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Avatar n tn had extremely elevated T3 and T4 in my system and no TSH at all and they said this confirmed her suspusion of Graves. I was wondering if there is any issue with taking Psyllium Husk capsules as a Fiber supplement as my Endroconologist Dr. prescribed beta blockers, xanax, along with the medicine to lower my thyroid function.
Avatar f tn I found out via an email that I have Graves' disease . 4 weeks ago I learned I had hyperthyroidism and was placed on methimazole 10mg2x a day. The email for the type came 3 weeks later and it was frightening to read about. I felt exhausted for months had stomach issues and lost 15 pounds in a month. 4 weeks into the medication I have a distended stomach with pains and horrible rashes. All that said I'm completely stressed about the eye issues that come with graves.
Avatar f tn I have Graves disease, diagnosed two months ago. I had a lot of problems with nausea at the beginning.. I also experienced hunger attacks that are more intense now. It is more than a hunger, it is a life-force that makes me to eat even when I don’t have appetite I was on Methimazole 30 mg for 7 weeks and now, 2 weeks ago reduced to 10mg when my T3, T4 and TSH felt into normal range ( August 16). TSH <0.05 ( 0.35-5) still low Free T3 5.1 ( 3.5-6.
Avatar f tn Also I do work full time and between the graves and my stomach it is hard to go to work . We need my pay.. Does anyone have suggestions on that!?? I know I could get disability but that takes forever and may get turned down because I am working. If I don't have income coming in may loose wverything..
415642 tn?1207788182 I am so tired of feeling this way - My pulse is still over 120 with the meds and everytime I take them am and then later pm I feel sick on my stomach and have to lay down. I would love to hear if you had these issues and how you got through them . I am dealing with a lot right now and I know that stress is not good for me , but I totaled my car the other night - the roads where awful and icy - it took me 6 hours to get home .
823964 tn?1238830499 Although I have been euthyroid for four years, I was treated for hyperthyroidism from 2000-2002 with atenolol, tapizole and PTU, and currently have clinical evidence of mild Graves eye disease in one eye, demonstrated by lid retraction, and slight limitation of upward and outward gaze. He feels that Graves eye disease can be devastating in this setting and may not improve following withdrawal of therapy and councils me to wait and see if my liver stabilizes and new treatments become available.
Avatar m tn yes, that's quite high and does indicate hyperthyroidism, though not necessarily Graves Disease. Although Graves is said to be the # 1 cause of hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism is also, common in early stages of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, even though Hashimoto's is, typically, associated with hypothyroidism. It's not unusual for the thyroid to "dump" large quantities of thyroid hormones prior to one going hypo, with Hashimoto's...
Avatar f tn I have so much chest pain and I know it is associated with Graves disease. I have a new endocronologist she is the greatest. I am on Tapazole and Lopressor and I think that this will be what I will be on for the rest of my life. I am hoping that my Graves disease goes into remission but I know this may be with me forever so I'm trying to deal with the best I can. I have an appointment on 5/19 to talk about my lopressor dosage so hopefully I can only take one a day. That's it for now.
Avatar n tn I have not gained a lot of weight and I feel pretty good now. I also had sinus problems and a pain in my eye before I fixed the thyroid. It was not fun ...but it does get better!
Avatar n tn I am a 51 year old very obese lady with Graves' disease. They have given me methamozile to slow down my crazy metabolism, my free t3 and t4 are absorbing at I believe they said 68%, which is why they give me this med. the thing is I can't seem to load weight no matter what I do and while I was putting all this weight on, I was working as a nurse aide in a nursing home. And I did not eat crazy then.
Avatar f tn I am 45 years old and had Graves' Disease about 10 years ago. It has been in remission for several years. For about the past 9 months, I have had diahrrea. I had a colonoscopy done in May (2008) and it was fine so my Gastro Dr. said that I probably have IBS. He prescribed Elavil 10mg. This worked until the end of May then he increased it. This kept happening, and now I am taking 125mg of Elavil and still having problems with diahrrea.
Avatar n tn You and your stepdaughter should also go to GOOGLE and type in Atomic Women Graves Disease and read all the links you get, because YOU need to be VERY informed. LOTS of folks regret ever doing RAI.
2102364 tn?1334184877 I am now gluten free and taking minerals, and other things to straighten out my high blood pressure and stomach issues and cholesterol. I also have recently had trouble sleeping all night but am feeling better now. I do have a question. The mineral that I am taking has idione in it and my doctor hasn't called me back to say if I can handle that. I had always thought that I couldn't take anything with idione in it. I don't think my level of tirosent is high enough.
Avatar f tn I have been given 30mg of Lansoprazole which I hear is very effective. I will use this for 28 days and hope it repairs some of the damage to my stomach lining and oesophagus. Interestingly my GP was not happy with me taking ACV as he said it is an acid and wd only worsen matters. Through my research however, many acids turn alkaline in the stomach. Why oh why did he not know this???
