Having sex during your period while on birth control

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Avatar f tn your not being paranoid your missing pills and relying on birth control that is not 100% and plenty of women have gotten pregnant while on the pill. if you dont want to be pregnant you need to use condoms and you should understand how birth control works and understand that you dont take your birth control that your using as EC pill thats not what its for nor will it be effective and also if your taking a bunch of pills or whatever it is your doing.....
Avatar f tn I just reread your first post and I also recommend that you use condoms every single time you have intercourse. Not all women ovulate in the middle of their cycles so having intercourse during your period might get you pregnant. Sperm cal live inside of the body for up to 5 days so if you ovulate within 5 days after your period you could get pregnant.
Avatar f tn When you first start taking birth control pills it can affect the blood during your period. It's not good to have unprotected sex. If you were worried about catching something it is smart to have your partner tested for STDs. You can go to your Doctor & be tested too.
Avatar n tn You are supposed to be taking the placebo when you get your period even if its not in order especially the first few months while your body is getting used to it. So yes.
Avatar f tn There's always a small risk of getting pregnant having unprotected sex while on birth control, and even more of a risk if your partner ejaculates inside of you. Putting this small risk aside to answer your question -- you will not get pregnant during the placebo pills if you have been taking your birth control continuously the entire month. There is a chance of pregnancy if you miss any of the white pills. You should take the one you missed with your second pill as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn i have been on the pill, just had my period july 2nd. It was a regular period, as always, but then i stopped taking the pill for 3 weeks. I am back on the pill and have been for 2 weeks. I have not yet started my period, and always have one every month. I have had all the signs of starting, cramps and all but no period, and have taken 2 pregnancy tests that were negative.
Avatar f tn What is your favorite birth control ? Least favorite ? Ugly side effects ? Ill be 26 weeks in a few days and wanna start thinking about if i want to take BC and whst kind i want.
639543 tn?1297031234 I had my son on July 14th, and now that I know how CHAOTIC being a mommy is (JUST KIDDING!) I want to get on birth control. DH and I decided we don't want another baby for a while, we want to enjoy Dameon as MUCH as possible (and he's getting SO big so fast!! :[ ). So what kind of birth control did you ladies use after having a baby?? I will not do IUD or the shot/patch, any other suggestions??
Avatar n tn you can get HIV from having sex off your period. it doesnt matter if your on or off your period.
Avatar f tn I use to get depo before i got pregnant and hated it gained soo much weight and i had a period for like 6 months everbody is different I hate birth control and I do not plan on getting on it ever again i rather bleed once a month but that's just me
200558 tn?1189759425 i read in the packet insert that you can have sex without using a backup birth control method like condoms during the week of placebo pills (the week of your period) as long as you start the next pack on time. it's been about three months since i started the birth control and during the placebo week, we had unprotected sex.
Avatar n tn the green is when I get my period) In order to avoid having my period during vacation, my mother (who has been on a BCP in the past) had me take the dark blue pills from my next pack instead of finishing the pack I was on and getting my period. In the end it will give me: four weeks w/o my period period two weeks w/o period back to normal My question is: how will this affect it's use as birth control? Am I still safe to have sex with the first pill of the next pack, after I have my period?
Avatar n tn However, I would recommend calling your OBGYN about not having your period. Mine got a lot lighter, but I have always had one!
Avatar n tn i started my period on may 10th 2009 and my boyfriend and i had unprotocted sex well he cummed in me well the next day on may 14th my period had stopped my period is not regular i was told that i could be pregnant i took a test but it came out neg but i was told that it was to soon i would have to wait untill my next period well i had dull back pain and some days i would get sick and other days i would be fine but when i try to eat food some of taste like tin fole so i just spit it out but i can
Avatar n tn I've suffered for years with horrible stomach issues, and have seen so many specialists who put me through horrific tests and then said it was IBS...all the while being on the birth control pill. My life has been so affected by this, I've even had a job loss due to being out sick too often (with constant diarrhea) I've also missed out on activities and life events due to the sheer pain and exhaustion of my symptoms.
Avatar f tn I know semen can live inside you for a while (and therefore get pregnant even when your on your period) so how does it work if you have sex the day before you start the placebo? Or have sex on the placebo pills? Since your abruptly withdrawing the medication for that week, how does it differ from missing a pill? (If your on the 21 day pack + 7 placebos.) Also, what is the exact time frame that it starts getting iffy if you miss it?
2032869 tn?1333992714 She recommended me birth control pills that are safe while breastfeeding but I never took them cuz I kept waiting for my period.... You know how the dr recommends you to start the birth control during or after your period...well I had no idea that you don't get your period while your nursing....=( so I just use condoms...>:(For 5 months):<  soo don't wait for your period like I did...
Avatar n tn When on birth control pills does your body still feel symptoms of a period before it comes? For example, breast tenderness or something like that. The reason i am asking is because i can feel and see a vein in each one of my breasts and i can't remember if it was always like that or not.I'm worried about pregnancy because a little more than a week ago the condom broke. At the time of this mishap I had taken about nine or ten pills correctly and everything but i'm still nervous.
Avatar f tn There are some women though who will bleed continually while on it but from what I understand that mostly happens if you get the shot during your period. I definitely trust it more beocause there is less room for human error and you just have to get a shot every 3 months. A con is it does increase your appetite so you do need to watch how you eat. I didn't gain any weight on it and actually was able to lose weight.
Avatar n tn When I have sex with my boyfriend, I want to enjoy it but I can't because it is so dry, I am willing to trade having my sex life back over a lighter period, not to mention the constant yeast infections. Last December I forgot to take my pill, I also thought I was pregnant. But i felt great, I was happy and the feelings I had seemed to be gone. I started my period so I wasn't pregnant but I definetly had all the symptoms of pregnancy, other than a positive pt.
Avatar f tn I took the amoxicillin the best I could every eight hours three times a day but ended up having to go two days over and took one amoxicillin pill on July 7 and one amoxicillin pill on July 8. July 7 is when I started my new pack of birth control pills. I'm religious about taking my birth control pill to an alarm and never miss one. I've heard stories both ways about amoxicillin affecting birth control pills. Some people say you should be abstaining from sex/using condoms for the entire month.
2074702 tn?1332811939 I'm on birth control (ortho try-cyclen lo) I've been on this pill since the end of January. Ever since I started birth control my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex. And he would ejaculate inside of me. I made a post a while back because this sort of problem too but I'm really all over confused. Ive been having some symptoms that Ive been noticing like, constipation (about two weeks ago, and this hasn't happened to me probably in a few years), nausea during the day, periodicity.
Avatar n tn Did your doctor tell you why you couldn`t stay on Ortho Micronor? I plan on being on it a while if my OB will let me. Thanks...
Avatar f tn ( Been having unprotected sex during those days that I didn't took my pills and now,I've been urinating more than usual...Can that be an early symptoms of pregnancy or too early to detec?Also,if I continue taking my pills and find out later that I'm pregnant,will my baby safe?
Avatar n tn Because she's got so many things going on (new birth control, being sick, stress of the allergic reaction) her body is responding by not letting her have her period yet. I know many times that happened to me ...on and off birth control. BTW, I applaud you for being so careful when it comes to sex! Just give your girlfriend's body time to adjust ...it's being pumped full of so many drugs that it's just a little 'off'.
Avatar f tn The side effects seem very common with Mirena and most (if not all) birth control causes breakthrough bleeding. If it's only been two months, your body is simply just reacting to the medication and showing pregnancy symptoms (when you're not pregnant). While I personally would stick with it because having it removed that soon has to be costly, I can understand why you would want to switch to another birth control.