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Avatar m tn My gums look more pinkish now near my teeth but above it I still have red gums under my lips and in my bottom gums I have a small line of red gums but doesn't look that bad however closer to the teeth on the bottom gums I can see purplish on like 4 teeth in the front and on the side of the bottom row I dont see that, s. and I noticed also noticed like one or two purple blotch spots on my upper gums that used to be red.
Avatar f tn I had all four wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago and I just noticed two bumps underneath my gums. The bumps are hard and feel like a piece of a rock is stuck under the gums. One bump is located just beneath the gumline of my bottom back molar tooth on the right side of my face and it seems to be underneath the gums. The other bump is located under the gums around my top back molar tooth also on the right side of my face.
Avatar n tn She discovered that he has developed tiny white bumps on his gums. At first she assumed he may be teething however the bumps are not where you would expect teeth to sprout. This seems to make him colicky and he suddenly is waking every two hours again. At first I thought this may be thrush but she said that the bumps are hard. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn ,however, it is still a hard lump especially under the skin. Should I be alarmed or not? I think if it doesn't go away by Monday I will go back to the doctors. Is it normal to still be a large lump even after the drainage? Could it be cancer if it doesn't hurt?
Avatar m tn On the 25th day I had an antibody test which came back negative and my GP told me to take it as a conclusive result since my exposure was oral and the risk was low. But the thing is I had bleeding gums and a healing canker sore at that time and I did a mouthwash for just a few seconds just to get rid of the bad breath I had before I met the guy. There was no ejaculation except for the possible pre-cum which I don't remember tasting.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem, mine are tiny bumps, but mine aren't irritating,nor hard or anything. i just can see them when I look really close to the mirror. I am kinda worried. Its on the edges of the middle of my upper lip, like the skin part. I thought it was from shaving but idk. i am kinda worried. They are very tiny. I use carmex. i have always had dry lips, but i never had this problem before. I thought it could be pimples or something. little little ones...
Avatar n tn the most i've had are about 3 bumps at a time. It looks as if my lip was swollen, even the the actual bumps were hard..no pus, but blood underneath them. and it's only on the upper right side of my lip. somewhat looking like bad collagen injections. I also acquired a fever, at first around 100F, then my highest went to 102.7. the doctor didn't know what it was. i'm only allergic to sulfa medications and i didn't eat anything out of the ordinary.
Avatar f tn feels even better for me to take my nail and push my gums up my teeth and I try and scrap away anything that is under them... but there is nothing there... I find I am in constant pain and have been for 7 months. This itching is horrific, and when I run my tongue over the worst part- I feel the gum on one of my teeth has pulled completely up to the roof of my mouth, and the gum that is left over between that tooth and the other tooth is swollen and hard (ITCHY!).
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has started to break out in bumps also. Its hard to sleep (on the couch and recliners) with out itching to death...we are scratching 24/7. But when we leave the house, we seem to be fine. Ive checked for bed bugs also...negative...HELP US. what is it?? AND NO ONE ELSE THAT COMES HERE SEEMS TO BE AFFECTED BY IT. 22/F & 26/M South Carolina.
Avatar n tn It was more like it kept them at bay, but they seemed to remain under the skin. It's hard to explain exactly, but it was sort of like the Mupirocin kept new bumps from developing as rapidly, but couldn't really clear up the ones that seemed to be deep in the skin near the folds of my eyes (at the corners). I used it 3 times a day for about 10 days. After about 7 days, a new batch of bumps showed up, so I discontinued its use.
Avatar m tn ( Funny thing is I'm not depressed, my life was quite good until this bug showed up. I can feel them crawling under my skin, they hang out in my ear (not sure if under the skin or just in the canal) all day, it's gross. No one in the house (my wife and 3 kids) can feel them. My wife has bites all up and down her legs and even a protruded ring looking this on her forearm. As you might have imagined I'm loosing my mind and life, nothing is the same.
Avatar n tn i am assuming that the timing of these bumps and the hpv are just coincidence, but if there is any reason they may be connected, i am open to hearing it. again, i apologize for the length, but hopefully some of you can relate and we can help each other out. i wish good health to all of you, thanks.
Avatar f tn I recently (like 2 days ago) got a abscess under my bridge in my mouth. I don't know if any of you have ever had this...but omg, the pain is crazy. I don't have dental insurance, so the first day I was just taking all the over the counter meds I could. I took the two Lori's, and the pain went away. I was tricked my this. This morning I wake up to the second most terrible pain I had ever had in my life. Again, no dental insurance...by the end of today, I was at the ER.
Avatar n tn also should my gums be painful if they are swollen? I also noticed under one of my teeth in the gums I have a small hard feeling whitish bump, any idea what that could be?
