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Avatar n tn I'm feeling much better, but have noticed over the past few days that my gums are very swollen and tender. The triangular area between my teeth is enlarged, and when I brush my gums they bleed. Could this be a result of the inflammation in my mouth from the pharyngitis? Could it be due to the penicillin I've taken, or the zinc/menthol lozenges? I've also just started using Listering (normally don't use mouthwash as I have a sensitive tongue) - could this be to blame? Thanks.
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Avatar f tn / I know nothing about teeth/gums/dentristy ahah PS: my gums on that side are not swollen but are slightly red
Avatar m tn The only thing that looks weird about it is that they both start at three teeth from the back and stop before the first front bottom 3 or 4 teeth. I have an appointment with the dentist but not until the 17th of this month and I am only wondering if I should call and schedule sooner. Please note that I have no pain with these very large unslightly gum lines - if that is what I should call them, however where they end is where the pain begins (right between them).
Avatar n tn I can't tell what is wrong with my gums. Dentist says it takes time for the bone to settle and that everything looks fine. I don't trust him. It looks like I am going to have all the front teeth pulled because of the repair needed on the other teeth. I can't keep having them done one tooth at a time but will not use this dentist.
Avatar n tn Uses the proxa brush to get in between his teeth and braces (can't use it on back teeth because of swelling) Flosses Brushes his teeth in tiny circles with wetted regular toothbrush, then away from gums as ortho tech showed him Rinses mouth with Closys (an antiseptic rinse), swishing vigorously to dislodge any missed food particles Brushes his teeth with the sonic toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste on "gum care" setting for 3 minutes Has his dad or me look to make sure he didn'
Avatar f tn I'm 34+6 and yesterday all of the sudden in between two of my teeth started hurting every time I ate anything. Now today my gums, just where they meet my teeth hurt so bad and it just makes my whole mouth hurt! I've heard that women can get swollen gums during pregnancy, but it never happened with the last two and just surprised me at how fast it came on. Anyone else having this problem? And tips to help it?
Avatar f tn My gums right between two teeth are swollen and bleed if I eat anything that pushes against it. It doesn't bleed to bad if I brush it's weird is it something I should be really concerned about? Anyone else have this?
7813138 tn?1394945858 I'm 12 weeks today & yes, my gums became sensitive around week 10 too, and they still are.. a little! it was actually my top teeth that would bleed.. usually in between my two front teeth especially.. they recommend going to the dentist & letting them know you're pregnant b/c some women actually get gingivitis during pregnancy, but sensitive/bleeding gums are normal.. I usually use mouthwash last, it usually stops the bleeding & gets rid of that taste in my mouth!
Avatar n tn My jaw and gums ached and felt swollen. I started to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and dental piks between my teeth ("The Doctor's" makes a great one). Within about two weeks the pain was greatly diminished and after about four weeks completely gone! This was after over a year with severe jaw and gum pain, too. Seriously, I was amazed! Please just give this a try. It may solve your problem. Try flossing your teeth with regular floss in the morning after when you brush.
Avatar m tn Do I have a gum disease or something if right where my teeth meet the gums my gums r slightly swollen an the gum part in between my two front teeth up top always bleeds wat do i do ?
Avatar m tn After a few days, the swelling showed up on the front of my gums, on my frenum (I believe that is the vein sort of line that runs between your two front teeth on your gums???). It is very noticeable on my gums now. I went to the dentist a couple of days ago, and he said he had no idea what it was. He suggested that because of my accident, I see an endodontist. I'm presently taking amoxicillin and rinsing with salt/water.
Avatar n tn Now I am but I think it might be too late. My mom says my gums look a little swollen but my teeth aren't the best. I have a dentist appointment on the 20th. Hope I don't lose my teeth.
Avatar m tn Hi, what you are observing could be inflamed gums. Swollen gums could be due to local or systemic causes. Local causes like tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease. Some medications like dilantin and calcium channel blockers like nifedipine can cause swollen and painful gums. They are more common in smokers, in people with poor dental hygiene, with vitamin deficiencies and are known to be associated with stress.
Avatar m tn Is there an HIV risk involved considering I brushed my teeth and had bleeding gums close to the time I performed cunnilingus? Is there any need to be tested over this incident? Thank you.
