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Avatar f tn is it normal to have a foul smelling discharge down there,when you have herpes...i shower everyday and it just stinks down there.
Avatar m tn I am 26 years old myself and I have discharge too. We guys do have some fluid that comes out. Especially when stressed. I noticed I got that alot when I got more and more stressed I would feel "wet" every now and then. I agree with petal as well.
Avatar m tn green discharge is not common with herpes at all. The discharge associated with genital herpes is usually clear. Trich doesn't cause bumps. Your gf will need to see if trich testing was included with her vaginal swab - it typically is.
Avatar f tn Also most often with trich there is a green discharge not white. Since your sexually active you might want to check your herpes status anyway and your partner also just as a precaution.
Avatar f tn They feel like cuts and bleed slightly when I wipe. I also have a little green unscented discharge. I haven't had sex for at least a year before him. I haven't said anything to him yet. I'm waiting for my results and I don't want to accuse him of anything. If this is herpes is there anyway to tell how long I've been infected? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn In my clear/white discharge, I am noticing VERY TINY white flakes (again, no oder/scent; no green or brown discharge). Any idea as to what this may be? It's not typical/usual for me.
849259 tn?1244641261 I first thought that I had trich because I had a yellowish/green discharge so i went to my gyn and she said it looked like a regular yeast infection and prescribed fluconozole. After 1 week it was still there so I went to the clinic and got tested she did a pelvic exam and said my cervix was inflammed and was often caused by chlamydia so she gave me zithromax.
Avatar m tn 40 I found rashes in the genital areas,i took flagyl 400mg and Doxy-1L for 7 days(1-0-1) past 4 days stool color changed to green color.Does this sounds like herpes?
Avatar n tn Today when I apply gauze I see that the pus on these lesions is a light green, no odor. Vaginal discharge has ceased. Am I looking at herpes or something else? My new partner has had an STD screening two years ago and since then has had only two partners--myself and his then-wife, who was clean. There is no odor associated with my conditions and the only bumps to have progressed in to lesions are the four-five around the vaginal opening.
Avatar n tn Herpes does not have a yellow discharge it sounds very like the type of symptoms associated with Gonorrea she needs to see a Doctor aain or go to an STD/GUM Clinic for further evaluation of this discharge ..... yellow/green discharge suggests infection of some sort going on....
Avatar f tn There is nothing on the skin of his penis currently, but his urethra still his a light burning sensation. When he had the discharge, it hurt. I'm very concerned about the possibility of him contracting herpes from me. I take very good care of myself regarding my herpes, but I hadn't taken my Valtrex for a couple days and I know you're more susceptible to viral shedding on the skin when you're ill, and I've been pretty ill the past few weeks.
Avatar f tn After all the reading that I am doing, it sounds like herpes...except for the green discharge. I have also been reading about vaginal infections. I dont have flu like symptoms nor do I have abdominal pain. I realize I need to see a doctor about this but can you give ma ANY advice as to what this could be. No blisters, no pus like bumps, no crusting over....just a few bumps here and there. IAM SCARED. Please help me.
Avatar f tn I've already gone to my gyn and I am waiting back on herpes results. The doctor said it could be herpes but also it could be some cuts/lesions due to too much vigorous sex. In the meantime, any advice or has anyone experienced white/green scabs?
Avatar f tn This decreases the amount of herpes virus in your cat's body and hopefully eliminates clinical signs such as sneezing or squinting one eye and reddish brown discharge. Green or yellow discharge from your cat's eye or nose is probably not feline herpes and deserves a veterinary visit.
Avatar m tn As for the red spots, this would be a concern for herpes as you did have a fever also but also with a discharge, these type of sores can develop as a result of the yeast infection as are fungal related.. As for herpes sores, when the first one opens it spreads the virus to the immediate surrounding area in a cluster type grouping but this is not written in stone. It may not be herpes as the sores should be close together.
Avatar m tn Over 20 years ago I had unprotected sex with a woman, and within a few days had a yellow/green discharge from my penis. I was young and stupid, so put off doing anything for a week or so, and it stopped. It was pre-internet, I was a scared and embarrassed teenager, so ended up not doing anything about it. The symptoms never returned, I never went to see a doctor, and I've now been married and having unprotected sex for 20 years with my wife and she has never had any symptoms.
849259 tn?1244641261 I first thought that I had trich because I had a yellowish/green discharge so i went to my gyn and she said it looked like a regular yeast infection and prescribed fluconozole. After 1 week it was still there so I went to the clinic and got tested she did a pelvic exam and said my cervix was inflammed and was often caused by chlamydia so she gave me zithromax.
Avatar n tn After applying the peroxide, about a day later, the area didnt hurt anymore, and it the raw area had gotten much smaller. I noticed there was a very tiny amount of green stuff on the bandaid but nothing else. I dont remember it bleeding, but if it did, the area was so small it wouldnt have been a noticable amount of blood. It was about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. Within another 24 hours, it was completely gone. It never blistered, scabbed or anything.
Avatar m tn Slight Clear Discharge/Dribbling after urination (Once ejaculated semen after urination) Burned to ejaculate twice but ejaculated between those two times and semen seemed to leak out profusely. (All through masterbation) After the profusely ejaculating I felt a bit more relieved than usual. Penis had an odd throbbing feeling on the right side under the head one day that went on and off for about 5 minutes. Sometimes I feel a quick pinch on the glans under the meatus.
Avatar f tn you need to go and be seen and have your discharge tested if it's green. that's typically a sign of a bacterial infection. Nothing else you've mentioned really sounds like a herpes infection going on. Work with your therapist to decrease your anxiety about all of this and find out the root cause of it. Also if your bf hasn't been tested for herpes yet, why don't you ask him to get tested to help with your anxiety about all of this too?
Avatar n tn generally symptom free with some random waves of itching/burning (2) Strong smelling discharge that is green/yellow and cakes on the sides of my vagina, waves of itching/burning, the area is very irritated, pain when urinating and wiping the area (3) Clear egg white discharge mixes with the discharge described in (2) and makes the symptoms less severe (4) White discharge that burns/itches and irritates the area, redness, pain when wiping I have been working with a nurse practitioner and she sa
Avatar n tn I have been for STD checks and all clear so far.
Avatar n tn in may this year i began having a yellowish/lime green discharge that was sooooo itchy and it burned and it hurt...there was also a smell.... i went to the drs and it came back i had trich AND chlamydia on top of world came crumbling down...why would he do this.. to this day he swears he hasnt cheated. i have spoke to drs and a gyno and have been told that chlamydia doesnt always test on a pap unless it is active...and trich can be caught from a toilet however unlikely...
Avatar f tn Also, after having sex I experienced an abnormally large amount of clear discharge-so much that I had to change my underwear. So far every day after that my discharge has been a yellow-green that no longer has had a foul smell since the second day. I've been drinking cranberry juice & a lot of water.
Avatar f tn Itchey and burning in the vagina without any white or green discharge does not seem related to any std as infections produce discharge. Itching and burning by itself seems more from friction irritation. You might want to see a doctor and get checked out to make sure all is ok as you dont want to pass something back and forth with your boyfriend.
Avatar f tn Whilst having this tummy bug I noticed my vulva had completely swollen out and I was also releasing a yellow/green discharge. I noticed one small bump next to my vagina and thought maybe it was just a reaction to the swelling or something. I wasn't able to treat any of these symptoms as I had a severe tummy bug and was at home constantly puking and not in a fit state to leave the house.