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Avatar m tn It's important to note that the TPOab antibody can be slightly elevated in Graves Disease, as well as in Hashimoto's; however, gimel is right that Hashimoto's can swing hyper, then hypo and may do this numerous times before finally swinging permanently hypo... I know I did it, I swung hypo, then hyper, then normal, at least 3 times, before settling to permanent hypo, though I didn't know what was happening at the time, because no one ever tested my thyroid levels...
Avatar n tn Good day Doctor! I have undergoing treatment for Graves Disease for a year now. My latest blood test result revealed that I am hypo. My endo said not to worry because it is just due to the dosage of methimazole I am taking. She put me on a lower dosage now. She also told me that I can take in any food or medication, since nothing is really forbidden for my case. i would like to verify if this is true?
877337 tn?1249848050 I just googled graves disease and weight and came across this link: Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn It is much ore like what our bodies make. Did you have Graves disease is an autoimmune disease that affects your thyroid as we know. Do you have a positive ANA now that you have had the radiation?
Avatar f tn Hi All, How do people go with exercising with Graves diease. My T4 are elevated at present and pulse rate is fast with frequent bouts of anxiety and palpatations and feeling ike crying. Yet weight is stacked on after holidays and joined a Gym to help lose weight. It is difficult to keep my pulse at safe levels and have any energy after to get tea? Does anyone else have these problems - do you have any suggestions - it is important to me to improve my fitness but I do not want to expire at 44.
405406 tn?1247432342 I was looking over some info on Graves. Some where i saw that you couldn't have iodine after having the RAI. Was wondering. That is why i asked about eating shrimp.
435814 tn?1234452591 Graves' is the autoimmune disease that can cause hyperthyroidism. so if it makes any sense then think of it as having 2 diseases, one which is caused by the other. So when you have your thyroid removed then you don't have the hyperthyroid disease anymore but you still have the autoimmune disease (there is no cure, so unless someone comes up with one you'll always have it) What confuses me is that graves is the most common FORM of hyperthyroidism.
Avatar m tn By modulating the immune system, regular green tea consumption can also benefit people with GravesDisease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. However, while drinking large amounts of green per day might offer certain benefits (i.e. provide protection against cardiovascular disease), drinking a lot of green tea might have a goitrogenic effect.
Avatar f tn i am 55 years old and i am 5ft 8 in and 115pd, i have been ill for the last 5 yrs due to no medical insurance and i am now on disabilty and now on medicine and seeing a doctor, i have lost 25 pounds, stress or thyroid disease, i have had graves disease since i was 30 yrs old, i have had 2 rai that didnt work and last one in 2004 worked, and now i am severly hypthyroid, they have diagnosed me a fibromyalgia which i am pain all the time and the pain is so bad i sweat (head,thyroid area and chest
877337 tn?1249848050 I have not made any changes to my diet - have lost some weight, put it back on and lost it again, which isn't anything out of the ordinary for me. I also have Graves Eye Disease and have had a couple of surgeries on my eyes. Again, I don't regret either one bit.
2079117 tn?1332023990 I was just seen by an Endocrinologist, who thought from my first round of blood work and my symptoms (heart pounding, increased pulse, and family history of Graves Disease), that I had Graves. She ordered further blood work, and it sounds like you could get more information about what you have from further blood work as well.
Avatar m tn I have recently been diagnosed with graves disease. I dont like the traditional treatments my ex endo gave me - radiation, cutting it out, or dangerous drugs. Doe anyone know of alternative treatments that really work?
1425146 tn?1282765484 While patients can certainly become hyper with Hashi's, due to leaking nodules or other issues, Hashi's is most often related to being hypo, while Graves Disease is most often related to being hyper. Both usually lead to hypo and the need for thyroid supplementation, eventually.
Avatar f tn Please I would like some advise on how to control my weight. I have Hashimoto Disease a thyroid disorder. I seemed to grow regularly taking it off is something else. At 54 it isn't getting easier ..*smile*.. Four days a week my husband and I do the basic Pilate stretching exercise for 40 minutes. We also just started walking around the reservoir 4 times a week about a 2 to 2.5 walk. When not able to walk around the reservoir I walk on my walker for 20 minutes a good pace.
Avatar f tn I have done some research now and have come up with some good and bad foods with regards to Graves Disease. There are many conflicting views out there and as I am on a block and replace medication I go from Hyper to Hypo quite often so I will need a specialist diet drawn up for me. In the meantime I have ordered a weekly delivery of organic meats and veg and have drawn up some kind of plan below as to what I can and can't eat. Does anyone have any comments please???
Avatar n tn My Dad had Graves disease and my aunt had hypothyroid. Of course I'm not certain that I would lose some thyroid function, but I've noticed that (at least on this board) it happens to women often. I love drinking tea. I've been drinking lots of black tea for years and years. I don't care as much for green, white, and red (or even herb) but I'm working on it. Genmai cha (which is a Japanese roasted tea with rice) is pretty tasty. Also Kambucha (sp?