Avatar f tn appeared in between my teeth in the bottom row, in the front, and more keep showing up, even though those are small. I include a pic in this post so you can help identify the problem, I am very very worried, I am 17 years old almost 18, can this have something to do with the wisdom tooth? My parents dont want to take me to dentist because they think this is silly, please help me :( It doesn't hurt whenever I press it, i keep doing elixirs everyday and it doesn't go away! http://img168.
125112 tn?1217277462 In looking at it, the thin piece of skin that nearly touches in-between the two front teeth, that extends a little further abit swollen and whitish (obviously, irritated). My question is, could this be the cause of a hormonal problem? I.E. a sensitive mouth. I was also curious about a "cobblestone" throat. Have you seen this numerous times in your profession? I'm just trying to get a sense if this appearance is a common one.
Avatar n tn It almost looks as if i had had cut right where my gums go down between these two teeth teeth leaving this little patch of swollen gum. It doesn't bleed at all, even when vigourously brushing or flossing, nor does it hurt. It has been around for a couple weeks, getting neither bigger or smaller. Neither of the teeth on either side hurt at all. Any idea what it could be? Some food that got stuck in there? I have been eating a lot of popcorn lately.
Avatar n tn i think i burned my roof of my mouth, it became inflamed behind my upper front teeth and now it has swelled between my teeth and it is black at the gum line....anyone have any ideas if it is just a burn or something more serious....
Avatar f tn i have a swollen gum problem but it is only between 2 teeth in the front of my mouth and i am haveing the sore throat thing too but im not sure if they are related an di do not have the money or insurance to go to the doc to see if it is anything serious does anyone have any idea???????? thanks so much for your help This discussion is related to <a href=''>swollen gums and hurt throat</a>.
Avatar n tn The first few days i noticed my gum front bottom between the two teeth was swollen. After two days I noticed a white head (pimple) - a small one. Now there nothing there but the gum feels a little sensitive. There's no pain but I'm just worried its not just a pimple or something more. I brush almost all the time might have forgotten a couple of time. I hope its not an infection or gum disease or anything. I read about gum boil but my pimple was leaking out anything ts was just a white head.
748543 tn?1463449675 One of the most difficult concepts to get across to my TMD patients and other doctors is the connectivity of the Jaw and the Neck. In fact, it is my strong belief that TMD/TMJ should really be classified as a Craniocervical Disease and hence fall under the umbrella of medical coverage rather than treated strictly as a dental problem. To the Neuromuscular-minded dentist, "Occlusion" is an extension of general Postural Consideration.
Avatar n tn They were able to remove the teeth intact without cutting my gums or breaking the teeth. I know some swelling is normal, but I'm having slight pain on the glands under my ears. Is this normal? Mainly, the glands feel swollen, but I have no temperature and the clots are still in place. On one side, the clot looks black like it was blood and on the other side, the clot looks greyish. Just want to be sure nothing is wrong and this is normal.
Avatar m tn You really want this irritation to go away, because while theye're irritated, they may have some swelling, and food can get trapped in between your swollen gums and this would be the beginning of gingivitis. Let me know how you are doing!
Avatar n tn My gums got very swollen during treatment and it was hard to clean very well. I used an interdental for between the teeth and a rubber pick to try and clean and stimulate the gums. Things returned to normal for me after tx.
6528681 tn?1382150606 It started with swollen gums and 2 swollen bags of skin( they were larger in size) between my teeth.... when I busted the swollen abcesses... the white bumps formed....
Avatar n tn There is no small lump, but a quarter sized lump in between my ear and front teeth. But when the front swells up it doesn't go away for a couple days. I brush and gargle multiple times a day, drink a lot of water and have actually been on antibiotics 2 times in recent months for congestion,etc. I massage the affected area to try push any plug out. It is very embarrassing and I'm concerned about any worse issues with this.
Avatar n tn I can feel (with my tongue) that the triangular parts of my gums between my teeth are swollen. My question is - could the swollen gums just be a result of the inflammation in my mouth from the infection? Or perhaps all the zinc/menthol lozenges I've been sucking on have irritated my gums. Just an FYI - I'm taking Penicillin prescribed by my PCP in the case that this is bacterial. Thanks.