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Avatar n tn I am a 43 yo female who recently started having major problems with dizziness while driving. I recently started driving 2 hours to and from work. I am having a difficult time explaining the symptoms. I was driving home from work and began to feel like everything was moving too fast but I was sitting still. My vision became blurred and I began to be unable to focus. I feel like my car is not touching the road and I have no control.
Avatar n tn Like YOU said its our opinions!! so relax! I wasnt being rude I just dont believe in having unprotected sex if your intention is not to have a baby why put a baby in the middle of something that is not already stable, Yes suprises can happen!that is a different story. When you post a question sometimes people will not always agree with what you say and sometimes support isnt always what you want to hear (its reality)Like the smoking comments - some smoke -some dont - its everyones opinion!
208686 tn?1293034103 1. When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive.... So, I took her to a gas station..... And then the fight started.... 2. My wife and I were watching 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?" "No," she answered. I then said, "Is that your final answer?" She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying "Yes.
Avatar m tn My wife is not speaking with me because I become verbally abusive after having a few. I don't know what it is about beer but I turn into a real jerk. I just hope and pray that someday she will be able to forgive me.... I was a real jerk last night. I accused her of things that weren't true and was a plain old idiot. I'll be on this forum quite a bit from now on.
299260 tn?1304219705 i hate fishing but i LOVE being out on the water on boats just relaxing. If i could buy one of those nice boat houses i would but those arent very common in new england. dnikki- oh it is just begining. that sick feeling does not go away for a while and even when the constant sick feeling subsides, the sick feeling from eating somethign that the baby doesnt like starts. jaedyn would kick my butt from the beginning til about 28 weeks when i ate spicy mexican type foods, which are my fav.
Avatar m tn Sounds like your having a while party Dad
220090 tn?1379170787 Is this a product of your generous offers to people to take a ride on your boat?? Maybe I need to get a boat? Seriously, I have a famous face myself, so getting on your boat would just about guarantee you to have too many paparazzi on hand. It's the reason my profile is non-existent! A- you are such a people person, your warmth comes thru even tho you're on this stinking tx!
Avatar m tn I work a 24 on 48 off schedule so my life is chaotic anyway. Well on my days off I just slowly went from fishing with my buddies while she was at school or work to I had to home at 4 everyday to cook her dinner before she would head into work (part time) and she couldn't understand why I couldn't get my friend to take the boat all the way back in so I could drive an hour home to see her for 30 minutes.
Avatar m tn I had no education about sex at all, and it wasn't until I started having sex with girls that I started to masturbate, and it was compulsive. I had some pretty uncomfortable thoughts about it. That could be what's bothering you. Trust me, it'll go away. Another thing. Orgasm causes lightheadedness and sometimes, usually when you've been with a partner and learn what really turns you on, even something approaching hyperventilation.
Avatar f tn Now that you think about it, does it seemed it happened SO FAST? I hate that. I too had an accident in 2001 while on a large sportfishing boat in Venezuela. At the time did not know I was infected w/Hep C. We had just pulled into the dock after a day of fishing a marlin tournament. The dock was jamming with bands and alot of happy people. I was on the bridge just sitting and staying out of the way of the Capt and mates as they docked the boat. After the boat was all tied up, the Capt.
Avatar m tn Horrified, Katie told her grandmother that 2 people nearly 100 years old having sex would surely be asking for trouble. "Oh no, my dear," replied granny. "Many years ago, realizing our advanced age, we figured out the best time to do it was when the church bells would start to ring. It was just the right rhythm. Nice and slow and even. Nothing too strenuous, simply in on the Ding and out on the ****.
Avatar n tn I have been having unprotected intercourse with my b-f for a while now. I am a 15 days late for my period which is very unusual. I have taken 2 HPT's and they were both (-). I have a UTI and I don't know if that is the reason why. I had some bleeding for like a day about 2 weeks after I got my period in march but it was very light and only started during intercourse so I don't know what is going on. I have had 1 live birth and 2 M/C's.
Avatar n tn me and my husband have been tryin but havent had any luck but we also didnt know that was up there and i dont know how long its been because we had stop having sex for almost 2 months so now we wanna try again and im really excited but i worry due to what they had taken out is it safe? does it risk my chances?
230262 tn?1316649534 I was out in the heat one day staining the drive-way and he heads out the door and says I'm going on the boat to go fishing, bye. It just floors me that they think if they go to work that , that is all they need to do. Grrrrrrrrr. It still makes me mad. All I can say is, I do miss his paycheck. lol Speaking of paychecks , he would mix his up in the daily newspaper , then when I threw out the newspaper it was my fault. This happened several times.
Avatar n tn Thanks CMN! lol, I'll think of you when I'm out on the charter boat deep sea fishing, sipping on a nice cold drink! ;o) I'm going to go finsih packing up now. Fingers crossed AF stays away...but for a good reason, NOT for another annovulatory cycle! I get back on CD28. I just really hope I don't get it while I'm down there. I'll be all bloated in my bathingsuit. ;o))) Best Wishes to you! Praying for a blessing sent OUR way!
