area because of the irritation to the sensitive skin. I work, and I notice I do sweat down there some.
Avatar n tn I think liking food, etc is of little consequence. I mean, who hasn't heard of jokes or quips about hospital food. If your son has issues with his doctor then he should raise them. If he wants to go outside then he should ask if he can go outside. Some of his rights will depend on his level of wellness, etc. If he is considered high risk then it is likely he will be given less freedom than say someone at lower risk. You could remind your son that he does have rights.
92903 tn?1309908311 But this article from a Gay Men's Health web site is a good quick read on nutrition and the liver. Interestingly, nothing about coffee enemas. Maybe I'm wasting my time.
458384 tn?1295724256 These 10 habits can make your immune system shut down, so follow this advice and your body will thank you. 1. Junk the Junk Food Combined with sedentary lives, a poor diet is estimated to kill between 310,000 and 580,000 Americans each year. So, how bad is junk food for your immune system? Experts have known for some time that when a person is malnourished, her immune system is weakened. When you restore the person to normal nutrition, her immune system improves, which is no surprise.
Avatar n tn I'm slightly overweight for my short height, about 15-20 lbs over what would be healthy, but I usually eat healthy, organic food, never eat fast-food, and limit my refined sugars and bleached flours, etc. I have also ALWAYS had dark circles under my eyes, and have suspected anemia but I can't stand Iron supplements. I used to think my partner was kicking me in bed to cause these bruises! Ha...
Avatar f tn The BF tries to make me feel bad about eating food off his plate, even when he asks if I want anything before he gets it. He's a health guru so I just rub it in his face how good a cupcake is while I eat it in front of him. Yeah. That'll teach him to share.
Avatar m tn AS THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION prepares to release revised annual statistics about new HIV infections in the United States (in 2005 the number of new infections was 20% to 50% higher than previously reported--possibly as high as 60,000), HIV increasingly settles into the American consciousness as a manageable disease.
Avatar n tn I'm 39 and think my family has given up on me -- they avoid talk of having children with me and have actually asked my younger sister when she is going to have her 2nd in my presence. They conspicuosly don't press me about having children. It will likely be the same at this year's family gatherings. It's depressing knowing I would have been close to delivering by now. Hopefully the New Year will bring better luck. It's just sad as I was hoping to be pregnant again before now.