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1936698 tn?1333918793 At 31 weeks your hormone levels are not being looked at anymore. By hormone levels I think you mean HCG. In early pregnancy if a Dr. is trying to tell if you are pregnant or if they are unsure if you are having a miscarriage or not they will look at your HCG levels. These levels should double every 48-72 hours, if they do not it is usually a bad sign. After they can see baby on the Ultrasound and get a strong Heartbeat they will stop taking these HCG levels.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant again and I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I went last Friday to have my hormone levels checked and my HCG was at 450 and progestrone was at 35. I went again today to have my levels checked and my HCG was 1050 but my progestrone dropped to 26. My doctor said sometimes progestrone can drop in early pregnancy as long as it doesn't go below 20. I have one child already and had no problems. I am getting retested on Wednesday. I wanted to know if this ia a sign of another miscarriage?
Avatar n tn The only important thing is they double in 48 hours. I too am very early in my pregnancy and my HCG levels were tested last Friday when I was 5w 4d they came back at 3500. I was tested again on Monday 6w and they were 8500. That's just me, and if you are lower/higher at the same point in your pregnancy it doesn't matter. As long as they are going up and up and up! Best to you and a healthy 9 months.
Avatar m tn The ultrasound indicated that I was only about 4-5 weeks along so they started monitoring my hormone levels. In the 3 separate days of tests the doctors noticed that my levels were not increasing as they should and informed me that I would more than likely miscarry. The bleeding started two hours after the phone call. About 4 weeks later I returned to my doctor to make sure everything was going ok, as ok as these things can...
608847 tn?1231949218 hi there dus any one know what hcg 199 levels mean in very early pregnancy??? ive had a eptopic pregnancy last year and the hospital think i have one now i have a few pains in my tummy and near my ovaries on both sides where the bikni line is i think????
10540048 tn?1410903669 Either you are pregnant but very early on and should wait until your 1st missed period or just have very low HCG levels.... or it is possible to have a chemical pregnancy which is basically a pregnancy that ended almost as soon almost it began leaving some trace amounts of hormones. Hope everything works out and you get happy results. Best wishes!
Avatar n tn i know it's probably hard to feel happy. What were your initial HCG levels and when? That would give us all a better picture. i hope the best for you! don't throw in the towel..some pregnancies have a slow start kicking in. HUGS!
Avatar f tn HCG is short for Human chorionic gonadotropin which is a specific hormone that is released into your body (blood, urine) at the time of pregnancy, it helps sustain an early pregnancy until the placenta can take over, this is what your hpt picks up on to give you a positive, there are two types of blood te4sts that measure this, one just says yes or no to pregnancy, the other is a couple of tests 2-3 days apart and this measure the amunt the hcg rises.
Avatar f tn As soon as I found out I was pregnant, the doctor took blood to test my hormone levels. They said"you need to get into your ob asap because it isn't an early pregnancy. It's between fifteen and nineteen weeks." Naturally, I freaked out a little thinking I had missed my first half of my pregnancy! At my ultrasound I found out I'm actually only 7 weeks and my hormones are just crazy high... I'm thinking perhaps there could be twins, and only one was visible because it is so early?
Avatar n tn with my second daugher I was by me RE because of my hcg levels that it is unlikely that this pregnancy will result in a baby... I will remember those words forever.. I took 5 days off and told my little bean to hold on... she is now 6 and perfect!
1257199 tn?1277774117 Thanks for the info:) I am about thirty days from my LMP, or four weeks, and I'll get more blood work on Monday, so I guess I will hope they continue to rise. Do you know if there is any concern if my numbers are higher than the "normal" range?? Thanks again!!
Avatar f tn Before I start, let me say that I know this probably means I have a chemical pregnancy. I got a trigger shot around 11 am on 6/18. My doctor did a blood HCG test the morning of 7/2 (14 days after the trigger shot - not 14 days after ovulation) and my HCG was 26.4. That seemed low to me but I know the numbers have to start somewhere. I went back the morning of 7/4 for more bloodwork and this time my HCG had dropped to 25.1.
Avatar f tn Well i got a call from my doctor today- she tells me my hormone level went up but not enough.. she says it normally rises 66% every 2 days and my hcg level only went up 56%- she wants me to come back and get an ultrasound done again and another blood test on tuesday.... she wants to check for possibly an ectopic pregnancy-- but with me having pains and with no bleeding its hard to tell.. I honestly think im only like 3 wks pregnant. so it must be just too darn early.. i dont know..
