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Avatar n tn I had a gum infection about a month ago and the dentist put me on antibiotics and i took the full course. I thought that had got rid of the infection because i didn't have the vile taste in my mouth that i had. I worrying today because i can taste the taste i had when i had the infection. The other day i kissed and was intimate with a man and i thought it had cleared so i didn't worry about the infection that day.
Avatar f tn Hi all..i have this gum infection n im 18 weeks pregnant.the dentist injected local anaesthesia to my gum to do some debridement of the pus due to the infection.and i was prescribed with augmentin antibiotic and panadol. Can i ask if any of u who have went through pregnancy and have to take so much medications..especialy the local anaesthesia.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal in one of my lower molars some years ago, and recently the gum around it became inflamed. I went for my normal check-up and the dentist said that it was infected and prescribed antibiotics (I finished the prescribed course). She also told me to brush three times a day. I went back the next week, as the filling fell out of it, and she said that it was looking better, re-filled the tooth and recommended Corsodyl for a couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn She has x-rayed the tooth (it had a root canal years ago) and says that the root canal is intact, and that the infection is in a pocket between the tooth and the gum. She advised increased dental hygiene in order to shift the infection, and said that there was nothing else she could do beyond extracting the tooth. Since then I have been beyond meticulous in trying to keep my teeth clean.
Avatar m tn I am curious if anyone out there has had a problem with bleeding gums during pregnancy? I am 8wks, and have had severe gum bleeding for about a week. I had a bit at night when brushing, that turned to some bleeding while I sleep - but now it is all out war. I get spontaneous bleeds that are quite heavy. It is alarming and embarrassing. Today while talking to a friend my mouth just filled up with bloody. Could hardly stop it. I knew to expect some gum bleeding but this seems excessive?
Avatar n tn One prostitute hold my hands strongly after when I noticed my hand red in colour after 3 weeks I had a suddenly flu fever bleeding in my gum high blood pressure bad taste in my salaiva mouth ulcer still I got ulcer weight loss Unexplained tirdness and some black spots in my hand after some weeks I was normal still I got bad taste in my gum and mouth ulcer my weight remain same .when I concent with doctor they said cos of this HIV won't spread.
Avatar n tn Hi megs222726, I just read your comments. First of all I wouldn't push on the outside of your gum. If you think there is a possible infection, I think I would get yourself an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Infections in the mouth can get quite serious. You should be seen by your dentist asap, i.e. some time within the next 2 - 3 days if not sooner. An acquaintance of our family passed away as a result of a tooth infection. He was faily elderly and had other issues.
Avatar f tn I recently notice my right side of my face around the gum area sowllen and I have a big red bumb were the tooth is .. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Hi Sevina, from what i have heard, a gum abscess is an infection and the puss coming out is evidence. You really should see your dentist about this and get some antibiotics to clear it up.
Avatar f tn use salt water gargle and maintain oral hygiene ...another thing u do is message your gum if its a gum pregnancy many ppl get pregnancy periodontitis that can reason....when u have an appointment ur dr will give you basic antibiotics and paracetamol for pain...till that time manage...
Avatar n tn Lymph nodes filter infection and swell when infection is normally present. They can take a long time to reduce in size once the infection is gone though. Was this node swollen before you saw your dentist? If so, it may just be residual. If not, a call to your dentist would be in order. Hope this helps. Try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water, too.
Avatar m tn So I guess - 5 weeks of these burning sensations and this week the rash developed - are these indicative of a fungal infection (this is quite common?) - and should I start believeing the things the GUM and Dr are telling me.
Avatar n tn About 3 months ago I had some cosmetic dental work done on my top four front teeth to close a gap tha I had. I had four temporary crowns for about 2 weeks, and I developed a gum infection around the crowns. My dentist explained that this was because temporaries don't fit snuggly at the gum line, which can cause bacteria to develop. He decided to remove the temporaries and cement in the permanents. He gave me a perscription mouthwash and oral antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Interesting that you had a test for Ureaplasma; most STD experts recommend against such testing, since Ureaplasma is generally considered a normal bacteria in the genital tract and most experts are not certain it ever causes disease. We never test for it in my STD clinic. However, this is a somewhat controversial area. In any case, since your test became negative after treatment, I see no reason for continued concern about it.
Avatar m tn Hi.I have just found out that my friend has been sleeping with prostitutes for 9 yrs, some black girls and mostly un protected!!!!!! He was apparently high risk for hiv. He has recently been tested at 3 months for HIV and sti's at the nhs GUM clinic and they were negative but is there any other diseases he could have caught such as hep b/c. I want to make sure he is in the clear before we have a child around him.
Avatar m tn how would I know I am worried a bit about this nowadays I also read on the forum that everyone usually gets the infection at one point and usually ur immune system fights it getting confused Question/s: Does this test show if I have CMV, if not can I ask GUM to do the test even if I don't have HIV or EBV or anything else?
Avatar n tn The dentist changed my antibiotic to something stronger and cleaned out the area a bit. On Saturday after Thanksgiving I was in the dental chair again. My gum around the area was so swollen and sore. Felt like infection was trying to get out somewhere. The dentist opened up the extraction site, cleaned it out, packed it and told me to continue with antibiotics. I was in excruciating pain after the numbing wore off but the next day was better and the swelling seemed to be gone.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had a crown put on a couple of years ago that never seemed to fit quite right. There is a space between the crown itself and the gum line and the metal that was used is visible. Within the past few months I have started to notice a nasty odor coming from this crown when I floss, as well as some minor bleeding. The gum beneath the crown has recently started to cause a dull aching pain.
Avatar f tn You should see a dentist, if it's that bad it's probably an infection, and will need antibiotics to clear it up if it's something that can't be fixed during pregnancy, tooth infections can cause preterm labor just the same as a vaginal infection. Orajel works for pain until you can get it taken care of though, and tylenol might help!
Avatar n tn See the dentist right away. You need to have no infections in your mouth for the healthiest pregnancy.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a gum abcess that needed 3 courses of antibiotics. Finally the lower right molar was extracted as this was the origin of the infection. This was 4 days ago but the abcess is still there and I have some throbbing pain in the lower jaw and ear on that side. The extraction site has white spots beside it.
Avatar f tn Like sucking on a penny, metallic, copper...strange. No matter what I do, brush my teeth, chew gum, it comes right back. Is this a normal symptom in early pregnancy? Where does it come from? Hormonal or from the prenatal vitamins? Can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere on that.