Having sex while using nuvaring

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Avatar n tn Many people have experienced pains and light bleeding while having intercourse and using nuvaring. It seems to affect everyone differently, but it's very likely the nuvaring is the source of your problems. I would suggest trying a different form of birth control, as this one is obviously not for you.
1639746 tn?1300562865 It's my second time using the nuvaring method. I was on the IUD method but my uterus rejected it two times; so the dr. suggested to take it out & use another method(on March 2nd). So i decided to go back on the nuvaring method; eventhough, I was having complications the 1st time I used this method. Thought i had just used it wrong the 1st time. On March 5, I started my period(light period) & decided to have intercourse with my partner(who i've been with for 2yrs).
Avatar n tn I don't notice the NuvaRing during sex but the next day it seems that I swell up and feel very sore on the inside. My BF and I have tried to have sex the morning after having sex and we just can't. I get really swollen and even feels blocked upon penetration. I've been trying to find others with the same issue.
Avatar n tn I think your mother should be proud that you are using protection. If you want a list of side effects google Nuvaring and you will find some info. Best of Luck!!
Avatar f tn We never use condoms. Well, a couple of weeks ago I'm thinking about 3-4 weeks ago we were having sex and it really hurt. Anyways, I've been having brown discharge/spotting and I don't even need to wear a condom. It's barely there when I wipe myself when I'm using the bathroom. So, this has been going on for about 4-5 days now. I'm really hoping I'm not pregnant, because I got Nuvaring to avoid getting pregnant so I could get my career started in the Army.
Avatar f tn On the 12th, I thought I was starting my period and ended up having a miscarriage. I passed tissue that had a sac on it. I had gotten pregnant while USING the Nuva Ring. I talked to a Dr. about it recently and she told me she has been hearing about people getting pregnant while on it. So there is a very good chance you got pregnant while using it, took it out and then miscarried just like I did.
6470732 tn?1439559892 What form were you using? I conceived our little bun while using spermicide. We basically weren't trying to get pregnant but had the mindset that if we did, it would be amazing. I told my dr this and he said, "Were you trying to conceive?" and I replied, "No, but we weren't trying that hard NOT to," and he came back with, "So you were trying.
Avatar n tn SO I went 16 months without having sex, and I find/meet a man and we had sex. The very next morning I wake up and wham, I could feel that yeast infection feeling inside, the itchy one we women are familiar with. (by the way after reading your posts I am eating yogurt at this very moment :) ). I remember the first time I had sex I was 20, I am 44 now......
Avatar f tn I use nuvaring. Only irritation Ive ever had if it slips down & we have sex I can feel it. Make sure you have it pushed up as far as you can. Other than that Ive never had a problem. No emotional or physical effects.
Avatar f tn But I have heard many stories of people getting pregnant while using Nuvaring. But since I've had varying degrees of bloody discharge since starting, I'm not sure how to tell if it's pregnancy or hormones. Anyone have a similar situation? And what was your outcome?
Avatar m tn Then it went down to maybe once or twice a week, and now for the past 3 months we have only been having sex one or two times a month. She uses a NuvaRing for birth control, and last month while using it she noticed a hardened bump on the top of her vaginal opening. So we took the ring out and we havent put a new one in (her prescription ran out and she has to go back to the gyno). Last night we were having sex, she told me it hurt her.
Avatar n tn You may be experiencing pain during penis-vagina (p-v) sex because you’re not aroused enough. If you're having to use lube, this may indeed be the case. Even with lube, your tissues can get irritated--especially if you're using a lube that contains alcohol or perfume (alcohol irritates those delicate membranes). If you’re not aroused, it’s probably because you’re not getting enough clitoral stimulation during p-v.
Avatar n tn I thought I was the only one having that problem. After my husband and I finish having sex I dont smell anything. But the day after it smell really really bad and I have try everything to get rid of the smell, but nothing seem to work. Even when I am work I smell myself and I OFTEN WONDER CAN ANYONE ELSE SMELL ME. That if so embarrassing to walk around smelling like that and wonder can someone else smell you. I hated it so bad that i wanted to stop having sex with my husband.
Avatar n tn today is my second day using provera and am having pain just below my naval.am i pregnant or am not.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend of 2 years, and I have been having sex for about a year and a half and ever since, I have had this intense burning after sex. We were both virgins, so we ruled out STD's. I've been to the drs countless times and they say that they can't find anything wrong or it could just be dryness. We've tried lubrication and that didn't seem to help either. When he enters me, there's a litttle bit of burning, but nothing horrible. It's after were done that it starts to BURN!
