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Avatar n tn In doing some research, it seems that playing video games may or may not have a role in grand mal seisures. What can set them off is light patterns so if the game happens to have a certain light pattern, that may do it. http***www.***********.com/resource/health_a-z_detail.asp?AZ=203 I hope this helped.
Avatar n tn Hello: My name is james I have had seizures since I was a child.I never had a Grand-mal while I was Young only strange feelings.The feelings I have are like I'am living back at an old house where I use to live.Then sometimes its like I concentrate on one thing and that brings on a seizure.I am 40 my first grand-mal was when I turned 33,since then I have went thru 100's of ora's or I was to da-ja vue feelings and I have had 15 grand-mals.My last grand-malwas 8-20-98.
Avatar n tn My 16 year old daughter had a grand mal seizure on Saturday, she also is suffering from short term memory loss, from everything im reading, this is normal! Is your husband also very fatigued? Dizzy? She hasnt had a MRI yet, it will be two weeks before they can get her in, Im scared to leave her alone! No one knows what caused it yet, that means I cant do anything to prevent it. I know what you mean about freaking out!!
Avatar m tn Absence seizures usually can be controlled with anti-seizure medications. Some children who have absence seizures also have grand mal seizures. Many children outgrow absence seizures in their teen years. ____________ If you think this is what is happening, definitely talk to her pediatrician.
Avatar n tn now about every 6 months or so, he has a seizure, and they are no longer like the complex partial that he used to have, they are more like grand mal...when we returned to the neurologist, she thinks that either he was misdiagnosed from the beginning and actually has jme, or that some scar tissue could be causing the brain to misfire occassionally. with the original diagnosis they ran the following tests, eeg, asleep eeg, video eeg, mri, and pet scan.
493978 tn?1209558218 Throughout all the time leading to the video recordings of the EEG, I havent ever had a grand mal or major seizure. They have always been small episodes of blacking out and losing conciousness for a few seconds, maybe up to 2 minutes. While I was in the hopital I had 4 seizurethat appeared to be grand mal seizures. I am no doctor and I know I cannot diagnose myself. I have only worked with the hadicapped and disabled for 5 years and have been seizure trained.
Avatar f tn complex partials all of my life but at an older age I statred having grand mals as well. In regards to video games and computers it all depends on what triggers the seizures. I am unable to stay exposed to video games and computer screens for long time periods due to the bright, counter-connecting waves which for unexplained reasons trigger my seizures. Once again, that's something to discuss with your doctor. I would suggest observing your seizure activity while on the computer.
Avatar n tn No problems until he was 15 when he had a grand mal seizure after staring at the sun. No problems until Jan 1, 2007 he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and was told he had probably had it for awhile. He was hospitalized with ketoacidosis for 6 days. He is 19yrs old now. He is insulin dependant. In March he had a grand mal seizure at school outside after basketball practice. We assumed his blood sugar was low or it was the light. The neurologist had to reschedule his appointment twice.
Avatar m tn A partial seizure involving the face often lasts longer and occurs more frequently than a facial tic that happens in conjunction with a larger, grand mal seizure. Dogs who are severely affected by facial mal seizures may suffer as many as five to 10 episodes an hour, or as few as one every few months. Facial seizures that accompany grand mal seizures most often occur in the aura phase of a seizure.
Avatar f tn after a few seconds of half laying down half sitting up, he falls backwards and begins to go into what would be described as a grand mal seizure. I have to say that I was pretty terrified. He snapped out of it within about 30 seconds to a minute. My father is an emergency room doctor and a physician; I disregarded my friend and asked my father what he thought, to which he said that he needs to get it checked out.
Avatar f tn my 16 yr old son who suffers from autism cerebral palsey ocd servere to profound hearing loss and epilepsy has suffered 3 seizures in 2 weeks, 1 tonic seizure may 2, 1 grand mal may 7 and 1 grand mal may 17. he is now taking 1000mg depakote. his depakote level is 105 (he weighs 98 lbs) since his last seizure on may 17 he now cries for hours before he falls asleep, and wakes during the night crying. i think his meds r affecting him. can u please give me an idea to help him?