200220 tn?1361955154 Does anyone have stomach problems. I have pain in my stomach not abdomen. Really bad pain after I eat. Sometimes it takes a few hours and sometimes it hurts as I am eating. I went to a M.D. holistic doctor and he took a lot of blood test and stool tests and said that I was allergic to almost everything I eat and said I had celiac disease and not to eat almost everything I eat. Then my thyroid hit and I didn't do what he told me to do as I was fighting for my life.
Avatar f tn However if Lactose intolerance/malabsorption to one, probably Lactose intolerance/malabsorption to another, like food and other drugs. Many other conditions, including stomach flu and irritable bowel syndrome can have similar symptoms, as well as some foods and drugs. So switching from Synthroid to Levoxyl may not solve a 100% of the problems, but it should help ease some, that is, if it is from Synthroid. Hey worth a try! Hope this helps. Thank you for your faith and confidence.
Avatar n tn This has gotten more painful and constant over the months. Can Graves Disease also create stomach problems? What other problems are associated with Graves disease. Did the radioactive iodine treatment hurt my intestines? I also have developed cysts in my breasts, overies and sinuses I also have tumors in my uterus and under my skin on my left hand side.
Avatar f tn i have had graves disease and 3 rai in the 20yrs and my hypothyroid has gotten worse, i have lost 20 pounds and i am having touble gaining weight i am 5 ft 8 and weigh 118 pound and have increased the my intake in food, dec 2010 i was diagnosed fibromyalgia,numbness in legs and hands and weakness in legs and have heavy sweating at night time lately,how can i geain my weight back again without raising my cholesteral problem and i have low blood pressure and heart palpitations at night
Avatar n tn Having Hashimoto's means alot of dose changes, because after each attack on itself, my med level changes, you get to where you recoginize the symptoms, and when your body is off. My personal experience, when I get the swollen throat and stomach problems, my dose is too high, and needs to go back down. But, with the effects of this diesase, in just a matter of weeks and you might be right back on the same dose again and feel fine, so strange.
Avatar f tn I am 58 with graves disease. Have been on carbizamole for 18 months reducing from 20mg to l0 mg. I am feeling really well with lots of energy except for stomach bloating and bouts of diarrhea. When diagnosd TSH O.1: T4 18: T3 10: now TSH 1.1: T4 15: T3 5.4: scale 0.5 - 4.7 for TSH 9 - 24 for T4 and 2.5 - 5.3 for T3. Tried to come off carbizamole few months ago but symptoms came back after a week.
558632 tn?1303474725 I am going to be tested for Celiac at end of April, just wondering if there are others with same thing and i can ask questions if needed? I have graves, pernecious anemia, vita D. deficiency, and meniere's all autoimmune, other conditions as well, but i believe those are all associated with celiac right? If i do have it, i am thinking it could of been the culprit all along and caused these others?
Avatar n tn Then, you wait for a long time to get an appointment hoping they know what the H*** THEY are talking about and can actually meet your specific needs and understand your problem which you have not one clue about. The ask a nurse people are nice for those of you who want to talk to someone other than the message boards : 0) THanks again GL! I think I need to Whine, and Wine! My heart does go out to people out there one and all who are suffering from something or scared/worried etc.. Truly.
Avatar n tn It must have put the sleeping part of my brain back to normal because now I sleep real well, with only now and then problems. I agree, read all you can and become well informed before making any decisions. ATDs and Near-total thyroidectomy have little, if any, effect on the course of ophthalmopathy. RAI might have a temporary effect or temporary worsening in some and some say their TED got better with RAI.
Avatar n tn She has the severe stomach pain and cant keep much on her stomach. She has lost so much weight and feels so awful...... I feel so sorry for her. I wouldnt wish this disease on my worst enemy.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking in March 2006 and was dx with Graves in October 2006 although looking back my first problems were in 1985. Graves is in my family so is Hashi's. Luck of the Irish lol !
Avatar n tn I have since been diagnosed with Graves Disease as well. The Graves caused a lot of anxiety until it was under control. My stomach issues have previously settled down with a course of prilosec. This summer, however, that is not the case. My blood work shows that I am anemic, but there is no blood in the fecal occult test. I am still having stomach issues (heat in lower abdomen and around the breastbone) but only in the early morning.
Avatar n tn First it is entirely possible to get afib via gas bloat and other stomach and digestive tract disorders. If your stomach and digestive tract is as described then you must have inflamation. All this inflamation and bloat and gas will push up on your diaphram and surrounding areas and cause great discomfort and pain but also can press upon nerves.
200220 tn?1361955154 I use those microwaveable wraps and put them wherever the pain is. I also got terrible stomach pain and used one of those to help and it did. I don't know what caused that either. nurseynurse - I am getting ready to go to a homopathic, MD and ask him about things like the selenium. I asked my endo whether I still had antibodies and he said he didn't know. He is new to my case over the last two years.
Avatar m tn I have seen a cardiologist and have had eco and exam and heart doc says nothing is wrong with heart. He also ordered a heart monitor which I have been wearing for a week and will be for at least a couple weeks to rule out heart as a cause. I have seen several Endo’s since my TT and don’t really have a lot of faith in any of them. One said and I quote “ reverse T3 doesn’t mean ****” which has made question things lol. Endo also recommends I start an SSRI.