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Avatar n tn I have recurrent cold symptoms during my period. I have noticed the symptoms for about a year but for the last six months they have happened every month around the third day of my period. Symptoms include aching joints, blocked nose and headaches as well as generally feeling awful. Periods are heavy and painful with clotting for about seven-nine days. Cold Symptoms usually last 5-7days.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago I had protected sex with a model who do it for money once in a while. While taking off the condom, I saw some blood near the base of penis I took off the condom which looked ok at that time(it was fairly dark in the room) & then wiped the drops of blood near the base of the penis Asked the girl if she was having periods or if her date is near, the answer was negative.
Avatar f tn Hey all! I am 8 weeks today, and I was wondering if sex (during any particular part of my pregnancy) should be avoided. Also I am a smoker who is STRUGGLING with quitting. I know I HAVE to quit, but my body is craving nicotine... Any advice?
114123 tn?1289630070 Hello, I am 20 weeks and having the hardest time being comfortable during sex. With my first pg I didn't have to deal with it because the father was absent, my second, I didn't really enjoy it, but didn't mind, this time, I'm having to take pee breaks, otherwise the unthinkable would happen! It's frustrateing, I'm concidering buying a book on the subject for ideas, any ideas or suggestions?!
Avatar n tn I began experiencing bleeding during sex a few months prior to me not having sex for 7 yrs. Now that I recently got married and sexually active, it is happening again. I had a pap and it came back clear. I have had two exams by two different doctors...and both had different ideas of what was going on. This latest doctor suggested I have a DNC? But no clue what is going on. The other thought it was a result of not having sex and my virgina being so small. Like you, my husband is very gentle.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend and I had sex today which was our first time together, only my second time having sex period though. I'm very petite and well, he has a large penis, not long ways though. Anyways at first he had trouble penetrating me which hurt because of my size but after he was in everything felt great and there was no pain. I then went to take a **** and saw that I had torn my perineum. There was also a small cut on the inside of my labia minora.
Avatar m tn Hi, since hsv2 oral rarely shedds (about 1% of the time) her risk of contacting genital hsv2, when you dont have any lip sore at the time, would be close to zero risk. Having hsv1 has very little affect of contracting hsv2 and vise versa.
5615074 tn?1378320440 I haven't had sex in 2 maybe 3 weeks and today I finally talked my SO into having sex. I am 38 weeks 2 days. Now I just feel like crap. My 4 year old walks faster than me, it hurts to wipe like when you kind of have to lean forward, I have lots of discharge (that happens every time) and I been going to the bathroom a lot (this is gross, but it's bright green). Is my body telling me NOT to have sex, or is it something else?
Avatar m tn Certainly, penises are important to sex, but great sex involves your whole body; in fact, having great, mutually satisfying sex is usually quite the opposite of what you see in those performance-oriented sex videos. Remember: Performance can be the enemy of pleasure and fun. Like noses, penises all have the same basic shape, with some variation. Did you know that you can’t tell the size of a man’s erect penis based on what it looks like when flaccid (un-erect)?
Avatar n tn These little guys grow out of the epithelium on your cervix and uterus (epithelium tissue is like the stuff on the insides of your cheeks, soft and very delicate) and are easy to damage or crush during sex, causing bleeding. They are also very easy to remove. 3. Fibroid masses in the uterus. 4. Endometriosis. The dreaded 'E' word. Either way, it's safer to get checked out, even if it's just a little bacteria colony you picked up at a pool or off of a toilet seat or something.
Avatar m tn She also had orgasm during oral sex. In a week or something after oral sex, I had severe cold and cough. I also had throat infection. As such my immunity system is weak and, having cold and cough is very regular with me. But this happened just after that oral sex. I do not know if she was infected or not. I also realized that sometimes it burns or pains after I masturbate.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc, I got married recently and i had oral sex with my wife but during the period she got affected by chicken pox, which we came to know after 3 days of our marriage. After few weeks i had some pain in throat and i feel something is blocking my throat, i consulted an ENT and he said this is due to an allergy and gave me some medicines, but after that i got that throat pain often and i can see some white layers in my tounge, i will clean my tounge daily but it forms daily.
Avatar n tn Then this last sunday I went back to her and again there was unprotected oral sex followed by protected vaginal and anal sex. This time however the condom broke during anal sex. I realized almost immediately so I was only inside her for maybe 5 seconds before pulling out. There was no place to wash up so I went home and within a half hour cleaned up with soap and water.
Avatar m tn im asian age 35 recently on nov 8 2010 i went to cambodia n hired a sexual worker thr. while having vaginal sex i notice my condom slipped n i dont realiase when it slipped . maybe i had sex with her wtihout condom for less then one minute. now i m very scared tht i may get hiv from this event. to make it worse on dec25 i got flu n sore throat tht last for one week n also i have groin pain.Doc can this be sign of hiv and so do u think i should go for hiv test if so when is best time .
