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Avatar f tn There are a lot of mixed medical opinions out there regarding this so you should do what you feel comfortable with both physically and emotionally...caffeine is tough to kick so if you decide to cut it out of your diet do it slowly by switching to a mix of decaf and regular...I personally gave it up while I was prego but I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks...however I quickly went back to my old habit and it is a b**** to kick it again!
Avatar n tn Coffee is the next in line of a long list of foods/beverages with king-of-the-hill antioxidant claims. First this fruit, then that vegetable, then green tea, later black tea, then chocolate, then cocoa, now coffee. Many of the studies are not surpringly funded by the respective growing organizations, either directly or indirectly :) This past February, about two weeks before I started treatment, I read that coffee had protective effects for the liver. Hmmm.
979080 tn?1323437239 Everyone is different , now being on tx with anemia ect..... I need the coffee in the morning even more to get out of bed Switched to low acid , more stomach friendly. It is definately dehydrating so a glass of water with your coffee is a good idea. Like it is served in the old coffee houses in Europe.
Avatar f tn You're right, in all the many articles I've read supporting coffee's benefits, I've never seen it said that it eases side effects, just that it's protective to our liver. As a side note, when at the hospital in Taiwan, speaking with liver doctors from Europe and Asia, the one thing they all agreed on was the benefits of drinking coffee.
Avatar f tn I am in the San Francisco area, where we can go out for a very strong cup of coffee, like Philz coffee (yum yum, and they add a mint leaf), but the usual cup of StarBucks, is not going to be as strong as say, a cup of Peets coffee, if you go out.
Avatar f tn more like 2 cups of those are one REAL cup of coffee. So.. more like 2 - 3 cups of coffee. Jim ... what sort of symptoms tell you that you aren't adequately hydrated? Perhaps that's a really stupid question....but this is tx, I'm thinking. All I can think of is.. constipation. Anything else? I'm thinking if I get a water jug with a spout for at work it might help. I did quit coffee cold turkey there for awhile and I drank nothing but water for a few months. Could happen.
1689583 tn?1387755994 Coffee Could Stall Liver Disease Progression Drinking three or more cups of coffee daily lowers the risk of liver disease progression for patients with chronic hepatitis C, researchers say. http://www.medpagetoday.
Avatar n tn I also beleve it made me have vaginal dryness witch is causing more and more problems for me. I have never experienced these kind of problems with my other birth control pill. Yaz seems to be causing nothing but problems for me.
Avatar f tn There have been a number of studies over the last few years that suggest that coffee supports liver health; I don’t recall method of action off the top of my head. Someone else might jump in with info shortly. My NP at the liver clinic mentioned this to me again two weeks ago when I was in for follow up, Judy; maybe new papers were released on this recently? Have you ever tried hazelnut creamer?
Avatar n tn Well I don't drink now haven't since I was dx and didn't drink much before that but since in some studies I read more worried about getting my insulin resistance down at this point coffee is not good for insulin resistance which I need to get in check another topic adiposis dolorosa and HCV read a few articles on this as well seems that adiposis dolorosa is coexisting with Insulin Resistance Just wondering if you have read any studies on this jimjim WebHelp article about the benefits of coff
163305 tn?1333672171 In addition, epidemiological results, taken together, indicate that coffee consumption is inversely related with hepatic cirrhosis; however, they cannot demonstrate a causative role of coffee with prevention of liver injury.
Avatar m tn However, the best way to boost your vitamin D level may be a matter of debate. As vitamin D's potential health benefits become more widely advertised, more people may advocate supplementation. However, the researchers say it's unclear if supplements are better at increasing blood levels of vitamin D than a balanced diet and moderate exposure to outdoor sunlight. They caution that the long-term effects of taking large doses of vitamin D supplements have not been well studied.
16702 tn?1234094245 as I said earlier yesterday, anybody is entitled to post what they feel may support or be of any assistance with. Im with you Star............lets keep personal comments to "ourselves" about what is appropriate and what is not. WE are all grown women here.....ARENT WE????
8256587 tn?1399901106 She suggested that since my Vitamin D was low and out of range I change my supplementation to a higher dose of Vitamin D, supplement with iron since my iron is low and out of range and supplement with B12 since my Vitamin B12 is low. She is not a practitioner and has no knowledge/experience of adrenal fatigue/endocrine disorders.
