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355673 tn?1197044072 I have been experiencing w/a lot of pressure back of my neck and head. Sometimes in the area of the shoulder blade. This has been ongoing for 2 wks and it seems worse. I have taken extra strength Tylenol, but it does not seems it works. I do have a history of colon cancer stage 4 back in August 24, 2004 and a cancer tumor was found on my rt upper lung in Aug. 2006. I have been treated w/both chemo and radiation and had my last PET Scan this past Oct.
492898 tn?1222247198 It feels like every day it spreads a little further, and now also when I bend my neck, and my shoulder, and the other arm is starting as well, and a little in the right groin. I feel like I am ancient, like 95 and brittle. Thank you about what you said. it's really helpful. Plus, I already had problems with my arm and shoulder before I started the chemo, and I could not lift either arm over my head. This greatly improved with chemotherapy, but came back right around radiation time.
Avatar f tn it's a papilloma (not very reassuring since he seemed fairly certain it was fibrocystic and duct ectasia) so, I'm scared as hell I have cancer.. and every ache and pain I am convinced is metastasis. I'm scared of the surgery.. scared I won't wake up (even though I've had 5 surgeries before this and the went fine).. scared of the results.. just driving myself nuts!!!
Avatar m tn ·Are these typical side effects of neck and head cancer treatment? ·Would over tense neck muscles create this kind of continuous buzzing, numb sensation and intermittent dizziness? ·Do you have any suggestion as to what I should do next? I very much appreciate your response.
Avatar f tn Sorry, just wondering is the radioactive iodine that shows up in your liver and head does necessarily mean its cancer or thyroid cells? I was under the impression that everyone has intake in the liver, according to the radiologist that did my scan and its just normal for it to light up there w/o out thyroid cancer cells or normal thyroid cells. Can anyone clear this up?
Avatar n tn Cancer metastasis to the left cervical lymph node in a male most commonly comes from cancers of the head and neck or the lungs. Lymphoma could also present with neck node lesions. These areas have been extensively examined by CT, PET and endoscopy, and yet no primary lesion was located. The next step is to do special stains (e.g. immunostaining) on the biopsy sample to help determine its tissue of origin.
787406 tn?1339206783 Today, I went to see my ENT and she told me I have 4 large lumps or masses on my neck 2 on each side. Also, one in cheek near jaw joint. CT scan has been scheduled for Friday and possible biopsy after CT Scan. I had a total thyroidectomy in March of 2009 it was a microcarcinoma papillary cancer 0.5cm. Also enlarged parathyroid gland was taken out along with alot of nodules. If the cancer was encapsulated, why would it come back now 1 year and 6 months later?
Avatar n tn Now that is better but this year his right shoulder started hurting him, now the back of his neck and his left arm hurts really bad, he cannot even lift it up over his head. Our question, what is happening. We go Wed. for a bone scan, he has not had one since 2005, then we see the Oncologist at Baylor Dallas on Thursday, 11-15-07 for results and we guess another Lupron shot.
Avatar f tn Swollen lymphnodes behind your ears could be due to chest infection, tonsillitis or pharyngitis, dandruff, infection of ear or even metastasis from a cancer. It could also be of tubercular pathology. A CT scan or clinical examination by a doctor is must. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
1503643 tn?1311521838 I just get really hot and sweat in the upper torso and head and neck area. Anyhow...I'll keep you posted. Thanks again. Getting a logical look at things really helps. My mind tends to jump to the worse right now with everything I've been through and I know it's not the healthiest thing for me to do. Your words are encouraging!
694885 tn?1232653548 I watched my brother-in-law die of head and neck cancer. It was not pretty. My sister is in serious debt and narrowly avoided filing bankruptcy. We would all rather have him back and take on more debt just to share life with him. Everyone above has said so many great things to help you find help. Don't give up like this. You are way too young.
Avatar n tn They clerk was able to look up my apointment and see that the dcotor has requested full head and neck. (not just sinus like I though) So looks like the CT scan will cover all possible areas where anything could be hiding, I feel assured with that. fingers crossed it is just a scarred node from my previous chemo / infections etc. Will post an update after my follow up appointment next week. Thanks for you insight, Nodes are not typically a Myeloma issue.
198187 tn?1190637930 You are right. A lot of doctors saying that thyroid cancer... it is not real cancer. O really??? And all problems we started to have after TT and RAI is not canner related. I do not agree with that at all. I was a healthy young women before thyroid cancer.And now everything changed. I am having so many health related problems and pains. Before i did not even know that they are exist. Big hug to you and all of us (thyca surviors). Have a nice weekend everybody.
909086 tn?1242664364 right before i had it increased from 112 mcg, to 125 mcg i had a severe case of svt while i was at work. i almost passed out and my hr was going so fast u could see my corotid arteries in my neck pumping with every hr beat. my hr peaked at 210. as soon as i got to the hospital it started to slow down then everything went back to normal. after this happened i went to a cardiologists who performed additional tests and ekgs, and i had a 24 hr hr monitor, but he said everything appeared normal.
Avatar m tn After having my second child in 2012 I had the baby blues and broke down in the doctors office telling him I was convinced I had cancer and showed him the tonsil and lump. He checked and looked in my mouth amd felt round my neck and the lump and he said no not there and shook his head and said I would definately know about it by now if it was cancer even lymphoma.i just read though that you have lowngrade lymphoma for 8-10 years without knowing.
