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Avatar n tn When he had a bm both days they were very hard like marbles and green in color. Then today when he had bm it was still green but runny and had what looked like clots of blood and when I wiped his butt it had blood on it. And with a clean wipe i wiped him again and got a little bit of blood on the wipe. Any advice on what could be wrong with my son would be appritiated.
Avatar n tn Recently my urine has had a strong foul smell and my stool has been green. i have no other signs of a uti, no cramps or anything like that. my diet is the same, except there is a lot more fruit. could this still be a uti? I have been sexually active within the past week, but condoms and birth control pill were used.
Avatar f tn and now as in last 2 yrs I have been getting funky green stool and its really bad and I googled everything and it says I could have anything from stomach ucler to cancer! I am really scared cuz it means i have blood in my stool and I am only 23yrs old...I made an appointment with the doctor for next week but i just feel like she wont do anything and ill be disappointed with another one yet again!...i cant be spending money everytime but having melena is not a smal issue!
Avatar n tn Well here it goes. I have green bowel movements. I also have very werid bowel movements sometimes I will get diarehea for no reason at all. I constantly have pains in my lower abdomen and most times I have blood in my stool. I dont know what this is but I am exhausted all the time and have constant fevers. So I just would like an answer about what this could be especailly the green bowel movements because they make me very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn While living abroad in China, I started having extremely painful green diarrhea accompanied by blood and mucus, stomach pains, fever, fatigue, and dizziness. After a month and no luck with a barrage of antibiotics, I started having pain urinating and eventually bloody mucus coming out when I urinated accompanied by sharp shooting pains. I went to the hospital and after getting blood work, urine and stool culture - I was told I did not have a bacterial infection.
Avatar n tn The green stools could indicate bile and any medicine package will tell you if you see blood in the stool to consult a doctor. I would take him in immediately and have them run a battery of tests.
Avatar f tn For about a year now a couple times a month I'll ha e bloody stools and when I go my anus will fill like it's ripping and then it starts to bleed so the water in the toilet bowl will start to turn colors from it. I had a stool test done and my doc said the results came back normal and them for a couple months after I took the test I hadn't had any problems but yesterday It started up again... I don't think that colon or rectal cancer is in my family history so What do u think this could be?
Avatar n tn Last 4 days I have had bright green stool. Pretty solid but not hard formed. Have had no constipation, 1 to 2 stools per day. I have not eaten anything unusual or green. I have had a series of symptoms that don't seem connected, but feel they have to be. Started 1st of June, took antibiotic for tooth infection and had diarrea for 2 weeks. After that, mid June had bright red blood on toilet paper for a bit, just ignored it.
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Avatar n tn He only got sick on the plane once. A few hours ago he had a large very loose blackish green stool. He does not have a fever. He went from being pale to flush in the cheeks. When should I be worried? Thank you.
Avatar m tn At a sandwich for lunch today, 5-10 minutes later felt gurgling like I had to go but didn't, went a bit later and had a minor bloody stool. Also since Sunday I've been very fatigued. They checked for anemia, and I'm not anemic. Did a blood draw and waiting for results now. Asked her about my gallbladder, but she said it wouldn't be that as I'm having no pain in that area.
382209 tn?1199831271 I’ve always abstained from processed foods, etc,..) I usually have a huge discharge of large, gasy bloody mucous first thing in the morning. I have really bad smelling gas & my stomach is often inflammed & distended to the point that I cannot wear anything I own. I am tired all the time (opposite how I was a year ago) and I feel that I am dying inside or something - since I have to look at stools covered in thick blood and mucous every day.
764939 tn?1234589366 It started out when I was passing large amounts of mucous without stool for approx. three days. I then started to have severe diarrhea. On one occasion a passed large blood clots without stool. The blood and the blood clots never returned after this event, I continued to have diarrhea however. I went into my Family practice doctor after two weeks of diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. At this appointment a CT scan of my abdomen was down and stool samples, and blood test were ordered.
Avatar f tn I also take extended release generic wellbutrin and today passed a roundish-oval white ball with stool (separate from the stool), about the size of a penny. I am thinking it may be the undigested pill but I'm dissolving one now to see if it ends up even looking similar and no luck yet. This has never happened before, although I am being evaluated for pancreatic insufficency due to chronic diarrhea for the past 2 years, in addition to upper right quadrant abdominal pain with meals.
