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Avatar f tn Just fyi for anyone wondering... Dr's Weight Loss clinics (Orland Park/Lansing/Indiana) was in a cheap sketchy office across from a mall, the staff couldn't even give directions, the answering machine was IMPOSSIBLE to understand do to the doctors very thick accent and it costs $120 a month. Although Jorie Center in Oakbrook also had a doctor of some questionable merit, the building is nice, the office is well marked, the staff was polite and educated and the cost is a mere $55 a month..
Avatar f tn I had a csection 2 months ago and my Dr told me I can go back to the gym and do whatever type of exercise i want but im not too shure about that... I know i cant lift anything heavy but can Run, zumba, etc?
Avatar f tn How does everyone workout everyday to stay fit? I am a FTM and I want to stay fit and not lay around the house everyday gaining weight. So can y'all help me ? Please .
Avatar f tn I really recommend pregnancy yoga in your 2nd and 3rd trimester, before that aqua aerobics, swimming, normal yoga and Pilates, gym workout, light jog, stationary bike and cross trainer, anything really as long as you are feeling well and comfortable doing it.
Avatar n tn Now, I am ready to take this to a mental health specialist but how does one find one who knows about this disorder. I live in Lansing MI and we have access to all kinds of specialists.......but how can I find one who knows of this disorder and can treat it?
Avatar f tn Is it better to workout in the morning after u wake up..empty stomach..or at the end of the day..after some time after dinner..?? Also..the only exercise i do is..cardio..brisk walk on manual treadill at ma home..for abt 40 min..is it enough..?? I m 53 kg n want to become 50kg...n lose fat frm my thighs n n arms????
Avatar f tn I really feel motivated to exercise and workout the muscles that haven't been used in probably 8 years. lol! Back when I was 14-17 I would join my father in the gym, but his trainer gave me different things to do to just be fit and toned. I do have some equipment at my house and my husband works crazy hours so we can't just go to a gym. Plus, I would like to look semi-decent to be able to even show up at a gym. (Yea, I've let myself go that bad.
Avatar m tn They do not get much bigger than a dime or nickel in size and usually form a head which I can squeeze the pus out. After several days, they subside and go away. It seems like I get one or 2 every month and its very annoying and painful at times. None of them have been so sever in which they need Lansing I can take care of them on my own, however, I want to know whats going on? I don't have diabetes, the Navy would have found that out already, what could be the problem what can I do?
Avatar f tn I used Lansing lanolin cream. You can also use coconut oil. My nipples were sore for like 6 weeks with my first. It will get better, hang in there! You are providing your baby with the best food customized just for her!
7290973 tn?1403777469 I'm loving the snow right now. Hubby and I just went for a walk across our property and there's spots where the snow is more than a foot taller than me! We had SO much fun. I hope the workout gets my little guy moving!
Avatar n tn You are probably not going to lose weight at first. You're replacing fat with muscle. It takes some time for the weight loss to occur, but it is mostly the result of changing your diet. Change to low carb, high fat and protien diet. Get rid of sugar and gluten.
Avatar m tn Thanks Flycaster Thats exactly what I found out ....I can go at 3.5 mph walking for 45 min. and I cant get my heartrate over 105 ... What you say with the difficulty makes sense .....I just didnt realize that it would keep you that low..
Avatar f tn Anyone workout till the end ? or how late into pregnancy did you. Im 35 weeks and still going to the gym. (4 days ) my dr. Said to stay active since i was extremely active before but i was wondering if anyone is doing the same or plan to.. or did it help with bringing labor or thru labor ?
773214 tn?1295135069 I have been looking online and I am confused on which one to go with after reading the customer reviews, etc...I am not a hardcore type of girl but I don't want something TOO easy either....any recommendations? Once the weather gets nicer I will try to get outside and walk.
Avatar f tn Any suggestions for a full body workout. I want to alternate Monday = upper body / Tuesday = 20 min cardio / Wednesday = lower body / Thursday = 20 min cardio / Friday = upper / Saturday = 20 min cardio / Sunday = rest. The next week start Monday = lower body etc. I’m sorry is this too much info I still new at this thing call sharing. So much inside.
168348 tn?1379357075 What two things do you wish would just go away with your thyroid .... it's okay ... vent it here! My answer: 1. Tightness around the lymph node on side of partial thyroidectomy 2.
Avatar f tn Cool. I used to live in East Lansing when DH (BF then) worked in Warren 15 years ago. We the moved together to Brighton. Michigan has our sweetest memories.
Avatar f tn In terms of sleep, I would just take it easy, apparently you can go back to work the next day. Although I would take it off personally. Have you done a cycle, or have one coming up?