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Avatar m tn stop taking all the ******** i have been in the gym 40 years and never took anything at 57 i still do a workout that none of the young guys on the **** can keep up with.
Avatar f tn Eat oats. Oatmeal and/or Cherrios.
Avatar m tn Please can you suggest me some online resource that can suggest me some specific exercise to get rid of this situation . and if i do exercise will i get my old look back ?
Avatar f tn First off, no need for so many posts on the same subject, one will do. As far as cholesterol goes, here's some basics; LDL Cholesterol A high level of LDL cholesterol, also known as "bad" cholesterol, increases your risk of heart attacks and stroke.
17590806 tn?1458564288 s, though inflammation is a big suspect. If depression causes you to not eat healthfully, not exercise and to not exercise your mind, I suppose that could be a contributing factor, but I wouldn't worry about things science doesn't understand yet.
Avatar f tn Does any one have any suggestions on how i can improve my energy level. He really is a great guy and I just dont are marriage to be distroyed by my health issuses cause he is very patient wit me. I need help!!!!
Avatar f tn Everyone gets 3 colds per year and likely you did too, Over-analyzing your body in fear makes your imagination naturally get the better of your reasoning, so you need to accept the science I provided above and your symptoms will likely disappear. If you still think the issues are real, then your doctor is needed for the proper diagnosis but it is guaranteed to not have anything to do with HIV.
Avatar f tn the negative aspect of that is it is an opportunity for a doctor to say there is nothing wrong and not think twice about it and send you on your way or to a shrink. and thus the patient, me, believed them. and why not, who really wants this disease? you keep fighting and putting up with the ridicule from the doctors, etc, because you [know] there is a real problem needing solving. and it isn't a phantom brain fart.
Avatar m tn s a free website with a forum of people improving their health by diet and exercise. Many people talk about their success with weight loss, diabetes, pain, etc. I have personally lost fat, controlled my blood sugar and feel better by following the suggestions there.
Avatar m tn The above exercise is also effective exercise. Slowing down and picking up is one round. do such 3 or 4 rounds before ejaculating.This teaches your brain to delay ejaculation.To increase your sex drive do the MALE DEER EXERCISE ONCE OR TWICE A DAY.You can also learn SATKRIYA. This is a brething exercise, increasing your Sexulal stamina.
Avatar f tn I have a very high intolerance to exercise. I would like to start an exercise routine that will get me toned and back into shape, but without risking something happening to my heart. I am 130lbs, 5'5" and my scale says 26% muscle and 33% body fat. Once upon a time I was in much better shape - I was always one of those girls that ate like a cow and never gained a pound over 100lbs (I have a small frame). The last time I went running was about 8 or 9 months ago.
Avatar f tn The masturbation has nothing to do with your health. Regular food, exercise and calm and quiet mind will restore your health. Masturbation is a natural habit.Three year's masturbating is not a long period. Masturbate when you got aroused naturally; do not see porno or artificial means to get arousal. Tips on masturbation; do not use dry hand. lubricate it, Do not stop breathing while masturbating.Do not masturbate on prone position.Empty your bladder before masturbating.
Avatar m tn Do 'deer exercise for man' Google this phrase and you will find plenty of websites on this exercise. kegel exercise, Satkriya, Microcosmic orbit( a type of meditation to move sexual energy) Kundaline yoga(Yoga for back side and spine, tantric yoga. From the above you will find some useful technique to help you.
Avatar m tn If I can give you any advice if you are new to serious health issues, it seems like more of an art form than science. From 100 cardiologists you'll likely get 75 treatment options for the same issue. Weed through it, ask questions, keep a detailed journal of where when why who told you what and make your own informed decisions. Good luck.
159619 tn?1538180937 I have a question on what exercise levels are best to maintain good cardiac health. About me, in Feb 2005, I had a little scare with some chest pain and went to the ER to be safe. They kept me overnight to do an echo, thallium stress test and more blood tests to see where I was which we did, all came back normal. Turned out to be GERD. When I saw a new cardiologist a year later as reccommended, she repeated all the same tests, all normal again.
462827 tn?1333168952 I have my Westie back on 4 Health Salmon and White Fish Gibbles and Salmon canned. So far, about two months, no more problems with Yeast or at least no eating the fur off his legs. I'd like to have a supply of Ketoconozole tables, but my vet will not give me a prescription beyond what is needed for the period she specifies.
172023 tn?1334672284 Thanks, peekawho! It's very interesting, I had no idea!
Avatar m tn To become a healthy we should to regular exercise and eating balance diet food. Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. Health is define as a state of complete physical,mental,social and not merely absence of disease. so,that to make a life happy we should maintain good health.