Avatar f tn I was getting bad hemorrhoids, very painful shooting pains and bloody stool when my brother, who has Crohn's Disease, recommended theanine. I took the capsules for a few days and all symptoms vanished completely. You can imagine how thankful I was. From Wikipedia, theanine is: " amino acid analogue of the proteinogenic amino acids L-L-glutamate and L-glutamine and is found primarily in particular plant and fungal species.
Avatar f tn 00 pm I checked the toilet after she was done taking a poo and I seen blood mixed with her stool. She had another bowel movement at 9pm and it was still bloody. Her kaka was green and looked like a cloud of blood around it but on it. She continued to have bloody stools until 9am te next morning. The blood is bright red. So i have been online looking for answers. What can this be??
Avatar m tn Hi C103, I, Like Opus, do not have a great deal of experience with the bloody stool/vomitus condition. If I may ask---does Bobo go outside or is he inside only?/ If he does go outside, I would not allow this until he becomes more stable. God knows what they eat and can pick up out there. It sure sounds like IBD , but your vet needs to do a complete CBC and , as Opus suggested. a ultrasound or MRI--G=definitely an X-ray of the stomach and intestines.
571297 tn?1217356153 Hi I am a 37 y/o female that has been having bloody mucousy stool for 1 day and extreme dizziness for about 3 days. I have a history of Mineier's Disease which is an inner ear problem that results in extreme dizziness so I just thought it was that, but yesterday I had terrible, terrible abdominal pains (which I thought was gas), then this morning my stool was bloody and mucousy and I went 3 times just in the morning.....
Avatar f tn It could just be what you are eating Only worry if it is black tarry stool, or bloody stool BC those could mean infection & internal bleeding
Avatar n tn i read that green poo means it is passing through your system quickly, but how can one be constipated (hard black stool) and still have green stool? i am confused. i hate to waste my tie going to the doc. if there is a harmless explanation such as IBS, IBD, constipation, etc. then i am not going to the doc until i have further problems that are more serious. my diet: is fairly bland and regular. i haven't had a very exquisite appetite for over a month, and eat very bland foods.
Avatar f tn Today and yesterday I noticed that when I went number two my stool was green, like grass colored green. Has anyone else experienced this and what does it mean?
Avatar f tn Had anything with a lot of food colouring? (kool-aid, fruity pebbles, etc) All of this can change stool colour.
Avatar f tn You will need ultrasound, X-ray, and computerized tomography (CT) along with prostatic fluid examination and prostate specific antigen to rule it out. Bloody stool means that there's some sort of injury or disorder located somewhere in your digestive tract. The closer the source of bleeding is to the anus, the brighter red the blood will be. If the bloody stool is bright red, then it could be due to hemorrhoids or anal fissures.
Avatar f tn hi! I seriously hope you've seen a dr. for this... the pain needs to be checked out since it has persisted so long, and with it traveling down your leg it is important to get a physicians opinion immediatly, as number of conditions could be occuring. From what i've learned over the years, if you have pain on the left side of you abdomen from IBS it will be in the UPPER part, where the intestine turns to descend...
Avatar f tn The second will be very loose and float in the toilet (sort of diarrhea). I also had a few days of green stool. I have not eaten much from stress and fear that this is something horrible, although i did take a little probiotic which seemed to help. Lastly, I had cramping in the mid right quadrant and a little in the mid back. Both those came and went when they were happening and seem to have stopped entirely. I know you cannot diagnose over the internet, but: 1.
Avatar n tn i started to have have really bad abdominal pains yesterday evenning, while at work, they got worst later on, i also had to go to the restroom and i had solt stool tht was bright green, after eating sum soup i so felt sick, so about 1hr after eatin ihad to puke, and the cramping contiued..i closed up and went home, when to bed and i woke up to day my stomache started cramping agian, and about 5mins ago i had another green stool...
1528695 tn?1360585920 Oh my daughter always gets fussy when dairy gets in my diet but she only had bloody stool once.