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Avatar n tn The hard bumps sounds like Tori if the dentist told you that its nothing to worry about. Tori just means you have extra bone growth, which wont hurt you, and many people have this. The only time it ever affects you is if it interferes with function. If it goes so far to interfere with function then you would just have it surgically removed. Also, be careful of using hydrogen peroxide for daily use because there is a lot of controversy on long term affects on your oral tissue and enamel.
Avatar n tn Just about a week ago a had an ache around where my cheeck bone and jaw meet but a thought nothing of it, I did think it was odd because it felt like i had been chewing on hard gum but hadn't. I also remember feeling on both sides of my face and ears for any differences, no differences. And then yesterday i felt this bump only on one side!! I haven't been sick so this is weird for me. I would like some advice if anyone can give it. The first thought is ofcourse CANCER!!!
Avatar m tn Hi I have a lots of little bumps on my skin, on head my penis, they seento be flesh colored, but also it seems to change to looking red, like discolored penis sometimes an other times normal color, I have some on edge of head an some on the top of surface, also have a few that are under foreskin an a few that are on top of forskin.
Avatar n tn I'm at low risk, the last time I checked, but I was worried about these small hard white bumps on my vagina. It started off as one, but now there is five....I am also 6 months pregnant. Is this from HPV, being pregnant, or something else????
Avatar n tn This seems to make him colicky and he suddenly is waking every two hours again. At first I thought this may be thrush but she said that the bumps are hard. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have the same problem, mine are tiny bumps, but mine aren't irritating,nor hard or anything. i just can see them when I look really close to the mirror. I am kinda worried. Its on the edges of the middle of my upper lip, like the skin part. I thought it was from shaving but idk. i am kinda worried. They are very tiny. I use carmex. i have always had dry lips, but i never had this problem before. I thought it could be pimples or something. little little ones...
Avatar m tn I went to get tested again on 40th day and the same night I had chills for one night only and had a painful lymph node under my chin but I think that was because of a wisdom tooth coming through. I constantly poked it to check if it was still there and suddenly got two more lymph nodes and was wondering if that could be an ARS symptom. Now I have 3 freely movabIe, painless lymph nodes under my chin only.
Avatar m tn I have white bumps on my gums I have been looking up gum disease and periodontitis and I think I have perioddontitis I have two of them on my upper gums one on the left and one on the right but the one on my left seems like it went down and is flat like now but is still white now the one on my right is still there and I can't tell if it got slightly bigger or is still the same though.
Avatar n tn As it is I don't know that we are talking aobut the same thing.
Avatar m tn now after many years those three glands have remained swollen, and now i can feel some three tender bumps on the inner side of my lower right side gum with my tongue,where the extraction was, and soreness is still there on my lower right side.Other lymph glands, infront of the ears ,sides of the neck and other parts in my body are starting to grow.I have trouble opening my jaws, chewing.I am desperate for your advice because i am starting to think it is a viral infection or cancerous.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the scratching will severe and cause surface abrasions. Also as biged44 describes, when the bumps stop itching the bumps fade to dark spots. Whereas I don't know for certain what the cause is I HAVE FOUND A CURE. After washing with soap or after a bath rub Nappy cream containing zinc oxide all over the area. You'll find you get some relief on the first night. Wash and reapply every day for a week and you should be OK.
Avatar n tn i am assuming that the timing of these bumps and the hpv are just coincidence, but if there is any reason they may be connected, i am open to hearing it. again, i apologize for the length, but hopefully some of you can relate and we can help each other out. i wish good health to all of you, thanks.
Avatar n tn At first I just had one on the roof of my mouth. You know those two hard bumps on the roof of your mouth right where the hard palate joins the soft palate? One of those bumps is enlarged, white and sore. I had a biopsy done on it and it came back negative. My mouth is constantly very dry and sore. It feels better when I eat something or chew gum because it gets the saliva flowing. More recently, I've been getting sores after I drink alcohol.
Avatar m tn except the condition ive noticed that makes me faint at my stomach... Ive noticed small skin-colored bumps that have shown up after shaving shaft and pubic base.... I've also been having unprotected sex with 2 girls. The bumps have been around over 2 months now. They are located on the pubic base and the shaft...(sides, underside). They are about the size of an pin-head, and raise upwards.. No pain, No Iritation, or discomfort.... they are hard at touch, and rough projections.
Avatar f tn My gum right between my front tooth and the tooth to the left is red and seems to have pushed through the two teeth it's hard to describe but if I put my tongue under my two teeth I feel the bump.
Avatar n tn I think the bumps on your tongue are called Transient lingual papillitis. They're those tiny things that go away on their own and can be caused by too much salt intake. I often get them on the under side of my tongue. I have a bump very similar to that on the roof of my mouth in the back. I just ate garlic bread, so I'm wondering if these bumps can also occur on the roof of your mouth? I mean I literally just noticed it. It doesn't hurt though it does look a little red around the bump.
