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Avatar f tn That is, a patient with celiac disease who has been on a gluten free diet and tests negative for IgA anti-gliadin antibodies, will show a rapid increase in antibody production when challenged by gluten in the diet. Approximately 90% of challenged patients will yield a positive IgA anti-gliadin result within 14-35 days after being challenged. The IgG antibodies are somewhat slower. My posting is in TWO parts as it exceeds the limit of words.
Avatar n tn However, there remains a chance of hypothyroidism and other complications, and not all Grave disease patients are suitable for this. Please discuss with your treating specialist. Take care!
Avatar n tn If Graves is in the family, then Hashi can be inherited as well. The TSI is the test for Graves. An intolerance to gluten can also cause this disease. Hashimoto's can stem from a gluten intolerance and I believe Graves can as well. I have Hashi. I tested negative for Celiac, but I have given up gluten and am feeling much better. For a better understanding of thyroid disease and its connection to the stomach, read www.thyroidbook.
Avatar n tn bummer. a new diet is no problem as it's much healthier anyhow and i am symptom free with a few tweaks here and there with my meds over the past 10 years. good luck edrienz there is hope yet!
Avatar f tn I have graves' too, but my symptoms came on gradually over 5-7 years before being diagnosed. I felt like I was going crazy. Very rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, anxiety, muscle cramping, ect. I also have TED. I was diagnosed and a month later had RAI, because my hyper symptoms where so bad and they said my high heat rate could be dangerous. About 6 months after RAI I had gone completely hypo, due to my drs lack of knowledge. I could barley move and was a complete mess.
Avatar m tn 2hr empty stomach for the Liothyronine and no food after 30 min of this pill. Gluten free diet for 6 months. Hoping someone can check my values and give me any hopes about improving my condition.
Avatar f tn I have had hypothyroidism for many years and was just diagnosed by Dr Arem with Hashimoto's disease. He put me on a Gluten - free, diary free, sugar free and fruit free diet. He said that this will reduce the inflammation in my body. I have been on this about 1 week and it is really hard but I am determined to succeed! I am also on compounded T3 and synthroid. Vitamin D was down and I am taking that too. Besides the weight gain, my hair is falling out!
897578 tn?1241724871 Has anyone here tried a Gluten Free diet? I, too have both Hashi's and Graves...but I have been on a strict GF diet for 3 months, had my Nature Throid ( non synthetic hypothyroid medication ) dose adjusted, and now I feel fantastic...I lost 7 pounds ( 132 to 125 ), have the energy I used to have, joint pain gone, etc etc... I am trying to do this as naturally as I can...
Avatar f tn Clearly there is a lot different opinions about a gluten free diet and how it relates to autoimmune system diseases such as the one that is near and dear to many forum members - Hashi's. I totally agree with an old definition of a scientist as one who proceeds to discover the facts, rather than try to prove a preconceived opinion. I think that is what we are all after here, is to discover facts that will benefit members.
Avatar f tn I am 45 years old and had Graves' Disease about 10 years ago. It has been in remission for several years. For about the past 9 months, I have had diahrrea. I had a colonoscopy done in May (2008) and it was fine so my Gastro Dr. said that I probably have IBS. He prescribed Elavil 10mg. This worked until the end of May then he increased it. This kept happening, and now I am taking 125mg of Elavil and still having problems with diahrrea.
2102364 tn?1334184877 Swedish research of 2005 reports a lower quality of life for 14 to 21 years after treatment of Graves' disease, with lower mood and lower vitality, regardless of the choice of treatment.
Avatar f tn I have done some research now and have come up with some good and bad foods with regards to Graves Disease. There are many conflicting views out there and as I am on a block and replace medication I go from Hyper to Hypo quite often so I will need a specialist diet drawn up for me. In the meantime I have ordered a weekly delivery of organic meats and veg and have drawn up some kind of plan below as to what I can and can't eat. Does anyone have any comments please???
455315 tn?1272111570 I had an antibody test taken a few months ago and will ask to have it checked again. I have been on a gluten free diet and I have not cheated at all for about 1 year. I don't know if it has lowered my antibodies or not. I am going to a new endo soon and will check this theory out with her. This is an endocrinology clinic and will certainly know something about this. Thanks for this important information and one that will encourage me in staying on this diet.
Avatar f tn Her doctor thought she may be ADHD but turns out she had Graves and the only way we found out she had Graves Disease was during her surgery to get tubes in her ears her blood pressure went up to 166/122. We had to figure out the cause of that. It has been only 2 weeks since she was diagnosed so I am learning about all of this stuff. They told me it wasn't very common in children so it kinda freaked me out but finding all of you guys has helped very much!
Avatar m tn Since the early 1980s evidence has shown that small intestinal permeability abnormalities in untreated coeliac disease as measured by dual-sugar permeability tests return to normal on a gluten-free diet,1 and that permeability changes correlate with intestinal morphology.2 Moreover, permeability can improve despite continued severe small intestinal morphological abnormalities.2" - The Lancet - Intestinal permeability in coeliac disease Volume 358, No.
