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Avatar n tn Most everyone with Graves' disease is initially hypothyroid and it's usually not mild. Some people develop GD after being overtly hypothyroid and on thyroid replacement hormone for several years. A person could go into spontaneous remission, but how long will it take ? it could take years and how much damage will it do to your system before remission is achieved? Years ago before there was treatment 50% of people died of Graves'. Do you want to take that risk?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 1995. After about 3 years of trial and error and various treatments, I finally had reached a point where even though I still had some problems with fatigue, etc., for the most part I was finally able to live a fairly semi-normal life again. Then about two months ago I started having problems with TIAs (mini strokes). I have had problems physically such as numbness of fingers and foot of right side, weak legs and back, droopy eyes, slurred speech.
Avatar f tn I don't have angioderma plus my vital signs are all good after eating (normal blood pressure, heart rate and peak flow) and other than a random bump here and there, I don't really have hives. But I just don't feel good after eating. I feel a little nauseated and dizzy plus eating tends to make the enlarged thyroid swell more irritating the tight feeling I have in my throat. My concern is that I'm already losing too much weight and trying to eat as much as I can to keep from losing more.
Avatar m tn 5 yrs - Symptoms vary in intensity and duration, but they are as follows - heavy tiredness, muscle weakness, balance probs, anxiety, palpatations, muscle aches, joint pain, occassional strange explosions in my head ( feel like a split second stroke ), tingling sensations in my face and numbness in my hands, muscle twitches and cramps, hard to get up in the am, migraine headches, involuntary jerks, ? depression and seem to have CNS medication sensitivities.
Avatar f tn I recently went back to work outside the home at a law firm and now this chronic pain in the neck which has caused numbness and pain in my right arm and now in the leg too is preventing me from working. I am so fed up and frustrated with the Saskatchewan health care system. Sure it's free and all but by the time I get an actual diagnosis for my problem I will more than likely be dead.
Avatar n tn fatigue, eye problems (swelling, pain, extreme sensitivity to light, and redness) arm numbness and tingly, burning pain off and on in my right thigh, frequent urination at night, I get really hot and start to sweat and I have noticed muscle weakness. I just feel like sometimes people think you make these kind of things up. I just want to feel like myself again. Any advice on what kind of doctor I should be seeing or what my symptoms sound like would be of great help. I appreciate your time.
Avatar f tn I found the site and it's the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association ( When you go there, click on "Patient Information" icon, which takes you to page with a "select"-bar at top. Choose "Hashimoto's", then click submit and it will state the info. from my last post. AR, there is also "Graves" info., just select it and press submit and you'll get info..
Avatar n tn At first my endocrinologist was reluctant to prescribe more than a token amount of levosynthroid, although I was becoming symptomatic with hypothyroid symptoms. She feared Graves disease returning. I see her every 6 weeks and get blood drawn, and she has gradually raised the synthroid every time so that I am up to 112 mg per day. Obviously, every time I get labs done, I am thyroid-deficient. The last TSH level was 9.5. 9.5 is high, but not super high. Nonetheless, I feel exhausted.
Avatar f tn i have had graves disease and 3 rai in the 20yrs and my hypothyroid has gotten worse, i have lost 20 pounds and i am having touble gaining weight i am 5 ft 8 and weigh 118 pound and have increased the my intake in food, dec 2010 i was diagnosed fibromyalgia,numbness in legs and hands and weakness in legs and have heavy sweating at night time lately,how can i geain my weight back again without raising my cholesteral problem and i have low blood pressure and heart palpitations at night
Avatar n tn I also wondered about autoimmune dz since I have had Graves in the past. I do not drink (regularly) and do not have DM. I have seen a Dr. and had an KUB xray which was negative. He thought maybe IBS, but I don't think so. I will keep you posted. I really appreciate all of your advise.
Avatar n tn I've read posts from folks on another boards, (e.g. the national foundation for Graves disease) and it sounds like when their meds weren't adjusted they had similar problems to yours. I hope that you can get your meds back in line-or determine the root cause of the problem and start feeling better real soon. It is awful to feel bad and not know what to do about it. Hang in there and know that you're not alone!
1773941 tn?1331680359 Then the nystagmus diagnosis along with sinking ground when walking, extreme dizziness and bulge discs in my c5 6 and 7, pain and numbness in left arm down to the fingers. Double vision really bad, I wear a prism in my glasses. I didn't start to put all of my pieces to the puzzle together until recently. I think back to when i had cat scratch fever and then the "lazy tongue" , my stiff neck, knee joint and hip jjoint pain.
Avatar f tn I have about reached the end of that proverbial rope looking for a doctor with special interest in and experience in treating patients with Graves Disease. I was diagnosed a few years ago and have been going downhill since. Have just "fired" my endocrinologist--for a multliple of reasons. Would appreciate any info on finding an endocrinologist in the upstate NY (Utica, Syracuse, Cooperstown) area...
Avatar f tn I have extreme sensitivity to caffeine which was not an issue until these symptoms all began to appear about a year ago. I have a younger sister with Graves' disease and noticed I am having the same symptoms she was before diagnosis. My primary physician says I am "normal". The endocrinologist dismissed me as "crazy". It is important to note that both of these doctors confirmed I have a goiter, but continue to say I am normal despite the thyroid enlargement.
