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1415174 tn?1453246703 Most personal trainers are not well trained, and if you've ever been in physical therapy for injuries, as I have often been, the room is filled with personal trainers. What's good for one person isn't necessarily good for another. All we know here is that you have a problem that is recurring, and all we want is for you to get it addressed by someone with some expertise so it doesn't become a chronic problem.
Avatar n tn Hello! It is always good for you to go for a routine check up of your cardio vascular and chest as you have risk factors in your lipid profile and as you are a little over weight. If everything is normal then rest and ibuprofen would be enough to relieve the pain. In the future try to maintain a proper normal BMI with proper dietary habits and exercise. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hey guys!! I need to change my workouts. I have always done 5 days of weight training and am seeing a lot of people in my gym doing different body parts during there workouts however; I was always told to only do everything seperately. Day 1, Legs. Day 2, Chest and tri's. 3) back 4) back 5) Delts. So my question is this....what do you think would be a great way to get my workouts showing quicker and better results? Thanks again.
Avatar m tn just like soreness ther day after a good chest workout...but no workouts in several weeks. Soreness is 'strong' for a while and then deminishes, but still lasts a long time...days now! It starts to make me worry about heart issues again...usually at rest. no pain in center of chest, however when I lay on my back some disconfort, fullness in center of chest. Stress is deficitely a part of my life and I hope it is just stress related, but concerned.
Avatar n tn after this weekend is over i think i'll have some time to give it a good rest.!! im in nashhville and ever since the flood 2 weekends ago its been time to relax!! i think we'll have it handled after sunday. =) thanks again.
Avatar n tn I actually start being scared and afraid when it comes to making a move on a woman and I know I'm good enough to go out and have a good time but the thoughts of what will happen if this moves forward start to plague me! The last two times was embarassing... I even faked/pretended to be afraid that I have testosterone deficiency and underwent a lot of stress with the doctors! I started thinking maybe this happens only with me! So I started trying to control my masturbation a few weeks back...