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Avatar n tn To know if you have a must take your temperature. Also, as it is mentioned here and by Dr. H, symptoms or the lack thereof, are never a reliable indication of HIV transmission. From what I read from your other had had protected sex in Amsterdam...which amounts to a 0 risk of HIV transmission. You are worried about breakage...but when a condom breaks it is not a subtle will notice it as it for sure.
Avatar n tn this can make teeth loose (and cause the need for them to be extracted), cause gum abcesses (which may be what you have) and cause other problems. OR, you may have an abcessed tooth. Either way, you need to be seen by a dentist. You should have a full set of films and a complete exam. If it goes away on its own, it is becasue yor body is fighting it, not because the cause of the problem is gone....
Avatar f tn Its possible a dental infection can cause a low grade fever if the infection has spread into the bloodstream but since its an infection, usually it'll worsen. Any dental pain in the mouth at all? Or swelling? Have you been test or checked for fibromyalgia? I'm not a medical doctor so I don't know how to diagnose but off the top of my head, that may be a possible diagnosis.
Avatar n tn yes, dental infection could contribute to systemic infection, Seeing a dentist is advised.
Avatar n tn but i do not have any visible infection or fever other than joint pain occationally and streched of muscle of leg. Since the observing the white marble like lesion in oral cavity , i have started worrying about the past incidence way back more than 3 years and infection of hiv. I remain stressed all the time thinking of it. could anyone guide on these symptoms and possibility of hiv.
676912 tn?1332816151 Does anyone know what could cause her to have a fever? I mean what could it be? The only thing I've noticed is she's grumpy...that's it. I even checked her mouth to make sure she's not teething, and there's NO signs what so ever. Her temp dropped to 99.1 and I checked again right before I got her down for a nap and it was 99.6, I'm gonna check again when she wakes up...UGH I HATE THIS! My baby girl is sick and I just want to cry because I don't know what's wrong. I hate when my kids get sick...
Avatar n tn You caught a cold or something else that is causing your fever and sore throat, but not HIV. HIV cannot cause fever before around 10-14 days after infection. Maybe you caught a garden-variety cold virus from your sex partner. Further, most likely she wasn't infected with HIV, but even if she was, the odds of HIV transmission average 1 in 2,000 episodes of unprotected vaginal sex.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have developed many more sores in my mouth and tonge since yestarday I am very scare, but no fever at all, what is the percentage (people experience) of fever as a symptom of acute HIV infection?
1806721 tn?1510192923 My body temp has been climbing since I'm back from doc visit, and I'm already feeling dizziness, palcipations, body aches from the fever. Is it safe to take Ambien while running a fever? Thank you for your answer.
Avatar f tn I agree that for some of us it is the body fighting off an infection and almost the opposite of a fever. I often wake up feeling sick the next day. Sometimes pain relievers like tylenol has helped it and I am doing everything to boost my immune system...elderberry, astragalus,echinachea,probiotics, omega3s...I think these have been helping too. oddly I have some issues with my kidneys too!
Avatar m tn I've been taking it for about 4 days now and while I do notice some relief here and there, the pain still persists. The doctor also told me I had a fever, but I was chewing mint gum at the time and always read that raises mouth temperatures. I got home and retook my temp and it was normal. Tonight it went from not hurting at all, to swapping sides and now hurts on the frontal right part of my head.
Avatar m tn is this related the virus which might entered my body 3 what is the time line between the the bleeding gum and the other HIV symptoms like fever, headache and the other know HIV long I will wait to feel them?
Avatar m tn  Swollen lymph nodes — often one of the first signs of HIV infection  Diarrhea  Weight loss  Fever  Cough and shortness of breath” Your blood tests point to mild anemia and hence your doctor gave you iron. Maybe a multivitamin supplement should be added to take care of the mouth ulcer. Mouth ulcers can be caused due to many problems. “There are many processes which can lead to ulceration of the oral tissues.
Avatar n tn I wouldnt normally worry but I had the sore in my mouth and a almost healed cut(wasnt bleeding though) plus now at the 4 week mark ive got a slight sore throat, chest infection and I had a mild fever a couple of nights ago but felt fine in the morning. I reckon its just a coincidence but I just dont know what the risk is of pre-*** to a sore for a HIV infection.