558632 tn?1303474725 I don't care what any test shows, I know that somehow my Graves' dz and gluten sensitivity are interrelated. I believe that diet is a huge factor in controlling both. I know that gluten sensitivity can cause inflammation of the bowel and I have had a sensitive stomach (unable to lay on my stomach at night to sleep or have a doctor press on my stomach) since I was a young girl. It is all coming together now. My stomach is inflamed.
Avatar f tn I guess my question is this (to narrow down opinions, because there could be many) As i understand my condition is caused by a high count of antibodies in my body, correct? are there any medical studies out there that prove that eating gluten free and sugar free and grain free and dairy free and lower carb WILL lower ANTIBODIES??
435814 tn?1234452591 I was diagnosed in June 2007 with hyperthyroidism and graves disease. I was on Toporol and Tapazole for 6 months prior to having surgery. I had a total thyroidectomy in November 2007 and my recovery was great. I'm on Levoxyl now and still trying to find the right dose but so far so good.... it just needs a little tweaking here and there. I don't miss the graves symptoms at all. I've researched everything I can get my hands on and I still haven't found a clear-cut answer....
Avatar f tn Yes it makes sense why some respond with great success to a gluten free diet and others don't notice much of an improvement. I'm not sure what blood tests are available in Australia to test for gluten intolerance. I wouldn't mind having a Intestinal Permeability test done. However, tests are available in American may not be available in Australia as i've found out!
963964 tn?1319148818 For some people, iodine or iodine containing products worsens autoimmune thyroid problems (Hashimoto's and Graves' disease) and causes enlargement of the thyroid (goiter). Iodine is essential for a healthy thyroid but moderation is key.
200220 tn?1361955154 It is very hard to be gluten free but there is lots of stuff out there now to eat Marked clearly GLUTEN FREE. After one week of a gluten free diet my stomach pain left, along with IBS constipation/loose bowels, headaches, muscle pain and sleeplessness. TRY IT it will make a difference for you I am sure.
Avatar f tn Have you tried the nutritional and anti- inflammatory diet and supplements. My wife was given the same diagnosis and we fought it off with the natural approach. Stay away from sugar, carbs, GMOs, milk and add green drink and supplements to your diet. Don't give up hope. you can reverse this disease IA.
877337 tn?1249848050 I just had new blood work done this past Monday, got results yesterday and Free T4 and Free T3 are still bottom of range. I go back to endo on the 30th of June and will ask for increase in BOTH levothyroxine and cytomel OR am considering switching to Armour or Nature-throid. Did you ever go in remission? For how long? No What lifestyle changes have you had to make to adjust to your situation?
1550026 tn?1299339682 And I tried Gluten free for a week and it seemed to have absolutely no effect and had a test done to see if I had gluten intolerance, and No I didnt, but I want to try something that will help me, and I dont really know where to start, but I suspect food could be the culprit, so I am open to any ideas, that are not so expensive, and something more than a gluten free diet/and or something different than a gluten free diet.
Avatar f tn I have learned to find replacements for the things I love, such as rice and almond milk, Enjoy life chocolate bars and many, many gluten free and allergen free bread mixes, cakes etc. I drink hot lemon water with Stevia - NO SPLENDA or artificial sugar. I take many vitamins, including Magnesium, B12, D, Selenium, C, A, E, and a good fish oil. I also take a supplement called Clearvite given to me by my holistic doctor. I take X-FLM, specially formulated for the TH1 dominant Hashi patient.
1809109 tn?1331807377 On the other hand, 184 patients with coeliac disease were subjected to thyroid biochemical (thyroid stimulating hormone and free thyroxine) and thyroid serological tests (thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase antibodies). RESULTS: Of 104 patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, sixteen (15%) were positive for coeliac serology and five patients with documented villous atrophy were diagnosed with coeliac disease (4.8%; 95% CI 0.7-8.9).
Avatar n tn i am confused and wonder if someone might help me sort this out. I eat gluten free diet (as have been diagnosed celiac by high tTg back 6 years ago.) I am very watchful. I have high antithyroglobulin 173 (<60 is normal) and may TSP is 3.36 (they say normal but I see under 2 as preferred). My free T3 is normal 1.07 (normal .7-1.8) free T4 3.36 (normal .4-4) thyroid perox. AB 57 (normal less than 60) I am puzzled by high folate numbers 17.8(normal 2.8-17) and very high iodine 280.
646782 tn?1224284984 a gluten free diet is a difficult diet to stick to and needs a lot of reserch but it is a very healthy diet in the long run ,but make sure u are getting what your body needs day to day .i believe most celiacs can tolerate oats in small amounts which is good . have they given u beta blocker to stop the tach ?
Avatar n tn I disagree with many of your comments about CFS. I did eliminate gluten from my diet and noticed a difference. And a year after I started treatment for CFS, I found out that I could tolerate gluten again ! I also found out that gluten & alcohol intolerance are very common in patients who have CFS. My EBV titer is off the charts.. as you may be aware, chronic EBV symptoms (6 months or longer), can be the result of CFS.