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7677085 tn?1395374075 Im addicted to harry potter and now sherlock the british tv series...
Avatar f tn Harry potter weekend on abc family! Relaxing, eating tons of food with hours upon hours of entertainment! Tell me there is another mommy to be out there loving this!!
12259188 tn?1428960836 Ah Harry Potter that is to great!! My fiance would love that!
Avatar n tn From Harry Potter 5 (think drug of choice in place of dementor): There was laughter inside his own head, shrill, high-pitched laughter.... He could smell the dementor's putrid, death-cold breath, filling his own lungs, drowning him - Think.... something happy.... But there was no happiness in him.... The dementor's icy fingers were closing on his throat - the high pitched laughter was growing louder and louder, and a voice spoke inside his head - "Bow to death Harry....
448723 tn?1301454958 Some people may give him trouble later or something because of the whole Harry Potter deal..(Harry James Potter)..My hubby and I finally decided on Skyler Drake for a boy and Lillian Gabriella for a girl...other names we thought of were Lucas, Colt, Alexander, Caleb, Brayden, and for a girl Anastasia, Carmen, Jasmine, Mikayla, ....
Avatar f tn I love star wars and Harry potter. I love watching the old Pokemon. Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hunger Games are an addiction, and chronicles of Narnia is an awesome series. I don't have an issue with my child watching these movies at a young age...at all. I woukd rather my child watch these than half the crap on TV these days...but my boyfriend doesn't agree. He says it would be ”bad parenting and I would be a disgrace to humanity” if I let my child watch them. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Lol Howd that harry Potter ?
Avatar n tn Awoke elevated with mission mode to wear new Slytherin robe to school; argumentative, defiant; administered 200 mgs. Seroquele prn, and appeared calm at drop-off at school.
Avatar f tn Went and saw Harry Potter today and it was awesome. Woke up this morning on the ok side. I wasn't down or anything just kind of blah. Went outside and Sam and I cleaned off the back porch and just enjoyed the cooler weather and that was really nice. Completely enjoyed myself. That put me in a better mood and I had a good day. I was never really excellent but I felt focused all day and that's always nice. Overall I think it was a really really good day.
1416835 tn?1295811283 Day was fine. Got Max breakfast. Got him lunch. He didn't go to morning prayer. Tried to get him to get us dinner but he wouldn't. But okay. Then later he decided he was angry and agitated and wanted me to go to sleep. This just as I was coming onto him. He liked me stroking but not doing anything with me. Nice.
448723 tn?1301454958 Well, I'm a dorky Harry Potter fan, and Harry's full name is Harry James Potter...that was my first thought when I saw that name, lol. So as much as I like the sound of Harry James, because of nerdy Potter fans like me, my vote would be Harry John so he wouldn't always be associated with a popular fictional character. Just my thoughts... I like the name Harry more than Liam because it's not as popular as Liam.
1737184 tn?1310634065 I have a lot of friends on Youtube. I make walkthroughs... toooooooo many all at once. I stayed up all night, but im not tired... i usualy am. I can't wait to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 B) Im very excited, especaly when i saw a sneek peek when Harry grabs Voldemort and jumps off that ledge 8o was my reaction!!!!
Avatar f tn Harry Potter End of half term
Avatar n tn Watching Harry Potter home sick. Hungry, headache.
9624644 tn?1404911223 Disneyland!! I've never been I've been to Disney world aLot. I'm in ny so ca is pretty out.of the way. But.I.want.to go to hagwarts!!!
Avatar n tn Heard harry potter music on the way to school
169867 tn?1327598654 have to ask - is your family fans of the Harry Potter series? I just had to ask with the Hermione - and your last name being Potter????
Avatar n tn t they know I have other things to do? Geez louise!! Oh that and harry potter. HAD to go see harry potter...he he he So where were we? Oh yeah test results....he he he Your test results are both negative. If it's been 3 months since the last time you had sex - put the herpes issue to bed. There are only about 292 other very common things that could be behind the symptoms - time to follow up on those now.
9623228 tn?1406019441 Yeah, my doctor just stopped them and won't put me back on any because he's "not educated in what to give pregnant women" and when I talked to my obgyn about it, she said to deal with it... felt like it was kind of rude. But thanks! I'm going to go soak then.. get out of this horrible room. The worst part is I can't figure out the trigger. It used to be seeing blood and gore, but I've been reading harry potter fanfiction and all of a sudden, wham! Attack...
Avatar n tn Hanging out at work. Rereading the harry potter books. Really bored.
Avatar n tn Colby was seen, by Lauren. I'm going to see Harry Potter.
1307298 tn?1305946851 //www.care2.com/greenliving/harry-potter-author-donates-millions-to-multiple-sclerosis-research.
Avatar m tn I posted awhile back about my AFP level (20.9 n/g a few months ago & 18.4 last month). In a recent post, I learned that anyone with an AFP over 7 should be tracked for cancer. I started freaking out (even though I had a CT scan showing no tumors, three sets of normal liver panel scores, a very low viral load, and the distinct possibilty that I've been infected 3 months)...now I see that AFP can be measured in both I.U.'s & n/g (nanograms). My lab uses n/g, though I.U.