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162948 tn?1205256292 I am new here and will write out as many of the abbreviations that I have figured out so far, for the gal who asked for help... I am 39 and ttc (trying to conceive). I had the Mirena inserted after my last miscarriage in March 2005. On August 18th, I had the thing removed. It hurt coming out bor a split second but hardly felt it going fact the doctor who inserted it had to do so 3 times because it kept falling out.
Avatar f tn Here is some info I found: *Recent Updates: Since this article was written, a new product designed specifically for trying-to-conceive women (called "FertileCM") has been introduced to encourage the production of "fertile-quality" cervical mucus. FertileCM can be purchased at Early Pregnancy Tests . com with free same-day shipping. Additionally, a product called "Pre-Seed" has been introduced to help address issues relating to dryness while trying to conceive.
Avatar f tn ) Good luck!!!
1636472 tn?1439186588 Hello My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a year now. I took five months of Clomid and unfortunately did not get pregnant. Along with Clomid I was taking provera to help induce my period because it wasn't coming on its own. I also didn't like the extreme side effects that I got when taking this med. The stress of trying to get pregnant and the stress it put on my relationship with my husband was too hard.
2023091 tn?1334028505 Me and a friend did it last month and we are both 6 weeks. Ive been trying for 7 months and she's been trying for over a year. Look it up!
1179666 tn?1265306468 I am starting Clomid in two days and i'm verryyy nervous. I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years and just found out recently that its all cause i wasnt ovulating. Will i have any luck on my first time?
Avatar f tn There are no studies that examine the effect of oysters on women but at the very least, they won't hurt your fertility if you decide to eat a plateful of them with your man Refined carbohydrates are a big no-no for women trying to conceive. Instead of using white sugar, sweeten your drinks with molasses, the dark byproduct of processed sugarcane. Molasses has high amounts of calcium, iodine, and iron, which can decrease the chances of a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Drinking grapefruit juice while trying to conceive has long been recommended by mothers, doctors, and midwives to aide in the fertilization process. The grapefruit juice is said to help thin the cervical mucus so that the sperm can travel easily from the vagina, through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes to meet the egg.
Avatar m tn I have the issue of vaginal dryness. I am trying to conceive. Due to dryness I feel so much pain during sex. I have sometimes used coconut oil. Is it safe while you are trying to get pregnant? Or is there any other solution for that? Plz help me.
Avatar n tn I am on 81mg baby asprin. Many woman are who are trying to conceive. It is to increase your blood flow to our reproductive areas. It feeds our uterus the blood it needs to thicken the lining too. Most RE will recommend it but always check with you RE before you do anything. I am supposed to take it until 2 days before my IVF retrieval (ER). Then I am to restart it again i/day after my retrieval until I take my PT.
Avatar f tn Are we doing it wrong or what, I have been trying to conceive for five months now and still nothing. Can any one help me figure out what is wrong with my picture?
Avatar n tn The doctor suggested waiting 3 cycles before trying to conceive. Does the Robitussin really help?
Avatar n tn Hi, my husband and I are both 29 yrs. old. We have been trying to conceive for 7 months now. I came off birth control pills last October after being on them for 11 yrs. Sometimes I notice that my EWCM comes earlier than when I should be ovulating so I was thinking of purchasing Preseed since sometimes I have vaginal dryness. I have also tried Guaifenesin too. Or does anyone recommend something else to try. I feel like I am at my whits end and ready to give up.
1777912 tn?1314478492 I'm 34 recently married and trying to conceive. My periods are fairly regular. I'm at a 30 day cycle. I am having trouble figuring out when I ovulate. I'm using OPKs and they are only light colored bars and not a definite positive. I am having egg white tacky CM and light cramps on or about my CD 17-20. Should I consider this my fertile time even though the tests don't acknowledge my LH? I have had blood work - great levels all around. What should I do????
Avatar n tn I will definitely be keeping all of you ladies trying to conceive in my baby prayers and be sending losts of baby dust your way. Don't give up, miracles do happen and medicine has come a very long way. For all those who are pregnant, congrats and let us know when you find out the sex : ) That was one of my favorite things with my son. And for all of those who have recently experienced a loss, please take the time to take care of yourselves before jumping in again.
Avatar n tn I've been also thinking about trying to take guaifenesin with lots of water to improve CM quality.... although some of my colleages think this is all BS... Thank you for your help!
