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Avatar n tn lol. what kind of powerpoint presentation could have convinced a bunch of bureaucrats in committee to support such study? Chiropractors or meteorologists?
Avatar n tn I think there were probably many who suffered with HCV before there was a specific medical diagnosis, and many probably died of HCV liver related causes, or other HCV related extrahepatic causes (stroke, heart disease, etc). Your situation is very intriguing, and raises lots of questions. Also, do you know how you acquired the virus? Can you definitely pinpoint the time and cause, and was it one of the standard risk factors fro HCV? (Injection Drugs, Transfusion, etc.
190559 tn?1280615967 Within the last 6 weeks she has been in a psychiatric hospital twice, has shown some thyroid fluctuation in blood tests, and has been diagnosed with major depression, eating disorder, and borderline personalilty disorder. The first hospitalization was involuntary in Philadelphia (where she attends college) due to her taking a non-toxic dose of Motrin, but she checked herself into a local psychiatric hospital once she got home here in Milwaukee, WI.
Avatar n tn He is a wonderful student, a leader, teachers enjoy him and have great things to say about him. They are always shocked when I share the difficulty that we experience at home. None of this behavior is ever displayed at school. He has many friends, plays sports and guitar. He is a welcome guest at play dates. Parents of his friends often comment on his polite behavior and again, are always surprised if I share details of his behavior at home.
Avatar m tn Thanks that is a great amount of info to digest but there are some topics of great interest to me I love coffee and the stronger the better I have limited my coffee intake to three strong cups a day so maybe my high intake of caffeine all my life was a good thing will check it out and more thanks again for your dilegence in always providing informative info
Avatar n tn I may have to go give my NP a BIG hug when I see him for my check-up Thursday. This is how great he is- he made sure to schedule me 3 days later to make sure that there is improvement instead of waiting the 2 weeks of possibly wasted time.