Avatar n tn When they do a physical examination in USA, and they draw blood samples, do they also screen it for HIV infection. Please help me with your suggestions and guidance .
Avatar f tn At that time I had 4 teeth (3 wisdom and a molar) that had cavities. At that appt. The dentist said there was no infection. Was going through a lot of stress, still am, and am really scared about my health all of a sudden. Saw my doctor on Wednesday and he said it sounded like anxiety. Dentist on Thursday, said I had a tooth infection. Freaked out, bc I know that this can spread to your brain. I've had a stye and a sinus infection, so now I'm convinced that it's spreading to my brain.
Avatar m tn If a urinary tract infection it can get into your kidneys and cause a kidney infection. The only alternative for a UTI is to try to drink lots of cranberry juice and water for several days and see if it goes away. You would have pain on urination and have to urinate frequently. If it is a wound that could be more serious as it could get into your blood stream. So, it depends. In that case I would get treated and not have sex until it clears up. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Avatar m tn Yes, anxiety can cause these symptoms. You may not have had a fever at all. I know many of us that have anxiety feel like we're overly hot at times. Have you checked out our HIV forum here at Medhelp? They can answer any questions you have.
Avatar m tn Can a sinus infection cause the top of your gums swell and create a pus pocket which drains from the gum? I know it sounds kins of yuck, but my daughter has something going on. Facial swelling(top lip,cheeks,nose area),upper front teethaches (like 4 of them) pressure/very painful feeling throughout nose/mouth area.No fever or runny/stuffy nose. I was google-ing her symptoms, sinus infection was the most accurate.
Avatar m tn Can a sinus infection cause the top of your gums swell and create a pus pocket which drains from the gum? I know it sounds kins of yuck, but my daughter has something going on. Facial swelling(top lip,cheeks,nose area),upper front teethaches (like 4 of them) pressure/very painful feeling throughout nose/mouth area.No fever or runny/stuffy nose. I was google-ing her symptoms, sinus infection was the most accurate.
Avatar m tn She performed Oral sex on me while putting her piercing in Urethral opening to show me her piercing how nice it was after this she performed 20 sec of the oral sex and stop cause she saw white bumps on corona of my penis. After this we has protected sex. This all happened around 5 o'clock in the morning now the same day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon I have started to feel really sick. I had severe sore throat, pain in abdomen and high fever which lasted until the next day.
1472764 tn?1287591786 I've had a horrible viral infection for a week now. It is slowly getting better. I had fever for about five days. Its like a very very bad cold. I saw the baby on the ultrasound on Friday with a heartbeat at 10 weeks. But it wasn't moving. Can the viral infection hurt the baby. Besides my allergy meds the only thing I took was tylenol.
Avatar n tn The Dr. at the clinic I go to says that I probably have an infection in my nose that is the cause of re-infecting ... I have swabbed a special antibiotic in my nose for a number if days to try to kill it (Dr. even had my husband do it to, just incase It was somehow from him). That was about a year ago and I still get these things. Early on I would go longer before I took antibiotics but it would grow very fast and very painful.
Avatar n tn okay ive been on birth control and ive been having this ichy swelling inside my vigina and i think its a yeast infectiton but what i want to know is my friend have one to and her boyfriend wants to give her oral sex and finger her also and i wanted to know that can you recieve oral sex if you have a yeast infection with out anything going on ?
Avatar n tn Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar n tn my interest towards sex and create a negative impact on my ability to get aroused in real sex? I m worried cause I think I m still young to have physical cause for ED. Any thought?
Avatar n tn When I take duculax first I get very ill and throw up until it passes into the large intestine then passing the stool is nothing but pain and fever. I cannot take care of myself due to extreme fatique, My lymph nodes under my throat and groin area swell also so I'm not straight forward with what is worse. I'm tired,but feel there are enough of us for a real study to be put in place.
Avatar f tn Still worried about infection. I have no fever, but I am sweating a lot... Which was happening before the teeth came out. Also, after the teeth were pulled I had dizziness 2 days after, it seems to have let up (knock on wood), but just wanted to know if this is typical.