Avatar n tn Hi, my husband and I are both 29 yrs. old. We have been trying to conceive for 7 months now. I came off birth control pills last October after being on them for 11 yrs. Sometimes I notice that my EWCM comes earlier than when I should be ovulating so I was thinking of purchasing Preseed since sometimes I have vaginal dryness. I have also tried Guaifenesin too. Or does anyone recommend something else to try. I feel like I am at my whits end and ready to give up.
307487 tn?1269608527 has anyone used the robitussin method to help cm and conceiving? i am thinking about trying it this month and wondered if it helped anyone or if it didnt help. any thoughts would be appreciated...
1310814 tn?1310658501 4 and was told that this is a good level, well within the normal range. I was very happy to hear this and it helped me to stop worrying so much about my age and fertility. I'm relieved and can stay more positive in this process!! I have a good feeling about this cycle.
Avatar n tn And stress is another cause that trying doesn't always work, it's a known fact that stress will throw the ovulation process out of sync or stop it entirely, just relax and enjoy it the way you would if you weren't trying to conceive.
467707 tn?1270932240 , a HSG later revealed that the tube is now blocked. My left one is permeable and seems fine. We have been trying to conceive naturally for over 1 year since the ectopic and have recently failed with IVF. I am currently on my first month of Clomid (100mg) although I have never had any ovulation issues, always been regular and normal periods. My questions are: 1- This is my 1st round of Clomid and I am taking 100mg. Shouldn't I start with a 50mg dose for the first month or two?
927769 tn?1275936202 Hello All, I am brand new to medhelp. My husband and I are trying to conceive our second baby and it is very frustrating to wait for the BFP. I had my IUD taken out 2 months back and still no luck. I just wanted to meet friends that are in the same situation as me; to wait together for the BFP. :-) Hopefully we can talk each other out of the frustration. :( Good luck to all...
363110 tn?1340924019 so DH and I came to the decision a couple weeks ago that if I wasn't pregnant then we'd begin trying this month and try our best to "stack the deck" for both A) a healthy pregnancy, and B) a healthy baby... preferably a girl but we'd be happy either way. So tonight we went to walmart and I got the generic Mucinex (6$$$ for like 80 pills) THEN I went online and did some research on prices for things. Among them were, Preseed, OPK's, and Early Pregnancy tests. So I went to Amazon.
631676 tn?1333721803 It is sperm friendly, and helps sperm swim quicker through the cervix to hopefully conceive successfully. It's great stuff! Check it out on preseed.
1102951 tn?1302376534 There has been a link in recent years to blood clotting disorders and miscarriage. Most doctors seem to think it can't hurt when trying to conceive. Shopping Resources: We offer the following items in support of our site. They are items we think you will purchase while trying to conceive. A small portion of the proceeds goes to Womens-Place.
Avatar f tn Her and her husband did try awhile to conceive the first time and finally turned to IVF. She was 36 or perhaps 37 at that time. She had an uneventful pregnancy and delivered a beautiful, healthy set of boy/girl twins. Just before those babies 1st birthday, she found herself pregnant naturally, and although were not preventing this time, they weren't really trying either. Quite a surprise as they had tried so long the first time.
Avatar n tn If not, I would highly recommend it! It will let you know when you're about to ovulate and make it much easier to time when to BD! As for CM after intercourse, yes, it is a bit hard to tell if it's yours or his :-) Good luck to you, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Avatar m tn We have been trying to conceive since 1.5 years now and all tests have come out of the REs we visited said we have unexplained infertility and suggested IVF..but we visited a new RE recently who has suggested a few more tests and IUI ...he did mention that he would want to do a few "Genetic tests"to rule that out as well.. so far, we re trying to take it one step at a time.. Good Luck to you!!
1377262 tn?1278903674 My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 months now and still nothing has happened. I know right now I'm not pregnant because my period has already started yesterday. My question is do those home ovulation kits work and has anyone ever taken one and conceived. My concern also is that my husband had said in the past that it was very hard for him and his ex to conceive and that may be the reason why it is taking so long for us to conceive.
1343844 tn?1276297666 I was actually losing weight which helped me to focus on that instead of just trying to conceive...and it worked! But a lot of it is unfortunately timing and luck :/ And patience, patience, patience, (which I dont have a lot of) I did also have luck with the digital ovulation tests. They were pricey but I got the BFP the month I tried them. I was ovulating really late in my cycle and I knew it was a little late, but never knew it was THAT late...anyway...