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5149860 tn?1364404271 Ok. So I have really been going through it. My life has hit an all time low and nothing is working out...housing, school, work, my relationships with bd family and friends...I feel like I have no one to talk to no one understands how I feel and how much I'm struggling right now and babys not even here. I'm sad to say I'm not even happy about this pregnancy anymore.
Avatar f tn You really shouldn't get tattoos while pregnant.. any decent tattoo artist won't even tattoo you while pregnant.. you could get an infection and it could really harm your baby..
725621 tn?1314843247 there are more important things in life then peircings and tattoos! i have 2 tattoos and 9 peircings and i dont feel any better! lol. now if it was me i would keep the money because money means alot to me and im greedy lol but the right thing to do is to give it back to your parents as it is there money.
Avatar f tn Id go nuts if someone acted that way around me about my tattoos! I have over 30 tattoos I have a half sleeve on one arm and the bottom half of one of my legs sleeved! I can't stand when people look at me crazy in public but I'd throw a fit and stand my ground about my tattoos to people that know me and treat me that way! Tattoos are art!!!! not a drug sign or cult signs for demons and all of that stupid shiit!! I hate when people put labels on tattoos like that!
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry, just think of all the joy that baby girl will put on your face. Stay strong!
Avatar f tn I already have several tattoos and of course have plans for many more. Now, being pregnant that has bright me to do a lot of research. My findings are basically everywhere is that as long as its a new needle and ink there is nothing that will harm the baby. Has anyone ever had experience with this or know someone that does?
Avatar m tn deep breath 2.do stand on top of the stage just to face or look at the crowd first 3. face the mirror and say i can do this... cause before i experience this as well.
444337 tn?1428073510 for example, you will see an illustration of a guy with tattoos, goatee, and looks a bit disheveled along with a synopsis of the disease. They have a graphic of a liver superimposed over top of him with a text call-out pointing to it. We can logically assume that they wish to call attention to the liver, and rightfully so. Why the felt the need to have that particular illustration, when a medical illustration of the liver would have sufficed, is bewildering. For me, this is unacceptable.
Avatar m tn Isnt that sad in 2013? Seriously I have never understood and still dont, how anybody thinks they are any better than the next person. How do they think they are superior to anybody? Hate is alive and well isnt it.
Avatar f tn I am not saying she SHOULD put the baby up for adoption, just that she might consider it, because the dad sounds hopeless, and also because if she tells her parents she is considering it, that might call their bluff about cutting her off and they would accept the situation. The poster said her boyfriend was the drunk guy in the line, waiting to get in to a concert, In other words, he was drunk early in the evening and in public. She said they fight often.
Avatar f tn I have both of my feet tattooed and yes its painfull but that would be soooo cute if u get It on ur foot.
7543158 tn?1391978069 Oh and im not christian and i have 2 tattoos. My fiance is christian with no tattoos, doesnt bother anyone. My mother in law is a CCD teacher and she is the most non-judgmental person ever. Shame on your huabands family for saying such things, in the end, their opinions do not matter as long as you have your baby and a supportive husband.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend has always wanted a tattoo . And said he'd get one of our babies hand or feet prints. But my best friend went and said that he shouldn't get any bcuz he can't donate blood if the baby needs shall ever neeed. She said I cant bcuz I have tattoos..now he doesn't want to get it . I thought you could donate even with tattoos, or am I wrong?
Avatar f tn Today I went and had two tattoos done. I have previously had three tattoos done at this same parlor and have liked them. In the past, they always showed me them opening the needle and putting it on. Today, though, the guy was already set up for me. Granted, he knew what I wanted, but now I am worried that he did not change the needle. I asked if he did and he said that he did. Would he lie? He had two guns set up as one of the tattoos required shading and he had a small cup of black ink out.
Avatar f tn It seems like there must be more behind the aversion you have to tattoos. Was your sexual relationship happy before this, or did it suffer in the past when he went against something you really cared about?
Avatar f tn m stupid and even my baby dad is so mean to me and I cry everyday because nobody is happy for me. Please help..
Avatar f tn The switch did not work and now I am going back on my meds. I have been with my fiancee for over two years now. He has tribal tattoos on his neck, and while they have always bothered me, they have not ever bothered me this much before. He is the perfect man- supportive, kind, giving, loving, etc. I suppose I am just afraid of the stigma attached to the tattoos that we will have to face the rest of our lives if we stay together. Does anyone have any advice on this?
9535172 tn?1409019789 So as I'm driving back home 3 hrs I was lil tierd and I stop at the red light and this rude drunk man decides yo make me cry!! He started yellim at me sayin I was A slow driver!! And not a good driver ! Believe me if I was not prego I would be driving crazy! But not kno that I'm cautious but how sad can't belivr that!! Wish I can cuss him out and chased him ran his plates and tomrw he would end up with slashed tires!!!
Avatar f tn I cry alot or dind my self cring during movies.lol.my emotions r off the charts.i am sad alot.cant stand it tho when I cry or am tickd off an someone says im only being a b*tch bc im pregnant.
Avatar f tn Most of the time I am walking around with a smile on my face and making jokes to help other's happy. There are times when I get sad or mad. I usually wake up every morning and say it is a new day things will be good today.
Avatar n tn Im with my first child. Im happy. But i feel sad. The father of my child dont treat me nice. Anythin goes wrong he say its my fault.
Avatar f tn I have 2 tattoos but I think I'm done with tattoos. I was gonna get my daughter's name but then I'd have to get this baby's name too. I might want another little one in the future so I just won't get anything else. Are you getting one?