Having sex during ovulation and fertile days

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Avatar f tn Anytime during your fertile window... I think the dark green is supposed to be the day you actually ovulate.... I'd say have intercourse everyday that week if possible and maybe twice during the 3-4 day window just to increase your chances....
Avatar f tn If i had sex on my fertie days and 4 times on my ovulation day will i get pregnant
Avatar f tn The ovulation app said my fertile fays are 11-16 and I had sex this morning is there a chance that I could finally get prego?
Avatar f tn I just checked it and I have a start and finish date for each month. I sure hope my fertile and ovulation date is right. I had Sex the first day of my period this month. I know it's hard or rare to get pregnant on your period, I did with my first daughter, since I have had sex, I have had frequent headaches the last week, not feeling good thru the day and lower abdominal cramps just about everyday.
5875562 tn?1410898886 Is it good or bad to have sex on ur fertiles days sense its beforw ur ovulation so say this apps ?
Avatar f tn It might not really be your fertile days try using the smiley face ovulation kit and not all women ovulate
Avatar n tn If you use this app, put in when you start your period, it will l predict your fertile window. As long as your cycles are regular, you should Ovulate close to what the app says. Ways to make sure you are ovulating are taking basal body temp, the ovulation kits and checking your CM. If you aren't having sex during your fertile window leading up to ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant are very low.
Avatar f tn Preganancy can result from having intercourse during your fertile window period.
Avatar f tn I'm so confused . I didn't have sex on my Ovulation day but I did have sex my fertile days . I had sex the 12, 13. 14. 15 & 16 . I ovulated on the 18th . can I possible be pregnant ?
Avatar f tn I want to ask my question here because and no one else is answering me but I downloaded an app keeps track of my ovulation days and it saids my fertile days are the 11-16 and I had sex today could this finally be my chance to get prego? P.
1884694 tn?1320984455 Ok so I do have this app o have my DROID with a calendar where I track my period, intimacy, and other notes and it calculates my fertile days and my ovulation day for me. So my question is, it shows me fertile 5days before and after my ovulation day...so if we have sex within any of those days we've got a good change of getting pregnant?? I apologize for this being kinda silly..
3183522 tn?1358478334 A woman’s fertile window includes the five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. These six days are the only days in a woman’s cycle when she can conceivably get pregnant. a woman’s chance of conceiving two days before ovulation is just as likely, if not more likely, as the day before ovulation.
Avatar n tn Okay , thanks, but the thing is , on a app called period diary, I have all my dates on there , and it shows fertile days , so if I had sex on one of the not fertile days, I would still have the chance to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn I find checking my cervix to be the easiest and best way to go for me...that way I am sure to be having sex during the fertile period and not as much when I am not fertile. So far it has worked for me a number of times. I have gotten pg that way four times, and have two boys and I had two mc's. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Most women ovulate around midway through their cycle, day 14 is the average. To get pregnant, doctors usually recommend having sex starting on day 10 and continuing to do so every other day for the next 5 days. This catches the 24 to 48 hour period of ovulation. I would say it is unlikely that you ovulated while on your period day 3. That would indeed be unusual. Never say never but obviously that would be a huge blip in the hormones.
1270806 tn?1270570687 You are most fertile during ovulation, which is 14 days (if a regular 28 day cycle) BEFORE your period. There is usually an ovulation window, which can be 5 days before to 5 days after ovulation as sperm can live that long in the right conditions. The best time to NOT get pregnant is either right before or right after your period, though no time is absolutely safe as you may ovulate early or late in any given month.
Avatar n tn Find out when your fertile window is and try having sex every other day during your fertile window. Start cycle day 10 through to like 3 days after your fertile window ends. Every other day is good cause it gives your mans sperm time to replenish.
Avatar f tn It happened when we had sex only twice during fertile week (2 days before ovulation) and no more...i was in such shock!
Avatar f tn Hopefully this makes sense... at my last pap appointment my doctor asked me if I wanted more kids Idond yes and told her I tried a few months without success. I too was using an app. More so to track my periods. She told me ur body doesn't ovulate the same each cycle.. so u know it says 8 days ur not fertile than 8 days u are and 8 days before ur period u r again? Well that's not nesaserly true.. she said read ur body and seee the signs. What!?!?!
Avatar m tn well before you are going to ovulate and or on your wifes more fertile day you want the sperm waiting for the egg , The length of sperm inside the female body really depends on the environment, or the cervical mucus being made and how strong the sperms are... The sperm carrying the female chromosome's live longer because they are stonger. Sperm will survive longer during a woman's fertile days where she is producing more cm.
Avatar f tn s fertile discharge, you may be ovulating, a few days before ovulation and during ovulation and maybe the day after you get a stretchy clear discharge, just like raw egg whites or runny nose discharge. i always got it about 3 days before ovulation, during ovulation and the day after ovulation so i got it for about 5 days.
Avatar f tn Do you get pregnant if yu have sex during your fertile days or on your actual ovultion day???
Avatar f tn And you meant fertile days .
1699550 tn?1320286617 Hi, no there isn't always an egg waiting to be fertilized, some women may ovulate twice in the same month on rare occasion, but it's a very short window where the sperm can fertilize an egg before it's too late and a period will follow. I think having sex every other day or twice a day would leave me shattered after a couple of weeks!