Avatar m tn 1- Since my *free T4* levels are not that high (borderline high 23 to 28 normal being 12-22), Can thyroid cause numbness and tingling in both arms and both legs? 2- Can thyroid cause twitching and jerking movements (including the back and forth lateral movements of my Index finger several times a day and each time for one minute) and all over my legs and arms followed by muscle weakness?( Choreia caused by hyperthyroidisim?
Avatar f tn other conditions are asthma, the graves disease, chronic daily migraines, insomnia, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and aniemia, and there is one more I'm not sure what the doctor calls it but it has to do with extreme bleeding. I think I covered it all if you have any more questions please pm me its easier.
Avatar f tn My grandmother on my mom's side had thyroid disease, my father's sister has Graves ) my father's cousins (GodFather and his kids) all have thyroid disease , Lupus, and one of them unknown. And my father's grandmother's neice has ms. This is just so crazy to me. I really do not have a question just wanted to share what I learned today. My GodFather and I shared lots of stories, tears, and laughter. It was sooooo wonderful to be with him today. I needed that!!!
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 27 yrs male, and 4 yrs ago I had the graves disease, took the radio pill, became hypo. I had been on 125 mcg synthroid, and recently changed to combination of T4, T3. Since I became hypo I started having numbness in my hands and legs, especially when I have one leg above the other for a while "less than 5 minutes" or when I sleep on my hand or anything like that. I got a full comprehensive wellness test, and it showed that everything was perfect.
Avatar f tn It was fine and then came back with worse chest pain and numbness in my arms and shoulders about a month ago. (I always have the chest pain and numbness/pain in my arms and shoulders, and chest pain. but this last episode, the pain took mybreath away it was so sharp and sudden, so it was worse than normal) So I went in to see cardiologist. They ordered a thyroid test, an echocardiagram and a stress test, and told me to take my beta blockers instead of forgetting them.
Avatar f tn i have seen a neurologist and been test to see if there is nerve damage and there isn't, and i see a gastro doctor who treats me for this disease and no one has any idea what is going on... my neurologist is also going to test me for gluten in my diet, because i have problems that would indicate they are neuro from gluten in my diet...
Avatar f tn I have been to 11 specialists which include neuro, endo, PCP, rheumatologist, Infectious disease dr, etc and no one can seem to give me any answers. I have ordered the lyme test from Igenix and I plan to go and see a lyme specialist out of state. Could this possibly be lyme though I have not been bitten by a tick?
5433740 tn?1470515138 I have been going to doctors on and off for 11 years now.. I don't know what is wrong with me.. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2010, took a pill to make my thyroid non-fuctional, and am now currently taking L-thyroxine (.125mg) ..
Avatar f tn I am also bruising very very easy these days. I do have Graves Disease, but it is pretty much controlled with my medicine.
Avatar n tn Of course more data is needed on thyroid and heart disease - the risk of a low TSH and heart disease is increased with advanced age (typically greater than 65) - this is in population studies usually in patients not on thyroid hormone, but expert opinion is that a low TSH in a pt on thyroid is at risk as well (again, esp with advanced age). The 6h study is interesting - shows the powerful TSH suppression of relatively high dose armour (ie 3grams).
Avatar f tn Along with the hyperthyroid symptoms, I have had a few occassional severe migraines wtih pre-migraine visual disturbances and numbness to hands over past couple months. Migraines have not been an issue for me in the past and the ones I experienced over past couple months weren't frequent. Was referred to endo who I saw today and she ordered ft4, t3, and tsh levels to reconfirm along with antibody screens. I haven't received these back yet.
393685 tn?1425816122 Feels like I have a kink in my neck and there is pain/stiffness in my shoulder blade - neck and head. Almost feels like a numbness in my left eye and eyebrow. a whole 5 hrs of sleep and have to preform 8 hrs at work. This is the worst part - being tired. I can handle the pain I suppose - but waking up is a bummer. Red - thanks for the info - I read that on the site in MArch when this first came up. The site is so large I am glead you found it and cc'd me.
Avatar n tn Hi i have been getting B12 injections since 2005 approx. so cant take it orally as no Intrinsic Factor. I have Graves disease and have been on 150 of Thyroid tabs since around 2000. Otherwise very healthy and fit and aged 46 female. I get the injection every 3 months or so now and only on the last time a male nurse gave it to me at my medical centre. I didnt feel anything unusual at the time. I too like a lot of women i notice on here like to go for a run and do a few tricep dips etc.
Avatar n tn I went to urgent care 2 weeks ago, with major shaking, heart palpitation, heart rate over 100, pins and needle sensations in feet (not constant), foot numbness. The week before I decided to stop taking my medication (.125 mcg - synthroid) because of the body tremors. The tremors got worse. Dr. advised me to get back on my medication, so I have been for the past 3 weeks. Blood was drawn and I was at TSH 10.8. These tremors are rediculous and embarrassing. Anxiety makes them worse.