Avatar n tn Usually women have the opposite happen. Are you still having high sex drive? You could try to have a towel or something near you to get rid of some wetness if it is really excessive. I've never heard of that. I wish you very good luck getting pregnant.
Avatar n tn My question is if (the female) has Hep c and is bleeding during sex caused we believe from her being extremely tight and me maybe slightly larger than normal,and also her not having sex on a regular basis,what are the chances of me contacting hep c from not using protection one time......it has been over a month since I last saw her and she has informed me she tested positive for hep c ....I am worried and am planning on getting tested later this week.
Avatar n tn Blood would be a good start. If there was no blood resulted from tearing you could have extreme sensitvity while taking a Sh!t the next day (stinging, burning, itching, soreness) This could be caused by the stretching of the lining or tiny tears from anal sex.
Avatar n tn Just know that it is perfectly normal if you have a low sex drive during pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with you. If you have a partner that cannot understand this and is making you feel guilty, they are the problem. The partner should be understanding. There are many changes going through your body that you have no control over. So if your partner is basing your entire relationship over this temporary set back, they are ignorant and selfish.
Avatar f tn I found this forum while looking for an answer to basically the same question. My wife occasionally "floods" me...usually during oral sex, but also during vaginal intercourse as well. At first I thought it was an unintentional release of urine, but it didn't have a urine smell or taste, so I wasn't sure what it was. Other than being a bit messy (we use a baby's crib pad these days), I find it very enjoyable as I take it to be an indication of her level of arousal.
Avatar n tn SO I went 16 months without having sex, and I find/meet a man and we had sex. The very next morning I wake up and wham, I could feel that yeast infection feeling inside, the itchy one we women are familiar with. (by the way after reading your posts I am eating yogurt at this very moment :) ). I remember the first time I had sex I was 20, I am 44 now......
Avatar m tn They have had unprotected sex and she also had unprotected oral sex with him. When I woke up and saw the bump I assumed it was due to the cold weather and the lack of having a good chapstick, and, also, because I sleep with my space heater on which also dries out my lips and skin during the night. I am not sure if I am being paranoid, but I am worried and because I never had it before I am worried about the person that I am currently dating.
Avatar m tn Then the day after, i engaged in oral sex with my partner. Today however, i woke up with a visible cold sore developping. I am very worried about the possibilities that i have given my girlfriend genital herpes through oral sex, even if i had no blister or visible signs. Is what I'm saying possible, or am i just worrying. Is it even possible to transmit it when there is no blister? Please let me know, i am very worried. Thank you.
Avatar m tn hello, does having a cold sore automatically means you have Herpes or something else can cause it? I had a mild fever while I was in machu Pichu, it was quite cold 5 degrees celsius. On my way back home I felt feverish (100.4 F) and got a cold sore. Giving that info in case it helps a bit more in understanding what I got.
Avatar m tn You would not be having cold symptoms if you had and std in your genital area. Sometimes cold symptoms are just a cold. It is allergy season. And sometimes people who visit sex workers have a problem coping with that decision. These days sex workers get tested. They don't want anything any more than you would. Plus it would be bad for business. Furthermore, the only risk you had was LOW RISK unprotected oral sex.
Avatar m tn Not every one agrees with this but cold sores are caused by oral herpes which can be (during certain stages) a very contagious virus. It's commonly passed on by kissing and it's very common to have 50-80 percent of the world has it.
Avatar m tn Hello, Thank you again for making this such a great resource. I posted some time ago due to some anxiety as I take a great deal of pride in my sexual health. I have had limited partners as I was married for four years and am now in a serious, monogamous relationship with a man I've known for several years who was in a similar position-married and monogamous to that partner and I have been his first serious sexual relationship since.
Avatar f tn I don't have unsafe sex with partners, there have been 1-2 instances when my SO (at the time) insisted on it and we did it one time and then went back to condoms. First question: SHould I test for HSV2? The only symptom i have is a vaginal discharge which is nothing new. I have always had it and for some reason yeast treatments don't fix it. I have seen a gyn for this and some have told me to not mess with the area and leave it as it is. Can discharge be due to HSV2 or HPV?
Avatar m tn Hi. So I've been very scared lately. I recall having a cold sore years ago, when I was in the seventh grade; considering that I've only kissed one boy, and I've only been with that boy since then. I am not sexually active. But I don't remember ever seeing him have a cold sore on his lip; plus i was the only girl he has ever kissed. But recently I've been thinking about it a lot (I'm not sure if it was actually a cold sore either, I don't remember it blistering up, scabbing or peeling off..