Avatar n tn I think the bumps on your tongue are called Transient lingual papillitis. They're those tiny things that go away on their own and can be caused by too much salt intake. I often get them on the under side of my tongue. I have a bump very similar to that on the roof of my mouth in the back. I just ate garlic bread, so I'm wondering if these bumps can also occur on the roof of your mouth? I mean I literally just noticed it. It doesn't hurt though it does look a little red around the bump.
Avatar n tn At first I just had one on the roof of my mouth. You know those two hard bumps on the roof of your mouth right where the hard palate joins the soft palate? One of those bumps is enlarged, white and sore. I had a biopsy done on it and it came back negative. My mouth is constantly very dry and sore. It feels better when I eat something or chew gum because it gets the saliva flowing. More recently, I've been getting sores after I drink alcohol.
338830 tn?1230003078 Thanks so much for your response! I keep checking her gums to see if I can see anything but it's so hard to get a good look in there. LOL. She is always biting my finger. Her gums look kinda pale and I can kinda feel little bumps in her gums. Is that a sign too?
Avatar f tn Im being paranoid because I have rashes with unknown cause itchy red bumps scattered on my trunks specially in breast and stomach, had sores on hard palate twice, bleeding gums, swollen lymph nodes in left side of the groin and left armpit, lost weight(9lbs) in 6 months (under stress and anxiety also). Please help...can't move on with this HIV thing. Thank you..
Avatar m tn so last week i went to see her, and ask her to do the biopsy on the area with the irritated tastebuds, but she was more concerned with something under my tongue. she told me "I don't like this". then she asked me if I wanted her to take a biopsy from that too. i told her, yes, let's do altogether. my results will come out this tuesday. I'll keep you guys updated.
Avatar f tn I have two small wart-like lesions that have been there since around June. They are located on my hard palate on the 'dividing line' between the hard and soft palate. Most of the time they are painless, although do tend to get sore and inflamed if I prod them too much with my tongue. I also have a few warty skin tags underneath my tongue. -A few headaches, neck aches, ear aches. -A clicking noise coming from the back of my mouth. Does this sound like oropharyngeal cancer?
406107 tn?1219016200 I say NO KIDDING , most of the medications I've been taking for years dry my mouth out like crazy, and I wave my bottled water out from under the napkin clipped around my neck, and tell him "I don't leave home without it". Then he tells me there's a product called 'Oasis' that you squirt in your mouth to help keep your mouth moist. I feel like crying. I take such good care of my teeth and gums, that I rarely needed more than a bit of polishing, no scaling!!!.
Avatar m tn Any opinions, suggestions, help or advice for my sitiation is needed 2 months ago I had unprotected vag/anal/menstrual with someone i just met a few different times, about a month later i noticed my right groin lymph node was dark like a bruise under the skin with a little bit of rash right above it also a little rash on both my arms, a few days later i developed a dry cough that lasted a for few days, also during that time nausea and one night it made me realy dizzy, then i got white spots on t
Avatar f tn I have this bump on my hard palate....not even a bump actually. its more like a tiny hill or raised area. its midline and then to the right a lil bit. you can hardly even see it. its slightly red but not much. its smooth n looks like the rest of my palate. its not a "sore". I have had it for about a year now. it hasnt changed in size at all. it does hurt a bit but i think its cuz i am constantly pushing on it all day.
Avatar m tn I kissed call girl lip to lip kiss for 2 minutes I only had bleeding gums her status is unknown her hiv status is also unknown but while kissing I dint felt any blood in my mouth we dint used tongue only lip to lip kiss and now I have white spots around my upper lips.
Avatar f tn My gum right between my front tooth and the tooth to the left is red and seems to have pushed through the two teeth it's hard to describe but if I put my tongue under my two teeth I feel the bump.
Avatar m tn i have had alot of problems over the last couple of months and ill fully explain firstly i have been having alot of pains in my joints (arms, shoulders,neck,toes ankles and knees) then theres the mouth problems i have a hard lump on my loer gum under my tongue behind my front teeth my tongue is coated white and yellow and i have a small red spot on tongue im going to mention the neck pain again becuse it is really bad down one side and my jaw hurts too any ideas would mean allot ?
Avatar n tn Size I would say stays the same all the way until now.....the ones below jaw Sometimes I do feel there is pressure on the jaw joint part..... Sometimes is the ear.....
Avatar n tn - Drooling - Gum where tooth is to appear may look sore and red - Biting almost anything to relieve the pressure under the gums - One cheek may appear flushed - Ear pulling - Cheek rubbing ?? Those are some of the signs of teething which can start even a month before the first tooth comes in!
Avatar m tn My face still hasn’t’ really completed recovered… and now a month or so later I had some tingling on my chin again… It stopped but now I have a little redness bump and a bunch of blackhead looking raised bumps under my right lip. I also have some cuts and puffyness on my gums in my mouth near the area. Still nothing really hurts. Okay this is why I’m posting… every on the internet (although I’ve found many cases with my symptoms on the herpes support form) say oral hsv2 is near impossible.