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Avatar f tn I grind my teeth all the time. . Pregnant or not. It *****. The dentist suggested a get a mouth guard but I catch myself grinding my teeth during the day too. Some days I would wake up with the worst jaw and tooth pain. It's been pretty good lately though. If you just grind them at night then you should invest in the mouth guard.. It would probably help you.
Avatar f tn She has started to clench her teeth sideways so that her top teeth are on the side of her lower central teeth, and her top teeth are on the gums. She has basically chewed her gums on the lower left side with her top teeth. I just looked in her mouth because she was chewing her gums and started to cry. Her lower gums on the left look terrible!!!! They are bleeding a little bit but what really has me upset is that they look like ground meat!!!! What the HECK am I suppose to do?
Avatar m tn So the teeth have started to hurt on the bottom? It may be gingivitis. When was the last time you had a dental check up and cleaning? Its possible the spin brush may be too rough on the gums. Try using your regular brush and see if that improves the situation as well.
8101930 tn?1420001456 that would make your teeth hurt. over brushing can be bad too.
Avatar f tn are aching teeth and gums normal? ive heard it could be lack of calcium since i just found out im pregnant and am not on prenatal yet?
Avatar m tn Conventional gums hurt my sensitive teeth and gums, anyone know of a gum that is ok for sensitive teeth? Thank you kindly.
Avatar n tn I could have written your post. I have one front tooth that's been loose for a whole year now. It doesn't hurt but it won't fall off. My gums are fine. The other teeth are solid. I'm just as puzzled. I am really not sure what I am going to do when it eventually falls off. I like the idea of an implant but I can't stand the thought of somebody drilling in my jaw bone. Maybe I'll just wear a "falsie" or in teeth language a "flipper".
Avatar f tn For bruxism (grinding of teeth), you can get a gum shield to protect your teeth from being worn away from grinding when you sleep. The dentist usually makes it for you to fit over your bottom teeth. I do not know what the cost of that would be and whether it would be done for free if you are using a NHS dentist. You would have to ask the dental receptionist. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn So what does stop you grinding your teeth at night? I suffer from this also and have lots of pain in cheekbone, jaw, ear and neck. It's driving me mad and was recently given a night guard so was hoping that might stop the pain.
Avatar f tn They said I would have to go to a Periodontist for deep cleaning. My lower teeth (the center bottom four teeth)- the gums are receding so bad they are loose and hurt real bad. Last year I got a bump on my gum right in front of these teeth. I went to an Oral Surgeon for evaluation and he just gave me a rinse and said unless he removed it, they wouldn't know what it was.
Avatar n tn If your dentist has x-rayed your teeth and has found no problem with your teeth or gums then it would behoove you and your dentist to look in another direction. What stands out in your description is the clenching and grinding that you seem to be doing. I think you need to address that situation with your dentist or a doctor that specializes in TMJ dysfunction. These habits are harmful to your teeth, gums and joint areas.
Avatar n tn I wear a tooth guard at nights to protect from grinding of my teeth but there is still wear evident on the tips of my teeth. I have receeding gums but no peridontal disease, I have been told it is from clenching my teeth excesively. My gums have receeded to the point that I can see where the enamel stops. I am in no discomfort but I am concerned about the future. Should I do something like get veneers to protect my teeth in the future?
Avatar f tn Hi! About a year & a half ago I had some worrying symptoms which I believe are related to the state of my teeth/jaw but were largely ignored by my doctor. One evening, quite suddenly, the right side of my face went numb and my arms & legs started shaking. I felt a slight discomfort in my right ear which felt clogged up & I developed tinnitus.
Avatar f tn ve had two little chips in different teeth and am now worried that my gums are receeding. They look healthy and feel fine. I take pretty good care of them, too but there's a few that just seem like they aren't tight to the tooth. They can move back a little when I touch them. I have an appointment in a month but I am wondering can my teeth change so drastically that my dentist would have seen no signs?
Avatar n tn This usually occurs more often in the lower anterior (front) teeth and less often in the areas of the premolar teeth(teeth in front of the molars). There are other causes, namely, toothbrush abrasion and clenching or grinding. If the recession is worsening there are procedures that can correct the recession. I think a visit to your dentist would be in order.
Avatar n tn But my dentist said the other teeth were thin from grinding. At any rate, my gums bleed every time I floss and sometimes just spontaneously. (My gums never bled before the crowns, nor did they with the old crown.) I've been using a guard at night to stop grinding my teeth and it's often full of blood in the morning. I've gone back to the dentist a couple of times and had my teeth cleaned. There were clumps of cement there that had not been removed before the crowns were put in.
Avatar f tn Now, when i brush my teeth or touch, pucker my cheeks and lips, my lower gums ache. Its not the area near my teeth that hurt but by my lower jaw where my teeth are growing that it hurts. I read online that periodontits causes this but i'm not sure that this is what i have because my dentist said my teeth and gums were fine. Also when I open my mouth wide where my upper and lower jaws connect also hurts and kinda clicks.
Avatar n tn It feels as if the gums between a couple of my lower right molars has a loose piece of skin, and I find myself grinding that piece of skin -- either actual or perceived -- between my teeth. I've been using floss picks daily in an attempt to sever this mysterious loose skin against a molar, but I don't know that I've succeeded and the sensation returns almost daily. (I think the grinding is also causing muscle soreness close to my left ear).
Avatar f tn d pay more attention to brushing your gums when you brush your teeth.
Avatar n tn Generally a failed root canal treatment would show up on an x-ray if there was an infection. It wouldn't normally cause bleeding from the gums between teeth. It would usually swell up due to pus building up and sometimes will result in a "pimple" that'll show up on the gums where it may drain out. Sometimes it can bleed if you poke at it. I would go back to your dentist and let him know the bleeding hasn't improved and worsen and that the cleaning didn't help.
Avatar n tn It can also be due to other reasons such as abfraction, in which you are grinding/clenching your teeth and its causing wear and tear at the neck of the tooth and thinning the area out. Try some sensitivity toothpaste as well.
Avatar n tn In 2009 I had a lot of dental work on my upper and lower teeth. I experienced not long after very painful gums and ended having two apicectomys. However, I keep suffering with severe toothache above one of my crowns which has a lump on right at the top of the gum. I have been given some gum gel to put on and wear a "guard" at night for grinding my teeth. The pain gets unbearable and funnily enough doesnt feel too bad when eating but always afterward.
Avatar m tn I got the first bloody gums ever and have tried several things and found that brushing and flossing with hydrogen peroxide helps but ya gotta not swallow and rinse really well afterwords. Good luck everyone, I'll be back thursday to check thanks for any input, also I think it makes my hair fall out?
Avatar f tn Has your partner mentioned if you are grinding your teeth at night. I have been having the same problem and when i mentioned it to my bf he said oh thatakes sence because u have been grinding your teeth really bad at night I'm going to my pharmacy today tpnget a sleep guard to see if that helps. IM still going to mention it to your doc Is anyone else having problems with there gums bleeding??