Avatar n tn i have been on the pill for over a year, a week and a half ago i had sex while having my period ( so i obviously was on my week of sugar pills) my boyfriend did not *** inside me and was only inside me for a few seconds. i feel like i have 3 things working my way 1) having my period 2) being on the pill for over a year 3) him not cuming inside. please if anyone has comments post them to help me feel better. what do you think???
Avatar n tn I have read on other boards about older women with hormonal problems having this issue. However, I am only 26 and been dealing with this for a while. It seems as if it started once I started the Nuvaring. I had already battled BV for a while but as soon as my test for bv went away this issue came about. Do you think we could get our estrogen tested or something?
Avatar n tn I have to be VERY careful when wiping cuz I may tear, and most of all I have to watch out when having sex. I hate that I try to avoid sex whenever possible, but nobody has been able to help me. I pray that I will grow out of it, since I apparently grew into it. I pray for all of you , and I pray that no one has to live in this hell for as long as I have.
Avatar n tn But this time, it was just a slight itch without the odor. In fact, I had sex while having this itch and the systems just stayed the same without getting worse. But last night, after my husband and I become intimate, I started to experience a severe itch but no discharge or odor and I also feel the UTI systems coming back. b/c the systems were so severe and its 6am in the morning, I sent my husband to the drug store to get me the 7 day treatment. It instantly helped the itchiness.
Avatar m tn I started using nuvaring for the first time on October 16, but I started having foul odor which I detected it could be a form of infection so I removed the ring October 28. Automatically, I started my period October the 31th and I had unprotected sex with my husband the November 3rd while still doing my period. It is 28 days from my last period could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I am 23 yrs old, two children and have been having the bleeding between periods, after bowel movement (vaginal) and everytime after intercourse. its putting me off having sex my husband as it means i am always bleeding. I have been to the doctors and she thinks i might have somthing called polyops has anyone else been told this? I had the coil fitted a year ago but she does not think it has anything to do with my symptoms. can anyone help?
Avatar m tn I was due to take my nuvaring out on the 25th Nov 2011, so i did so. ((we have regular unprotected sex while on nuvaring)). My partner and I, same one, again had unprotected sex on the 27th Nov 2011 while nuvaring was NOT in place since i took it out on 25 Nov 2011. After the encounter, i peed like i normally do.
Avatar n tn If I have issues getting him in that usually only lasts for a few strokes unless we had been having sex very frequently. But this last time it hurt for a while and its been a while for us. I am even having trouble with tampons and I love tampons as opposed to pads that is. Could this be the nuva ring be the cause?
1250093 tn?1302716352 I took a home pregnancy test this past weekend and it was negative but I'm nauses alot, tired, using tha restroom alot, n getting dizzy when I stand up or while I'm standing. I had unprotected sex about 6 weeks ago no condom but I am on birth control (nuva ring).....My big question is even with my birth control in is it still possible that i could have gotten pregnant or is it jus due to me being close to me period????????thanks for any kind of advice and help.
Avatar n tn But me and my husband have always had alot of sex, but i while i was on the ring, i didnt even want to think about sex, and man a few days out of the month i just wasnt myself, I was mean to everyone. And i wasnt a happy person. So i quit using it a month and a half ago and ive been fine since then. Happy and wanting sex again. lol But i honestly believe that you cant knock it til you try it, cuz its different for everyone.
Avatar m tn My GF uses a NuvaRing for birth control (she has been using it for a year), and last month while it was in her vagina, she noticed a hardened bump on the top of her vaginal opening and a little pain. So we took the ring out and we havent put a new one in (her prescription ran out and she has to go back to the gyno). Last night we were having sex, she told me it hurt her. It hurts her where the bump formed, and she also told me its been hurting for a while, she just never told me.
Avatar f tn i am so happy but now i really need to look at contraceptives as i have 3 kids and don't plan on having anymore (atleast not any time soon lol). Looking for some advice on what's good as I've only ever used condoms which i hate cause i can't feel anything and i had the rod in my arm but had to have it removed cause i got really bad depression on it. not too keen on the pill cause knowing me id forget to take it. what would u guys suggest is good?
Avatar f tn I actually got pregnant when using the nuvaring before. Right after I took it out. that next month I missed my period and was pregnant. is that a sign that we are very fertile?