Avatar f tn Hi, my 17 yro son was found last week, on the ground, across the street from his HS. Apparently he was having a severe Grand Mal Seizure. EMS reported he had been seizing for at least 15 minutes. Verset was administered to stop his seizing. However, he has a history of neg reaction to Versed as well as many other medications. This is due to a medobolic disorder, which causes various reactions and poor metabolizing of all drug's.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with grand-mal seizures when Iwas 15 yoa after having my first grand mal seizure. After batteries of tests through the years (I am now 53 and seizure free for 18 years), I have never been given a reason for why. After 36 years of being on Dilantin and those side effects, I was placed on Topamax in the last year and have tolerated it well so far.
Avatar f tn Can Methadone Withdrawal cause a Grand Mal Seizure Disorder patinet to have more Grand Mal Seizures?. She does not have her meds.
Avatar m tn My 6 year old had a grand mal seizure for the first time ever two weeks ago. She ended up at the Children’s Medical Hospital in Dallas. All test game back good, except for the EEG, but it was only slightly abnormal. Last weekend, she fell while playing and hit her head on the table. She was very upset (unusual for her) and started having shaking seizures that lasted 5-20 seconds. She throw up with each seizure. She probable had about 10 of these over 3-4 hours.
Avatar f tn I am 29, and had my 2nd Mirena IUD inserted in January of this year (2012), because I had it before and loved it. Well On February 9th I had my first ever grand mal seizure and stopped breathing. I began spotting the next day. I had no period for March or April and then On May 10th at 2am, I had a grand mal seizure again and aspirated on my own vomit causing me to be intabated. I began spotting when I awoke around noon on the 10th.
Avatar m tn After some of my seizures (post operation) I came to consciousness begging the paramedics to give me tissues to blow my nose and rid my throat of congestion and mucus. I experienced my last grand mal seizure ten days ago while walking around the city of Dominica when the temperature was well over 90 deg. F. About 20 minutes prior to the seizure I drank a bottle of water sold to me by a street vendor who retrieved the bottle from a dirty ice water chest!
Avatar f tn My 43 year old daughter has been diagnosed with epilepsy with a hemiangioma on her left temporal lobe. She has had petitmal seizures for the past 10 years, she chalked them up to high strees. In Oct '07 she had a grand mal seizure, was prescribed Tegratol but did not take the medicine. In Dec '07 she has a second grand mal seizure and began her meds which have been increased from time to time.
Avatar n tn Six months ago I was camping and had a hypoglycemic grand mal seizure that lasted approx. 1 1/2 hours (the person I was with did not know what to do). I won't go into the short-term complications I experienced. However, I still experience weakness and mild pain in my lungs and periodic studdering. What are the long-term complications of a sustained seizure? Why do my lungs still hurt! Thank you so much!
Avatar f tn Now nearly 3 years ago I had brain surgery (left temporal lob resection) and went a little over a year seizure free. Then I had a grand mal seizure. Was doing fine and all of a sudden started having seizures in a different form that I've never had before. I feel like I'm going into a grand mal seizure. My body jerks and it's over quickly. I will sometimes yell out before. I also get the feeling that my brain is jumping all around. What does all this mean?
Avatar n tn Eight months ago I suffered a Grand Mal Seizure. It was my first one and I have no family history of seizures. I find that I am now dealing with memory loss. I am frustrated because my memory was pretty sharp prior to the seizure. My doctor never really said that I'd experience this and I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with this as well. I'm not on any type of meds. for seizures or anything else.
Avatar n tn This time I had what doctors described as a generalized grand mal siezure. I was standing in the kitchen talking to my wife and my next thought was "Why are these paramedics standing over me"? According to her, I stood in front of her and stared at her for 30 seconds, stumbled towards the refrigerator, and collapsed on the floor. She said I was jerking all over in a rythm(as opposed to randomly). My total unconciousness lasted 6-7 minutes.