1011655 tn?1251603545 Dear indigo, your post is really interesting. I am a sufferer of graves disease, i would say i have had what we call the thyroid dump, which is a large surge of thyroid hormones, and causes you to feel like your dying. I have had two surgeries for my disease, none of the meds worked for me.(bad-do) I even got diagnosed with anxious, when they new i had graves disease. The endo-dummies, as i call them, just think ,take a pill you will be ok.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I'm a patient being treated for Graves disease for a year now. Lately, I have been placed on 5mg of methimazole, 4x a week. This is because my last blood result resulted in a low FT4 and high TSH, a little hypo. My endo said that this is just due to the amount of methimazole I have been taking. She lowered my dose. My worry is that for this month, my menstrual flow became low. And instead of having it for 3 days, it now became one day. Is this a cause for concern?
393685 tn?1425816122 Finish this sentence........................ It can be a hoot if you really want to get into this post and sometimes we all just need to enjoy our goofyness with this thyroid stuff!! "YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THYROID DISEASE WHEN................................. Your telling the lab tech the vein she is poking at doesn't work and you need to use to the other arm!!!!!!! You and your doctor are consulting and you now can tell him the results of YOUR lab work.....
219241 tn?1413541365 Then I think of the day ahead, Turn over and stay in bed! Time for tablet number one Great, the day has now begun Cup of tea, computer on Man, I just feel so undone! Tablet number two Is this the green or blue Oh yeah, this is happy pill Gee, I can be such a dill! Day moves on time for lunch Nah, think I'll make it brunch. Protein, carbs and vitamins too Chocky for later, that'll do! Cuppa tea number 25 These are what keep me alive! No sales on ebay What a waste of a day!
Avatar f tn I know this sounds mad, but I believe Graves disease is caused by the foods we eat, or do not eat. I no longer eat pork or processed foods, well, once in awhile and on rare occasions , I get a pang for Pizza with everything on it from my favorite pizza place. Great thing is its over 4 hours away. I live in Virgina down in the southern part of the state. I am also a cigarette smoker , and they say its really bad for graves disease.
Avatar m tn I am currently taking PTU to help with my Graves' Disease but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions I could do to help? Changes in lifestyle, dietry changes, vitamin supplements etc? My aunt is a GP and a trained herbologist, she recommended chrysanthemum tea as a way of correcting my metabolism. Maybe we could compile some kind of list of things that help either Hyper or Hypothyroidism? Thanks so much.
Avatar m tn I had the same problem as you with sleep problem because of my graves disease. After I get enough sleep, my psoriasis rashes that has been with me for many years disappeared. And didn't appear again for the past 3 years. I gained weight and feel good. Try and see.
Avatar n tn No, RAI does not do this, however Graves' does. Once Graves' always Graves'. And Graves' has its own symptoms, such as energy and/or fatigue. Much like hyper symptoms. I still put out so much energy I have to take cat naps to rejuvinate, sometime napping off and on all day. But it beats being lethargic. I take vitamins and mineral separate from each other, in separate pills, which is very expensive. However I can regulate dose to fit my health needs, not just thyroid/Graves'.
1081838 tn?1275851252 I have just been diagnosed with Graves Disease. I have read a lot of information about this disease and I have a question. I have never had any problem with my thyroid levels until July during a routine yearly blood work. I have read that you should not eat or drink anything high in iodine before a thyroid scan. My question is: I have been on a diet since March 2009 and to date have lost 72 lbs.. I have only drank diet lemonade the entire time and have eaten lots and lots of yogurt and jello.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 years old and I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (Graves' disease) in July. Since then, I have been on Tapazole (10 Mg, 3x/day). When I was first diagnosed, my T3 was 669; my T4 was 4.5 and my TSI was at 350. I was essentially asymptomatic. Now, my thyroid hormone levels are normal, but my TSI is slowly decreasing (it's 325 now). Lately, I've been having severe heartburn. I eat a snack when I come home from school and that's all. The heartburn occurs 2-3 hours after I have eaten.
620695 tn?1221493831 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in May. I have gone Hypo & am now on 100mcg of Synthroid & ?? Cytomel. I have been on this dosage since Aug. 2 and am still suffering with extreme fluid retension on my face, fatiguem weight gain, & vision problems. I am most worried about my vision. Besides constantly 'weeping' due to the fluid, I am having great difficulty focusing.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Graves disease in June. Since then I've been on a very mild dose of methimazole--10mg per day. Now that it's gotten cold (and I noticed this with air conditioning this summer as well) I am experiencing significant cold intolerance--which last year I didn't have, I was so warm and sweaty all the time. I cannot warm up/stay warm unless I'm in bed or exercising. Anyone else have this experience? suggestions?
Avatar n tn , I have been having acidity in my stomach since 8 years and also I have Hyperactive Thyroid (Graves disease) I was taking tapazole for two years then I stopped. For My acidity I was treated by Gastrimut medicine then Nexium medicine, which I am still using now.Last week I was sick again, too much vaumiting, and acidic reflux .The Dr. kept me 24 hours without food and drinking and gave me medicines through IV and he prescripted to me the following: 1: Nexium(which I was taking already) 2.
Avatar f tn I had enlarged lymph nodes in my neck when Graves antibodies showed up. I didn't notice this symptom when I was hyperthyroid (not due to Graves). I caught everything going around when I had severe vitamin D deficiency. I had a look online and found this article by Thyroid For Dummies, 2nd Edition: Noting the Signs and Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism...