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Avatar f tn Not all of lose our sex drive and our ability to have great orgasms after a hysterectomy. Antsey, if I were you I would talk to my Dr about hormone replacement therapy. This will probably help with your sex drive. I'm a person who believes you should never fake it. Really, it's not fair to you or your husband because your both missing out. Take care.
Avatar m tn Can you say why you need a hysterectomy? What kind of surgery are you having. Will it be a complete hysterectomy? Sorry for all the questions but the more we know the better we can help you. I did'nt gain any weight after my surgery. Make sure you eat well and exercise. You'll need 6 weeks of recovery time. That means no heavy lifting, no stairsno sex and plenty of rest. You may need hormones if you have hot flashes or mood swings, this is something you can discuss with your Dr.
Avatar f tn Since that time I still feel as though I have the same pain from the endometriosis as prior to the surgery. Also I have some bleeding after sex. Is the bleeding something I should be concerned about? Can endometriosis spread to other organs in your body? I guess I'm not as educated on this as I should be. If anyone knows please contact me. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn when can a woman have sex after a vaginal hysterectomy.
637613 tn?1281043164 I needed help three months to the day after my hysterectomy. No drive AT ALL. IN fact, I found sex disgusting for the first time in my adult life and was very saddened by this. The testosterone (given to females "off label") helped very much. It also helps with dryness and bladder issues and chemical sensitivities, etc...
782368 tn?1244858067 And of course, no tampons after surgery nor sex. The only pain I've had after my surgery was some cramping from where my doctor sewed the ligaments that used to support my uterus to my vagina so I wouldn't have a vaginal prolapse. That pain happened about 2 wks after my surgery until I was about 8-10 wks post-op. Now I feel great in that I don't have chronic pelvic pain anymore due to endometriosis and adenomyosis. HTH!
1510783 tn?1290099907 no pushing as in stroller shopping cart vaccume you really just have to be a couch potatoe and they will for sure give you narcotics to bring home they help great with the pain heres the issue after a hyster most are frightened of first bm your sore you dont want to push ..narcotics will always bind a person so MOST drs prescribe a stool softner..,,make sure you get one ,,eat lots of fiber and drink plenty of water avoic any foods know for being binding...
Avatar f tn I gained 25 pounds in the six months after my total hysterectomy and a few years down the road I am still having a hard time getting down to my goal weight. My doctor said I would have no trouble either (!) but I am convinced you need those hormones the ovaries provided. My body has changed a lot, just don't seem to have the tone I had. I exercise a lot ... I find I get tired quicker too.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you are suffering from both PCOS and endo that is leading you to hysterectomy. I assume you already know that hysterectomy is not a cure for the insulin resistance of PCOS or for endo. Some women do get relief, either temporary or permanent, but some don't (I don't know the percentages). I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago at age 49 - absolutely the WORST thing that has ever happened to me but I did not have a chronic pain condition. The hormone HELL alone has been life-shattering.
Avatar n tn I had a vaginal hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, feel great a week after, no spotting or discharge can I have oral sex with my husband. he has asked.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled next week to have a robotic, laprascopic partial hysterectomy. The reason... continuous bleeding thru out the month, with only a few days of a break. I check out completely normal, I am just so tired of this.I am insulin diabetic and 48 yrs old, my husband & I have a great sex life, but have read that there is a good chance that I will lose the ability to have an orgasm I seem to be more clitorally stimulated, I need to know the truth before I proceed with surgery.
Avatar f tn The pain is lower pelvic, all the way across. It is worse when I walk a lot, stand or after sex. I have had 2 hypogastric plexus nerve injections that have not helped. I am on vicodin BID and take lyrica when I can, but it makes me so groggy that it's hard to keep on it. I am a RN, but unable to work shifts due to the pain. I'm not sure what my options are. The pain specialist I'm seeing isnt very informative on my options...just say "I'm sure you will be fine in a few months...
Avatar n tn When I went back for my 4 wk checkup the doctor asked me a lot of questions, one was if I had a period and I told him yes. He then informed me that some women do have periods after a hysterectomy. AFTER HAVING A 2ND PERIOD SINCE SURGERY I AM WONDERING IF THIS IS NORMAL OR NOT????? Everyone says it isn't.
Avatar n tn after my hysterectomy at 45yrs old I am gaining weight fast...never had mood swings or sweats...taking no harmones..does anything help?Trying all over the counter pills and etc. nothing working...HELP!!
Avatar n tn Some say uterus stores the hormones produced over night, others say after a hysterectomy some of the vessels that feed the ovaries and cut. Rapid decrease causes anger or fear, rapid increase causes joy. There is a degree of estrogen the brain considers normal. I guess ERT can't be prescribed too soon after surgery as the body did not decide yet what is the normal level it'll stabilise to. If it is true uterus is a storage for hormones then a nap at noon makes you feel better.
Avatar n tn for about 2 years I suffered and they started after my radical hysterectomy (started about 3 months after) and were discovered during a colonoscopy, which made that procedure very uncomfortable...otherwise it would not have been too bad. You might want to ask your doctor about this since you are having some bladder problems, but it is essentially a very deep massage. I put updated info at the bottom just verifying that this really did work (for me at least!)....hoping this helps.
Avatar n tn and, I certainly would never shame anyone either. But, I look at my life before Hysterectomy and After hysterectomy and just keep plodding along. Thanks for your time. Again, I apologize for answering for Katie....(Katie will forgive me) but I know that neither she nor I intend to offend anyone, but for some reason, this post hit our passion button, if you will.
1070971 tn?1299617710 I know it's a few years since you posted about your bowels after hysterectomy but I too had terrible problems and after three more ops they told me that they had untwisted my bowel and put it back on the right side. It had been excruciating pain to deal with. That was 1998 , todate for the past two years my bowel has stopped working altogether and I now medicate to evacuate my bowels. I am convinced this is due to the problems after hysterectomy but of course unable to prove anything.
Avatar n tn i had a vaginal hysterectomy 4 weeks ago feel great was out of hospital the next day my question is i feel ready to have sex now i have been able to have a external orgasm in the last few day however as it says sex after 6 weeks i am afraid i will do myself some harm is it ok to have sex now or do i need to wait 2 more weeks thanks
Avatar n tn I am living proof that you can get pregnant after a partial hysterectomy. In 2000 I had to have a partial hysterectomy due to hemmoraging that could not be controled 2 weeks after having my daughter. They romoved my uterus and took a cone from my cervix. Well 6 weeks ago I went to the emergency room with really bad hurting on my right side and I thought I was just ovulating but it got worse.
Avatar n tn hi there, welcome to the hysterectomy forum, Yo have a great question, and I think I can be of some help! With the levels you have I presume that your ovaries are intact, one thing many women dont realise, and there is not a known reason for it, is the fact that when the uterus is removed, very often the ovaries slow down in functioning. Sometimes they cease to function all together. Your quite youn, Im sorry you have had to go through this surgery i hope you get the relief from pain.
1809377 tn?1316523928 After having a complete hysterectomy my husband and I had a much better sex life because there was no pain any more. Like you, I have seen some women here wonder how the removal of their cervix will effect their sex life. I wish I could tell you for sure that you will have absolutely no sexual problems. I can't, No one could tell me either before my surgery. I can tell you that I had complete trust in my Dr, just like you. He did an excellent job.
Avatar n tn I am extremely nervous about it as my mother also had a full hysterectomy and started bleeding after 20 years. She died 2 years later from rectal cancer that spread from her abdominal area. I do have a doctors appointment but I am very uncomfortable about him doing a pap. He makes me feel that all this **** is in my head...
Avatar f tn I had a prolapsed bladder and I guess, rectum. I had a total vaginal hysterectomy 5 yrs ago and have had problems ever since. My urine also has a very STRONG, nasty odor all the time, I get very gassy immediately after eating. I'll probably never be able to have sex again due to the surgery- the dr stitched top and bottom of my vagina, leaving it so narrow and short. I get yeast infections all the time. I really wish I never had it done...
Avatar n tn The medical literature clearly shows the adverse effects of ovary removal or induced ovarian failure that may occur after some gynecologic procedures (such as hysterectomy, endometrial ablation, tubals). For women with endometriosis who have their ovaries removed, any remaining endo implants are a source of estrogen. These implants can delay or cushion the blows of "surgical menopause.