Having sex before the 6 weeks

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Avatar f tn Okay mommies what is your opinion on sex before the 6 weeks pp? I am literally craving sex!
Avatar m tn I'm dating someone and I want him to be vaccinated for Hep B Is it safe for us to have sex after the first shot of the vaccine or it's necessary to wait 6 months for all three shots?
Avatar f tn Why do doctors say that you have to wait 6 weeks before having sex or using a tampon?
Avatar f tn so this was actually a timetravel post from a forum member in the not so far (2009) future, that jumped back in cyberspace It should warn us
360318 tn?1340396963 Yes, you could be pregnant. Did'nt your Dr tell you to wait for your 6 week check up to let you know if you could start having sex again? Your body needs that time to heal after giving birth. At your check up you can talk about birth control. If you can not wait that amount of time, which you did not, then you need to use condoms to help protect against pregnancy. The pull out method is not a form of birth control. All you can right now is wait for your check up and get a pregnancy test done.
Avatar f tn Yes just normal to be in pain because you don't suppose to have sex before 6 weeks you have to give your body time to heal I had a D&C years ago but I didn't have sex before my 6 weeks so just take it easyand sorry for your loss what is not safe having sex that early
296738 tn?1236000003 i was told by my ob/gyn that it was just penetration but i wasn't in the mood for anything like that :D
384896 tn?1335297931 Okay, so ofcoarse, I was told not to have sex for 6 weeks by the hospital peoples. Why? I mean, I understand the whole thing that women are very fertile after delivery... but if you're healed up, and are feeling fine... you got protection- why not? I've been told not to do it, but then I've been told it's fine aslong as you're careful. Can anyone tell me why exactly we're not supposed to for that long? I'm just curious. Thanks.
Avatar f tn We often times have to stop having sex when the pain occurs, because the pain turns me off. Afterwards I feel terrible that I am not satisfying my partner. The pain worries me, and it hurts me on an emotional level as well. Did anyone, or is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar f tn Spotting is very normal at 6 weeks. I was spotting till i was 8 weeks. My dr told me it was the implantation. I didnt have sex till it was over just because it freaked me out and i didnt wanna think something bad happened if blood ended up being on one of us.
Avatar f tn i would say wait till at least after your first tremester is over..
Avatar f tn You're probably not pregnant because of this time having sex. Have you had unprotected sex within the last 5-6 weeks? Maybe because you had sex your period didn't come down. Our bodies are different that way.
7143736 tn?1396246400 So did all you ladies wait the full six weeks before using tampons again and having sex?
Avatar m tn I started the treatment 8 weeks ago, 3 times/week. I used the cream for about 6 weeks and there was no improvement. 3. As of now, I would say I have between 25 warts. None bigger than 4mm, most of them 1mm. They are scattered around the basis of the penis. None actually on the higher part of the shaft. 4. My GF and me have read, asked and get informed on this topic and we would like to start having sex soon but we are not sure.
Avatar n tn Im very nervous right now ( a nervous pregnant person unusual I know) Heres whats going on with my calculations I got pregnant a day or two before my period- I know this because it was my only time having sex besides a month earlier, then I got what I thought was a period for 3 days then it stopped for 2 days and then I spotted for another 3 days. Im worried that this is was a miscarriage, because from what Ive read implantation bleeding is light and mine seemed like a period.
8647560 tn?1415202070 As soon as i treated it the sex was fine again although it does still hurt a little because of the hormones making the vagina swell. Ask your doc about it and make sure you dont have a yeast infection. They are very common during pregnancy and i had no idea i even had one.
Avatar f tn With this one I didn't rest enough so it took awhile to heal I had sex at 5 weeks and it hurt so we waited until the 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn Do u have to wait 6 weeks because of the penetration or because of the uterus contracting after orgasm??
Avatar f tn If you honestly, truly thought she wanted to be on birth control 2 years before having sex, I think you might want to review your process of thinking this through. On the other hand, I think it's smart that you didn't tell her to break up with him. If he's a nice, positive boy in her life, she's growing and blessed to have him. What's done is done, Rock.
Avatar f tn They don't recommend sex before your 6 weeks so that your Dr can check you at that point and make sure you are healed properly, have stopped bleeding and can secure birth control if you wish. There are people who don't wait 6 weeks however, after having my kids, I had no desire for sex before then.
Avatar f tn I had sex for the first time last Saturday, which was almost 6 days ago. My boyfriend didn't have an condom on, and he sticked his penis only half-way inside me because since he didn't know how to put an condom on, I didn't want him to break my "cherry". He didn't ejaculate inside me either, he only stook it inside me for like 2 minutes then took it out, I was wondering is there still a possiblity of me being pregnant, even though he didn't ejaculate or break my "cherry"?
Avatar n tn Her issues are either she's tired from working, coming home, cooking for the family and than having to do it all over again the next day. Not exactly the most relaxing life. She had kids and than after the operation, which I'm assuming is a tubal ligation, she is in no mood. Her hormonal inbalance may play a part in this. She should get her blood work checked by a doctor.
Avatar n tn They say to wait 6 weeks before having sex after you deliver but do you really have to wait that long?
Avatar f tn They say you can have sex up to your 40 weeks. I would just because you cant for 6 weeks after birth...
Avatar f tn then since this is a pregnancy forum and we all here are either pregnant or trying, have you gotten yourself on birth control so you will not need another abortion in the future? if not please do so before continuing having sex.
3804102 tn?1353643281 Enjoy fitting into your current clothes longer before having to get maternity clothes.
Avatar f tn i am not their parents and not going to sit their and critize them to stop having sex because that just makes the matter worse. didn't you all do mostly everything that your parents or adults told you not to do? so instead of getting mad, why don;t more of you drop into that forum and offer your adult wealth of knowlegde? sorry if this offended anyone but i beleive that sitting around complaining about a problem does not solve it.
Avatar m tn This will make me sound foolish, but before I had this condition, I masturbated daily and in the 6 weeks I've had this, I must have masturbated nearly 20 times. I was never hard on myself but I'm assuming the force of ejaculation must be what isn't letting the soreness subside? Is there any other advice you can give me?
Avatar f tn I think u should let your body heal a little. Having sex before the recommended time can cause infection and cause heavy bleeding. It's a personal decision though. I waited 5 weeks, but I had stitches.
Avatar n tn Im right here with you!! Im pretty sure Im 6 weeks and for 3 to 4 of the weeks every day I have yucky brown spotting or im spotting blood. My blood level was very low at 80 and 2 days later 109 and they told me I either had a m/c or im gonna have one or very rarely I wil continue to have a normal pregnancy. Im till waiting it out and I go in every two weeks to check my levels....