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Avatar n tn My 15 mo old has red circles under and around both his eyes, increasing over 5 days or so. He is a fair caucasian child; pale and blonde with hazel/blue eyes. He drinks more soy formula (~ 30 oz/day) than eats food. His stools range from green and soft to brown/black and round. He has no nose or eye discharge. Sleep and mood seem unaffected. Whites of his eyes are normal/white. We live an hour's drive from DC (refering to plants, pollen, air, etc).
Avatar f tn A week ago, I had my left eye crying and with a ittle discomfort like something was insideof my eye on the tear duct part, I started with antibiotic drops, after the second day my eyes got really red, after the after 3 or 4 days the other eye was the same, I used also pink eye drops, and drops to get the red out, I wake up every morning with my eyes like glued, but nothing green, just clear, a doctor on the hospital where my husband works told him not to use antibiotic anymore because if it wa
Avatar f tn My cat has been diagnosed (about 2 years ago) with a syndrome that in the vets words are brought on when she is stressed. It makes her lids of her eyes turn red and get this crusty stuff right below her lids. Now in her other eye, she has green discharge coming from the tear duct area. I have never seen this before and am unsure of what could have caused it. Please help!
Avatar f tn for the last 8 months or so, however, my problems have changed/worsened---there is constantly a build up of [something] to such a degree I can see a conformational changed from the outside of my nose, a sorta vshaped imprint from the top side of each nostril to the front tip of my septum, and a 'fullness' above it--and i can feel the build up much higher, often to above my eyes the discharge is mostly 'crusts' and of various colors--yellow, brown, black, green, bright red/orange, white and cle
Avatar f tn They were completely crusted shut with yellowish green discharge. The weather is changing and her nose is running so I gave her some benadryl in hopes that it's just a cold. Could it be something else???? We were both in panic mode this morning. NOW her eyes are puffy and red.
Avatar n tn I spoke to a girlfriend recently she's had her Mirena in for a year or so and she has a green discharge from one nipple and a milky discharge from the other. Is the link we both have the Mirena IUD ? is there anyone else out there with a green nipple discharge & using a Mirena IUD ?
Avatar n tn I'm so happy to find this site I've had so many tragedies lately that I about come unglued when I found a discharge coming from my belly button that was part blood,black junk,and milky white discharge and sore also red I thought something may have been ruptured or it was a sign of cancer.I see I can calm down that its not life threatening but that I still need to see my doctor to see what it might be.
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Avatar m tn Pink eye and conjunctivitis are 2 different things, are your eyes simply red or do you have excess sleet as well?
Avatar m tn Today the 24th- My urination seems to be the same, uncomfortable but not as bad as it was on my flight. My left eye is still red, but has not worsened, and there was a slight yellowish /greenish discharge in the tear duct(I believe signaling a bacterial infection) when I woke up. Discharge seems to be that of left over urine dribbles that linger after I go to the bathroom, but not clear and thick nor yellow , white, or green. So I am a bit frazzled here! 1.
771401 tn?1235142907 This product will relieve nasal drip and red, wet eyes when these are caused by upper respiratory infection. HomeoPet is a product that is chemical free, safe for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamster, ferrets and pot bellied pigs of all ages. Manufactured under an FDA registered process. No known side effects from any of our products. Twelve years of researching only the best ingredients from all over the world. All HomeoPet products are liquid and given internally.
Avatar n tn with HPV but I did get rid of a suspected wart this past year. Can you have a bacterial infection without discharge? It drives me CRAZY sometimes, the only thing that calms it is gold bond ointment, which is minty and refreshing but I'd like no itch. No "rash" that I can see, unless I give in and scratch. I take cranberry supplements to keep me flushed out for a UTI, which I was treated for last year.
Avatar n tn Red burning skin around my eyes. At times, eyelid and upper eye area swelling. Sometimes just very dark red skin around my eyes. I have gone to 2 internal med specialists, 2 opthamolagists and 1 dermatolagist. Been treated for blepharitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and allergies. Whenever I start another treatment I have a short period of relief. It always comes back...longest time without symptoms 10 days. Like eveyone else, I have thrown all makeup, lotions, and soaps away.