Avatar n tn HcG is a hormone that is produced when you are pregnant. Most often levels aren't drawn on healthy , low-risk pregnancies. Most of the women on her have had recurrent m/c (I have had 4 myself) and therefor the doctors do the levels to see if the pregnancy is developing as it is supposed to. This last pregnancy (#5) was showing problems very early and I was having levels drawn quite often and they did detect a problem.
1431138 tn?1294570494 Yes, in early pregnancy it's 48-73 hours, usually closer to 48, most of the time less that that, the farther you get along they'll slow down and then level off. How far between blood works was this? 2 days, a week?
4849354 tn?1360004442 Hi! Usually, stable or falling HCG levels in the early days, is not a good sign. In the first few weeks the actual HCG numbers do not matter as much as a doubling pattern every 48-72 hours. This rapid increase in HCG levels helps maintain pregnancy. However, you need to wait until 8-10 weeks before a confirmed diagnosis can be made. Please be in touch with your Obs and Gyn. Lets hope for the best! Take care!
Avatar f tn i have finished 12 days after the transfer and today was the day to see my hcg hormone. I know 5 is the min,but they told me to retest.first time,almost 2 yrs ago, after i did it,it was 0,so today it was really strange to me. Rmmoye:so,did u end up pregnant?
4849354 tn?1360004442 my OB said she didn't think that i was quite 5 weeks, more like 3-4, and had me go to get my HCG levels tested (which is what gave us the clue that i had a blighted ovum with the previous miscarriage) i went in on Thursday morning, and my levels were at 2192, then Friday afternoon around 4, and they had risen to 2332, but she asked that because they were so close, that i go in again this morning and have another test done.. they were at 2126..
Avatar n tn I know this has been on here before, but does anyone remember what your HCG levels should be at what week??? I know if they are low what that means, and if they are high then that could mean multiples or maybe a problem. I've read several post on here about 400-500 range levels at 5-6 weeks. If anyone has this info I would appreciate it.
Avatar n tn 3-21 20 HCG 3-23 21 HCG 3-25 22.5 HCG 3-27 23 HCG 3-29 23.2 HCG 3-30 24 HCG I know in my heart that those numbers are not good and not good at all but is there any hope?? I had blood work lso done again today!!
Avatar n tn will I ever be able to carry on the pregnancy for the whole of 9 months? The Dr also suspects the Hormone levels may be low in my case..this is waht had happened the last time & the gn kept injecting me with it..god it got messy & mentally stressful... Some one please tell me what I should expect? Thanks & god bless.
Avatar n tn I got a positive beta today at 12 dp IUI, but the nurse said my estradoil was low - 56- what are the normal levels for early pregnancy? Is there a chart or a range some one can share?
Avatar n tn A review of pregnancy rates following hormonal treatments for luteal phase deficiency concluded that the benefits are uncertain, and a meta-analysis of six trials has reported that exogenous progesterone supplementation after conception does not improve pregnancy outcome. (Grade A recommendation). Low progesterone levels in early pregnancy appear to reflect a pregnancy that has already failed.
Avatar f tn hi i went to early pregnancy unit to today as im 5 weeks pregnant iv been getting lower pains right at bottom of my belly but no bleeding my HCGlevel was 700 is that bad as someone told if it drops i can lose baby what does it actually mean x
Avatar m tn My girlfriend is pregnant, we go to doctor and they check her hcg levels.5144 and 48 hrs later 6028. So they call us in and talk to us for 20 minutes and say that she is having an ectopic or abnormal pregnancy and basically explains that we can't keep this baby. So she does vag ultrasound and there is baby and a light heartbeat. And she just says ok see you in 2 weeks. She wouldn't tell us anything else, I asked her about hormone pills to get the levels up but she refused, she is 5wks5days.
Avatar f tn http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Pregnancy/Early-Ultrasound---HCG---Progesterone-Guide/show/191?
Avatar n tn After they said they would keep track of my HCG levels and never did. I had my youngest son about a year or two after. Then I had a hysterectomy after I had my son due to bleeding and he was 11 weeks early. Since then I have gone to the ER for different things and a few times they came back and told me I was pregnant (after hysterectomy) and even did an unltrasould after i told them I had a Hysterectomy. Of course I could not be pregnant.
971074 tn?1362763366 You probably just watered down the HCG in your urine by drinking a lot of water. This early the HCG is low and that's why they recomend FMU when testing. I'm sure everything will be fine once you get your blood results. Good luck and Congrats!!