Avatar n tn She has a tummer in her stomach now. She first had her cancer in her neck head and Lungs. Well the doctor said there is nothing more they can do for her because she is so frell weak. She had all the radiation she can have to her head, lung and neck. They can't do radiation on her stomach because it is to close to her videl organs. and they can't do chemo because she is to weak. Only 95# She can eat but not the protein stuff like meats. Hospice is stepping in already.
Avatar f tn She has been experiencing severe pain to the back of the head radiating down through her right shoulder for the past several months. This is accompanied by head drop and she now wears a neck brace to hold the head erect. She is a patient at Fox Chase Cancer Center and her neurologist had ordered CT of the brain,sinus, EMG, and a musk antibody test all which showed that the cancer is not the cause of the head drop.
Avatar m tn It recently began to swell and gave him nerve pain that shot down his neck and shoulder, he also experienced a headache from this on the right side if his head. We went to the emergency room (no insurance so no one else would see him) and the physician's asst. touched his neck and told him it was a cyst. She referred him to an ear, nose and throat doctor. I am concerned that this is not a proper diagnosis since all they did was touch his neck for a few seconds...no further tests.
Avatar n tn I have been having this weird itching sensation on my face, head and neck at night. I take 1/2 a sleeping pill out of desperation because obviously I need to sleep. I have constant pain in my neck and shoulder and am told this is because of "mild arthritis". No medication will remedy this. I have been to the doc. a dozen times. I also have pain and numbness in my hands, my elbows and ankles hurt and I am experiencing cramping in my legs at night as well.
Avatar f tn The problem is now she is developing large knot like masses on her back and neck. The masses are painful to the touch, but now she is c/o bad pain in her back which she has pain med for. Also she is loosing use of her thumb and first finger in her left hand and some in her right hand. Could she have mets to the spine that is pressing on nerve root? Also I figure the masses are from lymph glands, but if it is in her spine would there be knots over her spine?
907672 tn?1381029323 It's a very strange dynamic that can happen between a couple and a cancer diagnosis. Keep your chin up Eileen and know you are not alone in this.
Avatar n tn My husband has recurrent head and neck cancer with metastasis to lung, upper esophagus. He has had radiation and now chemo. Two weeks ago, he was unable to have treatment due to elevated liver enzymes. Two improved , but last week his alkaline phosphate (sp?) was over 500. He had a bone scan which showed nothing definitive. Doctor opted to do no further testing. Should I be concerned or push for more testing?
Avatar n tn ) from my left hand-arm to my right hand-arm then to my right leg and foot then left leg and foot then abd, back and finally head and tongue and face. I have had 3 MRI's (neg-not a spot) of brain, c-spine, t-spine. A lumbar puncture (nothing) a Nerve conduction study and EMG all negative. All labs normal. I also had a Endoscopy of the GI track to rule out digestive disorders (malabsorption?) negative except for gastric reflux.
Avatar n tn My surgery is scheduled for October 12th. Everytime I read these posts and am amazed how 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer and then I just realized how many have to go through biopsies, mri's etc. and find out they are benign. It seems to me that breast cancer whether benign or not will probably effect every woman one way or another. That is sad. God bless you on this thread. Your burdens seem heavy, so glad you can support each other.
Avatar m tn I was having pain and little wound in my head. I went to hospital and they did CAT scan and there was no blooding inside a head. Everything was fine. They say i had bad sinus and they gave me antibiotic for a week that was 875 mg. Then i m having direhha. Within almost 6 month i did CBC test 4 time everyhing fine and normal. In this period i took some antibiotic for my lymph node. But it is not going to its normal size. I m having watery tools from 4 month thats not diarehha.
Avatar n tn In such cases the inflamed node (it may be an abscess too) would need to be removed and biopsied. I am sorry to say but cancer metastasis behave this way too. However there is one thing you must remember that I have not examined you. Nor is it possible to share detailed history on net. It is not the same as talking face to face. Hence you have to depend on the doctor who is examining you. I can only provide suggestions based on the information available. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn 75mm three years ago on the top of my head and I had my lymph nodes check out on both sides of my neck. They were okay and so was the margin. But, It was very painfull and it hurt for six months later. I found out the doctor went too far in checking these lymph nodes. He did it just for extra money. With .75mm you DO NOT NEED TO CHECK YOU LYMPH NODES. You will be just fine. I just got melanoma again, this times .25mm. This time also on top of my head.
Avatar f tn I had a sister who had kung cancer with brain metastasis and like her one of the presenting symptoms was what we call squiggly lines. Sort of how the outer limits used to start there broadcast, their is noting wrong with your television, we have taken control .... The first metastasis for me was singular, left cerebellum. The headaches from that were like a really bad pounding hangover. The 4th ventrical was blocked by the mass pushing my brain.
Avatar n tn I've had this pressure in my chest and neck since October. I've done all the cardio tests, thyroid test, barrium swallow test, took prilosec for 3 months and just had an endoscopy. Everything is normal. Now the docs want me to see an ear, nose throat doctor. I also feel like there is something in my stomach or pressure in my stomach along with pressure in my throat. I've read that one of the signs for Ovarian Cancer is a sense of feeling full. After reading that, I'm a little nervous.