Avatar n tn I could be allergic to anything, make-up, food, etc. I think we just have to deal with it and learn to love our red and itchy eyes. If anyone finds a cure let me know!!!!!
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days I have had a lot of clear/whiteish discharge, that is very runny (not a yeast infrction). Sorry to be so graphic, but I am hoping this could be cervical fluid from the implanation or some sign that I could be pregnant. Does anyone have any information on this that could help? Has anyone who is/was pregnant had similar symptoms? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn the bumps on my penis/butt/thighs do not seem to have any fluid in them.. just very itchy and red.. I have had sexual intercourse about 3 to 4 months ago.. and have noticed these irritations about 2 months ago.. can masterbation cause it to get worse?.. i was told by a friend that it may be bed bugs?.. is that possible? (fleas? or no?.. i do have a dog that may very well have fleas).. what does it seem to be?..
Avatar n tn I have had this puffy, red, tender eye thing for about a week now. My right eye is swollen and red. Both eyes have this patchy dry spots on them. Everybody has mention dry eyelids but has anyone had dry patches? I have dry flaky patches under my eye and above my eyelid on the brow bone.
Avatar f tn (BTW, I'm about 6 weeks) I have been having an increase of vaginal discharge. I does not really have an odor. It is white, clear, and sometimes yellow in color. Is that normal to have it yellowish? Also I woke up today feeling really awful. Beyond tired, I felt weak and exhausted, Like I was coming down with something..I have been having bad back pains from my mid back down to my pelvis, and have had some snapping/popping down by the tail bone.
Avatar n tn By yesterday they seemed to get better, other than in the evening I noticed two lumps of green discharge forming in the inside corners of both eyes. My eyes seem a little better this morning but they go between itching/burning sensations. What could this be from? Should I be going to the doctor or should I let it heal on its own?
Avatar n tn My throat is only very slightly sore occasionally. In addition, the white in my eyes have red spidery streaks ever since, and I have eye discharge when I wake up in the morning. I am very troubled. Is this serious? Thanks for your patience with my long message.
Avatar f tn in most cases, there is a thick discharge, either yellow or green, with pink eye. the best way to tell is to wait until morning. if it's pink eye, her eye will be crusted shut. it's gross and hard to miss. if she rubs her eyes or gets them open, you'll see the crust caked on the lashes.
Avatar f tn around 2 weeks after my exposure I contracted A cold that left me with laryngitis a few days after that my eyes started to act funny I was getting red eyes and tearing of the eye and sometimes green sticky discharge when I wake up my eyes are back to normal but for some slightly puffy eyelids and I'm not sure if my vision is changing... after that few weeks later I've gotten shingles on my stomach next to my belly button on the right side.
Avatar m tn now your saying there is a burning sensation the story goes all different now we can say it maybe a possibility for gonorrhea but that is only possible if the girl u had sex with had throat gonorrhea which is rare but i can add also anxiety or feeling anxious can cause this feeling of burning sensation ....
Avatar n tn Woke up yesterday and the white of my eyes were deep red, eyelids swollen, green/yellow discharge..Have had some recent history with phlebritis..and also lacrimal duct blockage but nothing serious. Went to optometrist (no optho avail on sat) gave me quick exam, slit lamp etc. and told me conjuctivitis. Gave me ZYMAR....Today eye still looks the same. Just really red, watery, lids slightly puffy...No fever or other symptoms other than WORRY !!! Should I head to the ER to rule out cellulitis ?
Avatar n tn But it is still stronger on the right one (right one is red and left one is pink). The only symptom is redness. There is no tearing, no discharge, no watery eyes, no discomfort, no itchiness. I am 31 years old and I never had viral or bacterial eye problems in my life but very rare allergic problems that I always have treated with warm tea (regular black tea) eye baths, which always have been very effective in my cases.
Avatar f tn I finished the prescription, but now, 4 weeks after it began, my eyes are STILL quite red and bloodshot. I have no discharge, no pain, no change in vision, no itching. But I do have a bothersome sense of irritation, dryness and grittiness, especially in my right eye. What do you make of this puzzle? Is this a normal timeframe for healing, or should I see the doc again? Thx!