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352798 tn?1399298154 A person can be highly allergic to gluten and not have Celiac Sprue. The treatment is the same. Avoid all gluten products. That is why I have been suggesting to get the test from They test for the bodies reaction to gluten products. There is no biopsy done.
Avatar f tn So, in my case, the correct terminology as of yet is gluten intolerance. In your case, since you are testing positive for an allergy to gluten, then gluten sensitivity is certainly the correct terminology.
Avatar n tn You still need celiac testing. Celiac sprue is an autoimmune disease and the intolerance to gluten is not the same as an allergy or sensitivity. A lot of people with celiac can also have a sensitivity or develop one, but one does not discount the other. Sorry.
Avatar f tn Pls consult an allergy specialist and get allergy tests like skin ***** test or blood tests like RAST done to find out the specific allergen if you have gluten allergy. These tests will also rule out gluten sensitive enteropathy (celiac sprue) which is similar in symptoms to gluten allergy.If the allergy tests come out negative,then serological tests will help.Pls consult a gastroenterologist then. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I have been told that Celiac's is a gluten intolerance, not a food allergy -- Food allergy and intolerance are different, so you may be allergic to gluten without actually having celiac's. This publication explains the difference :) Hope this helps!
634941 tn?1222839802 // gives all the details of gluten sensitivity. gives all possible available gluten free diets. However a word of caution; Please see a physician for his problems. He could also be suffering from Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis or any other form of irritable bowel disease. The symptoms of all these match with that your boyfriend. Please refer http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Allergy testing is not that accurate. Sorry you went thru it. If you have Celiac then you will be having pretty severe cramping and diarrhea within 45 minutes of having a high gluten meal. Test it yourself at home. This is a pretty sure fire indication. It is cruel to make you wait so long for results. I would call and bug the MD office for results, they usually get them mmore quickly than they tell you.
Avatar n tn and his son has Celiac disease)... that you can have gluten intolerance without having Celiac disease.
Avatar f tn I just found out about gluten ataxia on the living without site. I had allergy testing finally done with a skin test about a year and a half ago after many many years of being sick (at least 24 years) It came up with wheat and barley allergy. I was told to do GF for 3 weeks and see if any differentce. There was an amazing difference!! Changed a lot of things however still had fogginess.
Avatar m tn It is a skin reaction caused by Celiac disease, which is sort of an allergy to gluten. It is not catching. Stopping the ingestion of gluten should allow it to go away.
Avatar f tn s safe. Does this sound like an allergy or celiac? I hear celiac is genetic and as far as I know, no one in my family is celiac. I did have a perfectly "healthy" as far as diet and lean grandmother die of colon cancer- an obesity and poor diet related disease, so it makes me wonder if it went undiagnosed with her.
Avatar m tn Well since you get bloating and flatulence, more pronounced after a morning ceral of oat and wheat, there is a huge chance that you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease or Non Celiac gluten sensitivity. There are blood tests called celiac test to detect gluten intolerance. You should ideally consult a gastroenterologist (a specialist who looks after the diseases of our digestive system). You can stop the cereals and see if this helps.
489725 tn?1280052553 thanks for your answer.
Avatar f tn A person can eat gluten products, such as regular breads and pastas for many years in the person's lifetime, then suddenly start having these symptoms. This is not uncommon. Allergies work the same way. Just note that while Celiac sufferers have to treat gluten like an allergy, it's not really an allergy. There is more going on than an allergy, because it's an autoimmune illness with the symptoms triggered by gluten.
Avatar n tn I react to wheat/gluten, even though I test negative for allergy tests and Celiac. I have IBS and I clearly have gluten intolerance, regardless of what any of the official tests say. If I want to suffer, all I have to do is eat something I know has gluten in it. Then, it takes forever for the colon to stop cramping and having constipation. I think it's better to just stay away from gluten if you have any doubts or if you're having symptoms.
Avatar f tn Did he start vomiting again when he started eating gluten again? He may not have a gluten allergy but he may be sensitive to gluten. If he feels better when not eating gluten, then don't let him eat gluten. Also, in rare cases, the biopsy will be normal even though the person has celiac disease. Have they figured out why he has ulcers?
Avatar f tn Cut out all carbs (good and bad) - I ate vegetable soups and salads and drank water - add a bit of GOOD carbs back in and in about 2 hours if your symptoms (mine was horrid gas, cramping, constipation) reappear, you can be pretty sure you have an INTOLERANCE to gluten (celiac disease). There is a huge difference between a food ALLERGY and a food INTOLERANCE. Allergies can be life threatening, intolerance can be uncomfortable. Both are considered celiac disease - just different degrees.
Avatar f tn ** For example, elevated IgA antigliadin is a proven useful marker of the immune reaction in the small intestine triggered by gluten, in celiac disease. Basically, this means you most likely do have celiac disease. This means nothing with gluten should be consumed or you will probably have a reaction. It's a food allergy to gluten - Gluten is in A LOT of foods. Pasta, Bread, Wheat (BEER for example). We are fortunate to have gluten free foods now.
Avatar m tn The gluten issue is further complicated because there is both celiac disease (autoimmune gluten intolerance) and and non-celiac gluten intolerance. With celiac disease, antibodies attack tissue in the gut making it progressively hard to absorb nutrients. Your doctor probably did an antibody test for celiac, However, the blood test is not conclusive, only a small intesting biopsy is conclusive.
Avatar m tn Maybe I am wrong, but it was my understanding that there is still gluten in sprouted wheat. Can anyone confirm or deny? If you have a wheat allergy, sprouting works, but if it is a gluten allergy it doesn't help you.
Avatar m tn s the amount of gluten that matters rather than whether it has any at all. For others it is a wheat allergy rather than a gluten allergy, so the people can still have barley, rye and oats. For me, it's the gluten itself.) So, I would encourage you to get to a naturopath for proper guidance on an elimination diet and try that as well.
Avatar m tn for a wheat allergy yes, gluten intolerance isnt an allergy so skin test wont work, anyway i can differ between these 2 from symptoms?