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509857 tn?1211036604 three weeks ago i had an abcess in my mouth which i was prescribed antibiotics for and 3 days ago i had the tooth removed but ever since i had the abcess before the tooth was removed i have had green,smelly discharge coming from my nose and now there is no abcess or tooth i still have this problem and if anything i am now very concerned as i thought having the tooth removed would solve the problem but it hasn't i am still taking antibiotics but it just seems to be getting worse than better i hav
Avatar n tn However, several weeks ago I developed a bad sinus infection and along with it I started to have green/yellow discharge coming out of my right eye, which has since spread to both. I was given a strong dose of antibiotics for the sinus infection along with eye drops to combat the eye infection. Unfortunately, the drops and antibiotics has not stopped the discharge from my eye(s). I have seen an eye doctor and he said I don't have an eye infection.
Avatar m tn I'm 23 years old male.. From the past 1 year i'm having greenish nasal discharge.. Its not completely green but yellowish green. It doesnt come whole day but, only when i bend forward for 2 or 3 minutes.. The mucus gets accumulated while laying down and gets discharged when i get up.. It also gets accumulated at the back of throat while laying down often causing throat infection.. The mucus has a very bad smell and is also causing post nasal drip..
771401 tn?1235142907 Hello, I have not posted here before about my cat, Charlie, things are pretty much the same, still has nasal discharge after being on about every antibiotic made, and nasal antibiotics All labs and tests have been run, negative for everything, and cept for the nasal thing, labs say he is healthy,even had a nasal culture done, results were E coli,and beta strep.
771401 tn?1235142907 Hello, I have not posted here before about my cat, Charlie, things are pretty much the same, still has nasal discharge after being on about every antibiotic made. All labs and tests have been run, negative for everything, and cept for the nasal thing, labs say he is healthy,even had a nasal culture done, results were E coli,and beta strep.
554253 tn?1215356649 Hi my name is Amanda, and Febuary the 10th I adopted a 3 or 4 yr old border collie. From the second day I had him I noticed that he had horrible green nasty discharge coming out of his nose. He sneezed very hard constantly and blood and pus would go flying. Aslo every time he drank water it would either come out of his nose or the would aspirate on it. His lymph nodes on his neck were huge!
Avatar f tn I have had nasal congestion/discharge issues since I was around 12, primarily runny nose, and then extremely frequent and lengthy sinus infectons from about 15--and though i neer thought about it before, i have probably always been entirely a mouth breather.
Avatar f tn It can be trapped way up there - so it may mean debridement or you may have a body that is clearing it hence the green discharge (green is infection). No one tells you after surgery that you will have scabs dropping out your nose the size of New Jersey - and so when it happens you are like WTF! but it is normal... sometimes they drop when you are not expecting and choke you a bit when you are talking or eating. I would contact your surgeon ASAP re infection and go see an ENT.
771401 tn?1235142907 Hello all, I have not posted here before about my Charlie, things are pretty much the same, still has nasal discharge after being on about every antibiotic made. All labs and tests have been run, negative for everything, and cept for the nasal thing, labs say he is healthy,even had a culture done, results were E coli,and beta strep. I have changed his foods to all natural, grain free, holistic, just to see if maybe he's allergic to grains and gluten...It's worth a try....
Avatar n tn However, on another page of this forum, people have suggested it could be nasal polyps(blocking mucous flow), post nasal drip, atrophic rhinitis(not really sure what it is except that it's rare), or those things that come from your tonsils. Others posted that they have used several nasal washes and sprays, some had surgery, and nothing seems to help. All I know is, this smell drives me crazy, and nothing tastes normal when I have it. Can somebody give me some insight PLEASE! Thank you.
Avatar n tn it appears that i have been addicted to the neosyneferin nasal spray for two years all began when i became ill with a siunus infection and i needed something to open my nasal passages..i started on the neosynefrin and could never get off it after that..i also suffer from time to time with what the doctor refered to as medicine nose, which is what i am going through again at the nose is continually blocked with constant discharge..
Avatar m tn productive cough. after antibiotics and some steroids the green discharge is gone but it turned into a white discharge coming from my lungs. Over the past 3 months the cough has lessened but it still brings up some white discharge. I have also noticed that i have one spot in my chest about 3 inches about the left nipple that always has pressure. the pressure is going into my throat a little now. I also have constant burning in my chest.
Avatar f tn I am currently 18 years old and I have had vaginalAnterior vaginal wall repair Causes of vaginal itching Culture - endocervix Hydrocele Hysterectomy Transvaginal ultrasound Vaginal bleeding between periods Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy Vaginal cysts Vaginal discharge dischargeAbnormal discharge from the nipple Ear discharge Eye burning - itching and discharge Nasal discharge Nipple discharge - abnormal Urethral discharge culture Vaginal discharge since forever,
Avatar f tn I was reading some of your questions and i just wanna tell you about my experience. I'm only 16 at the moment but my Nasal Polyps rule my life. I've had numerous steroids, nasal sprays and well nothing worked. I had my adenoids removed when i was young and now an operation every two years is what i face. I couldn't breathe through my nose, coughed up continuous phlegm and headaches left, right and centre.