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Avatar n tn I have been suffering for 6 months now with no sign of ever getting better. I think my family is so tired of hearing me complain. No one understands unless they have walked in my shoes. Based on an article I read about Autophony the Eustation tube is supposed to stay closed only opening when you swallow. With this problem the ET stays open all the time.
1516249 tn?1423465385 -“ “ Triphala capsules for (Himalaya brand , for lower GI tract, Intestinal cleanse) after every meal for motility and also to cure sensitive stomach. I took 3 caps every day for 3-4 weeks and then reducing it to 2 and then to one finally, before taking it occasionally every week. http://www.iherb.
Avatar m tn None of them seem to relate to the closure of the windpipe and cant give me a straight answer when I ask them. Has anyone an answer or better still has anyone else had this problem.
244899 tn?1313628239 Health benefits of drinking water include maintenance of pH balance, body temperature, metabolism, breathing, prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraine, gastritis and ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, backache and osteoporosis. It is required in excess amount by pregnant women and nursing mother. It also plays important roles in kidney functions, skin tone etc.
Avatar f tn I would love it if someone could come up with a solution that would work for all of us! I wish you lots of luck and hope there is someone out there with some real help for us. I can't believe there's not a doctor out there who can help. I am about ready to do anything I can.
Avatar m tn I did have a lot of nausea and loss of appetite so I guess that had a lot to do with it. I have contacted the company but haven't gotten a reply. Let me know how you do.
Avatar n tn If i have no success (which i'm not at the moment) i will have to go on an oestrogen cream for one month. If we have no luck with that i then have to have a biopsy of the vulva skin to see what the cells are doing. i will keep you posted. The gynaecologists wife just happens to be one of the top experts in this field up in oxford and apparently she would really like to meet me. I will also keep you posted if i find out anything from her.
948349 tn?1294383837 Hi I'm so happy to get some feedback!!! Thank you so much for posting! You know with today's technology and knowledge, I'm surprised this information isn't widespread and out there! I guess too much will be lost in sales from accutane (very damaging to the health), differin cream, and proactiv... and of course all those other "temporary acne treatments. If you check out the RDI for vitamin D, it's actually only 400 IU.
3097131 tn?1357088481 I'm big on stir-frys. Cook up a bunch of rice and stir fry a lot of veggies, with just a small amount of chicken. Use the leftover rice to make stirfried rice. Again, a bunch of chopped up veggies, toss in the rice and stir in an egg. Oatmeal is great with fresh fruit for breakfast. I eat omelets with lots of garlic and a salad on the side. Instead of a processed snack, grab an apple or eat some carrots. Smoothies are good. You can toss all kinds of fruit into that blender or juicer.
429155 tn?1205676864 45 tried to sleep with the help of a sleeping pill, 45 mins later got woken up. Got up went to see Dr, gave me a prescription for Zimovane, ( a sleeping pill ), but I went to the chemist and got some Kalms and Zinc Capsuals instead, my trust of tablets of any kind is at an all time low ( now why would that be ??.. ). It's now 17:30 have one or two minor flushes, back aches a bit across shoulders, maybe being hunched over this darn computer, hey!!!!
Avatar f tn I only gained 10 pounds doing this, and felt quite healthy. I ate 3 yogurts a day, one each time I popped my pills.
Avatar f tn I was with my wife for 19 years and it smelled like that practically the whole time and to me it's a normal part of life as a matter of fact that smell drives me crazy with desire for her. This is not a joke and I just want you to be aware that humans have certain distinctive odors most are different from the scent of close relatives. That's an interesting part due to prevent inbreeding.
Avatar n tn I was 54 when diagnosed and had to be at the top of my physical abilities because I was a specialized case officer that was required of me. I was involved with a lot of training of new young officers and was always able to out do them and laugh with them about this old man showing them that they need to be realy strong to do the job they where about to except. But now I am no longer in good health, atlo of weakness and can't keep up for a brisk walk. I have a lot of issues.
Avatar f tn Topamax is dehydrating and water will help the tingling sensations you get, along with the brain fog that comes with it. A couple of gallons of water a day will help. That's a lot, but you'll notice the difference. Plus you need to replenish your electrolytes with an occasional sports drink. Again, speaking from experience here. Good luck!