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Avatar m tn Also my armpits feel quite sore when my arms hang down(with tension) from about a month after and have been like that for over a year. My bottom gums started getting sore and receeding, and bleed more often and still do, which is worse at night. About a year ago my arms would get sore and tingle at the joints for months. My energy levels went way down and I lost my strength and still havent recovered proparly.
Avatar n tn I've been to a Doctor and she said the sore throat symptoms are common this past few weeks. But I'm having trouble eating because my gums are so sore and the sore throat will not go away and it has been 5 days now. Are these symptoms suggestive of a STD? Thanks for any help you can provide.
Avatar f tn I'm 34+6 and yesterday all of the sudden in between two of my teeth started hurting every time I ate anything. Now today my gums, just where they meet my teeth hurt so bad and it just makes my whole mouth hurt! I've heard that women can get swollen gums during pregnancy, but it never happened with the last two and just surprised me at how fast it came on. Anyone else having this problem? And tips to help it?
Avatar m tn Hello, Such sore swollen gums can be due to gingivitis,infections,malnutrition and vitamin C deficiency,pregnancy or sensitivity to toothpaste or mouthwash . Take vitamin C supplements for some days and change your toothpaste brand and avoid using mouthwashes if your swollen gums are caused by sensitivity to toothpaste or mouthwash.Also have good oral hygiene. If the symptoms persist then pls consult a dentist and get gingivitis ruled out. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn I have two spots on my bottom row of teeth where the gums are swollen and sore and they have swelled so much they are covering my teeth what can cause this?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I'm 18 weeks pregnant and my gums are quite swollen and sore? They bleed when I brush my teeth. Anyone else had this? Should I see a dentist?
Avatar n tn For over a year I have been experiencing sore and sometimes inflamed and swollen gums. I have seen both my dentist and hygienist and we have been unable to solve the problem or what is causing it. The pain is now there more often than not now, whereas before it was intermittent. I have not managed to pin point what may cause the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Im 6wks tomorrow and my gums are so sore! Pre preg they used to bleed when brushing just do it randomly.
Avatar n tn Take a diet rich in vitamin C and B it will help in your sore throat and swollen gums both. Warm saline gargles will provide relief in sore throat. Consult a physician and get yourself evaluated. I do hope it helps. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn I see that im getting canker sores and my glands are swollen and painfull all through my neck and under my chin. My gums are sore too. Has anyone gone through this or might they know what it is,....
Avatar n tn My mouth has these really hurtful ulcers, my throat and toncils are painful and swollen and my neck glands are so painful. I went to the doctor and was neg. for strep. I got some antibiotics and some viral medicine but it hasnt been getting any better. all i have been able to eat is jello and popcicles. How long did it take to go away? what did you take or do?
Avatar n tn My throat is no longer as painful as it was originally, but it is still very painful and colored the same way. Also, the infection has spread to my gums and gums feel smooth to my tongue, are red, black, and white, and are also very painful. Also, two more canker sores have appeared in the last 48 hours. I have an appointment to see my PCM at the beginning of next week. Is there anyway you could shed some light on to what is happening in my mouth? P.S.
Avatar n tn after the second or third dose or antibiotics, my gums were practically back to normal and of course my sore throat and the pus covering my tonsils started to clear. i am going back to the doc today because as luck would have it, the same exact symptoms are showing a year later. hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Greetings, About two weeks ago I woke up randomly with what felt to be sore, inflamed gums near the first molars on each side of my front 4 incisors. I also noticed that the gums beneath them seem to have receded quickly. I also had several ulcers, one on the roof of my mouth, one under my tongue -- both of which feel as though they've healed up. I had a deep cleaning done a week ago -- the Dentist noticed a significant buildup of calculus on the back of my front incisors.
Avatar m tn Each time I stop Valtrex, it seems to take longer for the virus to reappear but it almost always reappears in the form of swollen and painful gums. I had this same symptom (although much more severe) when I initially contracted the infection together lesions on the penis and testicles and one strange lesion on my lower stomach. At the time of initial infection, I also ran a fever for a couple days. Prior to contracting HSV1, I never had problems with my gums.
Avatar f tn Now I've got about 5 sores on my bottom right side gums and down by my tongue. In addition, my cheek is swollen and sore, and my teeth on that side are sore when I try to bite. I haven't had the swollen, sore cheek or sore teeth with canker sores before. Should I see my dentist again?
405370 tn?1332209710 This is my first time carrying a pregnancy this far and today I noticed something strange. I was eating an apple and afterwards my gums were sore and swollen. I brush and floss regularly so I was quite surprised. Is this a pregnancy thing??
Avatar n tn What will happen if I don't do anything? Will I have sore and swollen gums for the rest of my life?
Avatar f tn Thing is afterwards i noticed a red sore around my top tooth and awhile later i noticed the gums in top of my mouth were badly swollen so could have been slightly swollen at the time. It's been 3 months now and i am waiting on test results (1st set of bloods got damaged in transit, which meant going true the whole testing process again which doesn't help my nerves) what do you think are the chances of having got hiv from this one possible exposure?
Avatar m tn By early Tuesday morning my gums were very swollen and I had swollen glands in my neck. I started running a low fever and having body aches. I also developed a sore throat. On Thursday I got a painful white bump on my tongue. By the end of the day I had two more. It is now Saturday and I have even more bumps. I went to the DR on Thursday. I tested negative for strep. He said it sounded Bacterial and gave me Amoxicillin of which I have now taken 5 doses.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if I should be concerned with a slight sore throat with swollen sensative gums and small sores on my tongue? No fever. Have a hard time chewing with the gums and sores. It just started about a week ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there is any concern for a slight sore throat with swollen sensative gums and small sores on my tongue? No fever. Have a hard time chewing with the gums and sores. Just started about a week ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
606417 tn?1220302738 When I am done I look at my gums and they are bruised. At first I thought they were bleeding but they are just bruised and really burn. The day before this started happening I noticed swelling under my tongue. I do not have a sore throat, nor am I sick. I just feel like I have swollen "glands" under my tongue. If there even are glands, I assume their are salivary glands there but not sure what I am looking at.
Avatar f tn Swollen and bleeding gums is normal during pregnancy due to the extra/stronger blood flow in your body.
Avatar m tn I do also suffer from bleeding gums, espescially when I brush my teeth. I am at any risk of STD's? Also 3 days later I had a sore throat, swollen and stiff neck. It did ease up after about 5 days but has now returned on the other side. Thanks very much for your help.
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