Avatar m tn I had alot of fun in Boston, Red SoX games, being on a yacht in the harbor on 4th of July, fishing, crusing down the Hudson? on a party boat, and lots of good memories there. Go Red Sox's....Copyman Your just tooo funny, I enjoy laughter...But you forgot my friend the first thing that leaves you when you drink alcohol... Your judgement is the first thing to go. There is also memory issues from alcohol....So maybe he did have anal sex and dosnt remember...
Avatar n tn I have never personally experienced this or had any friends who have but I did read about it in a book called While Waiting (can't remember the author). Maybe you can go to the library and check it out. I know it addressed how to check for muscle seperation and what to do if you get one etc.. Sorry it took a couple days to respond but I wanted to check to make sure that was the correct name of the book! Hopefully this will give you more insight.
Avatar n tn Hi, for all of you I want to pass along some advice. I am in the same boat - still having significant symptoms of pregnancy, all neg tests including blood, but no period. I met someone the other day who doctors told that she was not pregnant - she had multiple negative tests. Guess what - she found out via ultrasound at 8 months along! My point is, TRUST YOUR BODY! If you do not feel normal, treat yourself as if you are pregnant and take care of yourself.
285848 tn?1219095913 Steven goes over there a couple times a week and if he doesnt Jordan freaks out. If I'm having a problem and Steven stays home with me, Jordan flips out on me. Its like Im in a relationship with both of them. I remember a few weeks ago I wanted steven to stay home with me really bad because I was upset about something. So Steven called Jordan to tell him he wasnt spending the night and I didnt even know this yet..I was in another room crying. Next thing I know my phone and it was Jordan.
Avatar n tn Sex is meant for 2 people not one. That is the natural way of life. Whenever you masterbate, your only having sex by yourself. Secondly, do you ever masterbate w/out fantasizing? Usually masterbation accompanies fantasizing. They both compliment each other and make the experience more joyful. I would say fantasizing precedes masterbation. Guys usually get in the mood by fantasizing about a hot lady.
507875 tn?1423163861 I went out fishing twice on the boat with the 'boys' and other than catching silver salmon, we also caught halibut, black bass, rock fish, and one cod. For wildlife.... we saw: eagles, puffins, mountain goats, bears, whales, ...... and tons of seagulls..... Tijuana - still sending frost your way! Keeping everything crossed! (even the parts that aren't big enough to cross - but trying :-)) And the frost comes with lots of prayers for your Aunt.
Avatar n tn I had an IUI Nov.31st and today is Cycle 28. I normally start on the day 27. Yesterday after having sex I started bleeding faintly pink and then brown. Today it is red and heavier. But not like a period. Im wearing 1 tampon a day. Im so scared. Cuz I have had most of the pregnancy symptoms and was sure I was PG. Now my hopes are going down. I hope that it is implantation bleeding.
2147300 tn?1369693288 Maybe it's not the drinking as much as it is the "inappropriate behavior " you mentioned. About the drinking, the good thing is that you know you can't drink while you are treating and you seem to be OK with that. You are going to have a lot of time on your hands to reevaluate and reflect on things over the next couple of months. Try not to be so hard on yourself. I would just focus on living healthy and getting better. We are here for you and you don't have to go through this alone.
676912 tn?1332816151 I *think* DH and I BD on ovulation day in May = ) I *should* be due to start AF Tues or Wed but I noticed today that I had light pink/red CM when I wiped- Can anyone explain what implantation bleeding is and when it is supposed to occur? I have also been having weird twinges in my pelvis region every once in a while. Good Luck everyone!
Avatar f tn Too funny. A priest a Rabi and a pastor went out fishing in a boat together. The priest said "I sure am thirsty, think I'll go get a drink" so he stood up, walked across the water and came back with a coke. Then the pastor said "I'm thirsty too" so he too stood up, walked across the water and came back with a coke. The Rabi thinking to himself, I have just as much faith as these two says "I'm thirsty too" so he stood up stepped on the water and SANK.
Avatar n tn no real caring nothing...i was worth sex, and that was it..i was a fishing buddy...it took treatment for me to realize i deserved more than that....i met my husband and for the first time in m life I realized what love is....no conditions....real honest to God love...and I was not looking for it,,it fell into my lap...and this can and will happen for you but you have got to make yourself open for the possiblity....
Avatar n tn 87 Lafite, while cooking on my Viking stove, preparing my 4lb Chateaubriand with Bernaise sauce, while shuffling my feet on DH berber carpet, glancing out my window to enjoy my 165 acres, and appreciating my 2002 S500 Mercedes Benz, parked next to my 2001 36' Center Console Contender Offshore Fishing Boat, which is trailered by my 2003 F-350 Super Duty 7.3 Diesel pick-up, thinking this whole time about Jackson Parish Prep School that my daughter is attending (with a 4.