Avatar f tn I have constant ,mucus and post nasal drip and recently thick green mucus for several weeks. I am attending ENT and will be going soon for a follow up as more polyps were found. I am also at speech therapy to learn to use my vocal chords and to breathe properly. I have been getting very light headed bunged up and tired, and today the green mucus had blood in it. I know it's probably all the nose blowing. Also I feel very like I will pass out and have had reoccuring sore throats.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone. I have a 20month old daughter with chronic post nasal drip for about 3 weeks or more. Her nose runs all day and the discharge is usually greenish/yellow sometimes clear. She doesnt seem stuffed up, so i think i can rule of sinus infection. She does also have a cough, not all day or everyday but if it does happen usually at night time or when she is running..
Avatar m tn Both the ENT doctor and dentist who removed my stitches said that the nasal congestion was not likely caused by an infected sinus as I had no yellow/green mucus discharge. The ENT doctor is unable to provide me with the cause of my nasal congestion.
Avatar n tn of the mascara goes into my nasal passage because my eyes burn to???? I have been to an ENT, no concern apparently for a CT scan. I have been to an allergist and he seems to think that my nasal area is being compromised by "something"...possibly chemicals??????????? I will post any further info and wish us all luck in finding the never ending solution.
Avatar n tn Sinus infections can cause foul smelling nasal discharge and stuffiness of the nose with nasal blockage, which can make breathing through the nose difficult. It can also cause post nasal drip and lead to an irritation in the throat. But if it is accompanied by cough or shortness of breath or heavier breathing in the chest could be due to lower respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis. You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment.
Avatar m tn I have this problem...on and off i have white mucous discharge from the nose and i have a bad habit of regularly spitting trying to get rid off could be a virus or infection...but why does it come every 3 weeks? Immune system low?
Avatar n tn I have had nasal problems for years, nasal polyps, sinus surgery sinus infections etc. For many years I have experien ced smells that reside in my nasal passages. I recently had nasal polyps removed for a second time and am on an aggressive treatment of antibiotic, antihistamine, and allergy medications. Since I have had this smell for many years when people ask me to identify it, I can't because I have only this smell to reference so I can not compare it to anything else.
Avatar n tn I have the constant Post Nasal Drip and throat clearing as a result of it. This has bothered me for about eighteen years and just keeps getting worse. Being a stand up comedian, this really hampers my profession. On December 8,2005 I was doing a show in Virgina and saw a local doctor there. She gave me Tussionex and within the hour of the first dosage the drainage stopped. The next week was wonderful as I was even able to cough up stuff for the first time in a long time.
Avatar n tn but the clinician that did the exam on me said Sutafed helps decrese the discharge in those who have alot of discharge or constant dicharge. it helps mucus in the nasal area and also down there cuz it goes throughout ur body. but when i mentioned this to another clinician in the same office, she said she has never heard of that and i shouldn't try it. I personally have not tried it although stains on underwear is sooo inconvienient!
Avatar n tn After that seemed to be a little better and then ended up with a lot of pressure in the head with numbness and pressure down left side of face and across bridge of nose, along with dizziness and feeling extremely ill, went to hospital and was put on 3rd lot of antibiotics, stronger still, after 2 days had large amounts of yellow discharge and major swelling of back of nose.
Avatar m tn About a year later it shifted and I got a sinus infection that was un-treatable by any sort of meds and I underwent a septorhinoplasty where they rebroke my nose and placed it correctly, fixed my deviated septum and made my sinus windows larger to prevent future sinus infections (and only prevent, not eliminate.
Avatar n tn Does he have any other symptoms like breathlessness, reflux symptoms or heartburn or nasal symptoms like nasal discharge, post nasal drip, etc. He should try steam inhalation, saline nasal drops and oral antihistamine medications and see if it helps with his symptoms. If the cough still persists, it would be best to consult a pediatrician and also get a chest xray done to rule out a chest infection.
Avatar dr m tn If there is a major improvement in your quality of breathing while performing this maneuver, then you have what’s called nasal valve collapse. The simplest way of correcting nasal valve collapse is by using nasal dilator strips, or Breathe-Rite® strips. If you do the Cottle maneuver and there is no significant difference in your breathing, don’t waste money buying these strips. If you perceive an improvement in your breathing, you can continue using the strips at night while you sleep.
Avatar f tn I would also say its probably an infection, mild. But consider discharge the same as nasal congestion. Green boogers=sickness. Mucus plug would really be in the yellow/brown/red colors.