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Avatar f tn Over the past few months I've noticed that there's hard tissue in my right breast, but not the other. I've read before that teenagers (I'm 17), due to fluctuating hormones, tend to have breast changes. There's no pain-- even with applied pressure on the tissue, and the nipples appear to be the same on both sides. However, there is pain anytime I apply pressure to my right armpit, if that has any relation.
Avatar f tn Now the hole is larger and drainging serosanguinous drainage and the darkened tissue looks either bruised or black, it is a hard area to look at. The entire underside of my left breast (where the sore is) is painful and it is very painful to touch or clean the actual open area. I was wondering what this might be. I tried to get into see my MD today but he is out of town, so I tried all other MD offices in my area and no one had any openings.
Avatar f tn While the tech was doing the left breast, she asked me if I had ever had breast surgery on that breast. I have never had breast surgery. She said the ultrasound showed scar tissue. How could that be as I have never had breast surgery? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259463'>Breast cancer scar tissue?</a>.
Avatar f tn I am 47 years old and had my breast reduction Aug 09. I healed ok. My breasts have been so sore ever since, when it was time for my mammo in May of this year I cringed at the thought because my breasts are still so sensitive! Surely if I had one just a year ago and breast reduction 9 months prior I am fine. I found a lump in June. Thought nothing of it...scar tissue it must be, Then in August I thought, I really should make sure this really is scar tissue and I consulted with my PCP.
Avatar f tn My breast feels so heavy and hard. During the day my arm brushes against my breast and by the end of the day I feel very sensitive and sore. Actually, the only time I am comfortable is when I am laying down. I am still using ice packs...should I switch to heat? I have read about massaging the breast and exercises but I wasn't given any. The beginning of March I start Radiation and I want to have my breast feeling better before that starts.
Avatar n tn i am a 23 year old female who has developed breast tenderness on/off for the past fe months as well as a slightly swollen and paifull right armpit- worried that i may have cancer- pls help! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/408734'>swollen armpit nodes/breast issue?</a>.
Avatar n tn on the large one but not enough on the smaller one. My surgeon wants to go back in and get more breast tissue from where the smaller one was. Is this really necessary? What is the percentage of it growing back without removing more breast tissue vs. having this re-excision. I have the surgery already scheduled for next week but I'm feeling a little pressured. Also, my breast is still sore and I don't really want further deformity and tissue loss although it will be very small.
Avatar n tn i have breast implant before 1/6 year and from the day of surgery my left breast is too much hard and whenever i touch or squeeze i feel pain and its really look unnatural am so tense about it is that symptom of cancer?
Avatar f tn So in the last month I've had multiple breast lumps. Not painful, movable but sometimes tender. Just when I work myself thinking it HAS to be cancer, they disappear. Now today my breast is sore, yet again, and a new lump has appeared right on top of my ribcage under my breast. I don't know what to think or do anymore. I can't tell if it's orange peel skin, or normal hair follicles on my breast. I can't tell if it's dimpling, or stretch marks.
Avatar n tn The pain you are experiencing could be also caused by a pulled or inflamed muscle.Of course there is no muscle tissue in the breast itself, so it is not possible to pull a muscle there.However one can damage the ligaments or the muscles that support the breasts.If you have heavy breasts,you'll find it more comfortable wearing a good supportive bra even when sleeping.
Avatar m tn The only thing is that my lump is sore and hard and most sites state that hard with no pain is usually cancer and sore and soft like a grape is not. No sites mention hard and sore.
Avatar f tn Yes I have fatty tissue in my breast. I had an mamo and ultrasound and every thing came back fine.Now I'm experiencing sore nipples and slight pain. No discharge or swelling.I have had soreness in shoulder and arm. I don't if that is due to my job which requirement push and pull and lift objects all day.I don't know if my bra is playing a factor to why my breast sore or tender. I do have thyroid problems could that play an factor? I'm really am concern.
Avatar f tn I had a Right Breast masectomy and Trans flap reconstruction . My breast has many large hard lumps, so hard that I feel like I'm laying on a bag of rocks . Is this normal or is the Ca returned with a vengance I had 3 months of IV chemo and now I'm on Arimadex.
Avatar f tn In May 29,2009 i had a breast reduction but now i feel hard things underneath my right breast. I had an untralsound done in April 2011 and they said it was just scar tissue but it's still there how long does it stay there? Im very scared becuz i hate the way it feels.
Avatar f tn additional screening proved hard to see due to dense breast tissue (larger breasts like you). My doc suggested I "watch and see"; but I read that an MRI is a better detector for dense breasts than ultrasound or mammo. I went to another specialist, did an MRI and (in my case only - not yours) they did detect stage 1 breast cancer, which I'm now starting to treat with success. Moral of the story - if I would have waited - my situation could have been vastly different.
Avatar m tn I had recently lost weight and noticed a hard knot right above my right breast towards the center. I showed doctor and she ordered an ultrasound. When she called to give me results, she said it was just "fat", she had another name for it...sub-somthing...anyway...it bothers me sometimes. It hasn't gotten any bigger. As anyone ever heard of this?
689528 tn?1364135841 s nose is pointing to the part of the breast that is sore, make sure your baby fully empties the breast too every time to help clear the clog and massage the breast from the sore area towards the nipple as baby feeds.
Avatar f tn They found a lump a few months back and I sweated it until they figure out it was a lymph node. You have lymph nodes near your breast too. It hard not to worry about Cancer, but I have learned to be happy with Ovarian Cancer and not worry about what could happen. I do the same with my MS.
Avatar f tn s not painful at all but my right breast has further enlarged and the lump is about a third of my breast, its also very hard and fixed. i had an ultrasound done but the doctor only said that i have one breast bigger than the other. now im starting to get really sore armpit specially the right one and i was wondering if my doctor's diagnosis may be right???? i was also told that since i am 19 years old, i wouldnt be taken seriously....i'm a little confused!!!!
Avatar f tn s still a large area of the breast. My ultrasound only showed swollen tissue. How long until the hard area will resolve? I'm scheduled for a follow up with my surgeon next week and he says he will biopsy it it is still there. I've tried everything to resolve it, but it keeps coming back. Is this a normal amount of time for mastitis to resolve?
Avatar f tn My doctor says I have very think breast tissue and lumpy so it makes it hard for me to do a self breast exam and that I would have to start getting mammograms when I turn 35. Right now I am 29. Do you have any suggestions as to what this tissue may be?
Avatar f tn Is the sore still present along with the pain? My first thought was cysts or lymph tissue but the sore complicates things, along with your family history. I agree that you should be seen. Good luck! Also there are groups that help individuals pay for certain medical care, if you can't find any remember you're health is worth it.
Avatar f tn I also more than 1 1/2 years after my lumpectomy have sore breast. only 3 nodes removed. my onc says it is scar tissue and nerve damage and it can take a long time for things to settle and get back to normal inside if ever. I am also still numb 0n 1 part of my breast. How are you now ? Good Luck!