Avatar m tn i have had alot of problems over the last couple of months and ill fully explain firstly i have been having alot of pains in my joints (arms, shoulders,neck,toes ankles and knees) then theres the mouth problems i have a hard lump on my loer gum under my tongue behind my front teeth my tongue is coated white and yellow and i have a small red spot on tongue im going to mention the neck pain again becuse it is really bad down one side and my jaw hurts too any ideas would mean allot ?
406107 tn?1219016200 I say NO KIDDING , most of the medications I've been taking for years dry my mouth out like crazy, and I wave my bottled water out from under the napkin clipped around my neck, and tell him "I don't leave home without it". Then he tells me there's a product called 'Oasis' that you squirt in your mouth to help keep your mouth moist. I feel like crying. I take such good care of my teeth and gums, that I rarely needed more than a bit of polishing, no scaling!!!.
1298701 tn?1286990594 and couple days ago i notice the pea size hard lump under the left arm (armpit). i have nausea but not vomitting and some headache and i recently easily brusing. i didnt bump that hard and got purble blue bruise and its still there after a week later. i get bruise by just the simple inset bite too. mostly my leg. sometime i wake up and i have bruise on my leg that i dont even know where it came from.
Avatar m tn I ahd 5 apear on my face last year, when I went to see a dematologist we found out it was caused by a bacteria called stapphylococcus aureus and then when more appeared after a course of penicillin, mine were foirming because I have a allergy to penicillin. I know they have said not to touch the lumps, but I found washing them in hot water and gently easing the core out of the lump was the best way to get rid of it. I gave up going to the doctors to get antibiotices as it just didn't work...
Avatar f tn We're both healthy, but once a year he gets a bad fever but not blister or bumps. Just really sick for about a week. For about four years we have being trying to conceive with no luck yet. Last month he was itchy and had a rash around his foreskin. Also little tiny bumps on the head that went away in about a day but his foresking looked red and swallen. When he pulled back his foreskin there was a white discharge under the head. We thought it was a yeast infection, so I bought some cream.
Avatar f tn She gave me protected oral sex, condom used, but sucked hard on my balls. No intercourse. 10 days later and ever since my entire scrotum has been red. It has receded and come back but has never gone. Still red now tho not crimson. Whole area. No blisters or sores, no broken skin. Just red, not sure if it tingled or if that was Internet in my head! Went to doc (small town). He said not herpes. Went back in a week as not cleared, he said still not herpes, sent me to gum.
Avatar f tn 2 friday nights ago i had exposure to hiv i was stupid yes i know well basically i rubbed this womans vagina then rubbed my meautus she said i have hiv so i pulled away and like an idiot tried to put penis in her mouth by the time it touched her lips she pulled away (this is where i got scared) 2 days after exposure i had stomach pains and really bad diarrhoea didnt think nothing of it 4 days after exposure i tried to masturbate but my penis went proper red and i pulled my foreskin back and noti
Avatar n tn Usually in the soft tissue area which is normal, but last week I got one on the upper gum area (which is hard tissue and I heard this is more likely to be caused by a cold sore), and a couple days later I got one on the exact same spot on the opposite side of my mouth. If it was oral HSV1/2, could I have more than one outbreak occuring before the first one healed? (And on the totally opposite side)?? Also if this is a form of oral herpes, how easily can it be transmitted to my hands?
Avatar n tn I remember they told me to put the collection device between my cheek and gum and leave it for 2 mins. The problem is I'm worried that I didn't put it in exactly the right place--it seems to me I put it more between my cheek and teeth. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid and I also realize you might not be able to answer this, but would it be possible for an oral test like that to show negative due to not having collected enough gum cells? 2.
Avatar m tn First I'd like to say I don't smoke and I drink about once every 2 or 3 months. I've got two bumps along my hard/soft palate line that are sometimes hard to see because they are under the gums not actually sticking out. I've had those for 5 months now.... and even had an oral cancer screening, but the dentist didnt see anything suspicious. Now the last 3 weeks my cheeks have also gotten two tiny "spots" on them as well.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, This past weekend, I had unprotected sex with a new girl I've been seeing. It's the first time we've had sex. We had lengthy and vigorous sex on both Saturday/Sunday, but on Tuesday night I noticed about 5-7 tiny red spots on the underside of my penis shaft for the first time. They are still visible today (Wednesday) and I'd say look about the same.
Avatar m tn Hi, if your penis was covered you were not exposed and licking is not a risk.
Avatar m tn My face still hasn’t’ really completed recovered… and now a month or so later I had some tingling on my chin again… It stopped but now I have a little redness bump and a bunch of blackhead looking raised bumps under my right lip. I also have some cuts and puffyness on my gums in my mouth near the area. Still nothing really hurts. Okay this is why I’m posting… every on the internet (although I’ve found many cases with my symptoms on the herpes support form) say oral hsv2 is near impossible.