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Avatar n tn I have gluten and seafood allergy and I don't have Celiac Disease instead I get rashes. The rashes last to almost 3 months and they are very itchy. Can someone tell me why the rashes last so long? Please help..
Avatar f tn She had pizza last night so I will continue to keep her on her current diet and see if it heals. She may have a gluten allergy. She does have little reddish dots and some look like pimples on the back of her arms and legs and bottom.
Avatar m tn I visited the doctor with a slightly raised rash on my side shortly after I started feeling itchy and was treated for scabies, and I went the extra step to be sure they couldn't live. At this point I don't believe I ever had scabies for many reasons. The rash faded away eventually but the itching never has, and I'm talking 6 months here. Since then I have not had any raised rashes, however, I have had hives appear randomly.
Avatar m tn The size of rash, type of rash, color of rash and associated symptoms all are necessary to be known before diagnosing any condition. Contact dermatitis, Psoriasis, heat rash, chicken pox all can cause rashes in these areas of the body. Other possibilities are candidiasis, fungal infections, parasitic infestations like scabies etc. In herpes there is a cluster of vesicles on a red base. In moist areas like the vagina it may cause ulcerations. Consult a dermatologist for a better evaluation.
Avatar m tn Had gluten intolerance diagnosed about six weeks ago, and before that had candida for almost eight years and presumably still have. About eight weeks ago eczema started to spread, first on my chest, then in the following weeks to my arms, neck and legs and lastly to my back. It has just been getting worse and worse, right up to now. On hearing of the gluten intolerance I immediately ceased (6 wks ago) eating all foodstuffs with gluten, wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc., etc.
Avatar n tn I have been to a dermatologist quite a few times, and all they tell me is its my body reacting to my nickel allergy, but I no longer have that nickel allergy rash on my stomach. And, I don't think its possible to have hives everyday for 3 years or I don't know why I would have such a problem.
290018 tn?1240365868 I am allergic to soy, casein, wheat, milk, eggs and odly enough mustard. My doctor put me on a gluten free diet and diary free diet and I have seen a world of a difference. Like one of the members have noted above I would definately have your child tested for celiac disease also called celiac spure. When a person has celiac disease that goes untreated they can also develop dairy intolerance. I just took the blood test for celiac disease a day ago.
Avatar f tn He has been allergy tested and milk tested. He has a small allergy to milk but not high. He is on rice milk and doing well. However it seem to be when he has a certain amount of sugar he has diarrhea and a rash the following day. I was just wondering if we should go see a gi doctor for him or not. I feel hes missing out on kid things and parties at school because of the reaction of the sugar. Is there a way to test if sugar or fructose is the problem with his tummy issues.
Avatar m tn AI think you might have gluten allergy, not wheat. Gluten is found in most foods try removing gluten from your diet.there are many resources online to help you know what contains gluten and what doesn't.
Avatar m tn Only answer I have been able to find on the same issue I am having is a gluten allergy. I was tested and diagnosed with Celiacs disease. Check it out. It can get serious and lead to wheat crisis and land you in the hospital. Research has shown that it is a genetic condition and is wise to get others tested if there is anyone in the family who has been diagnosed..... several of my family members are full blown celiac while others are just intolerant. Worth the testing.
424549 tn?1308515502 Hi! 5 years ago I was tested for food allergies. The tests came back with antibodies to gluten, soy and peanuts. It wasn't such a bad allergy that I was bothered with it in other ways than some itching spots here and there so I never changed my diet permanently to avoid any of those allergens. Two weeks ago I had more severe allergic reactions - itchy hands, rash, tightening throat. I took antihistamines and the worst reactions chilled.
Avatar f tn One of the most common causes of rash and vomiting is a food allergy. People can develop allergies to a wide variety of foods, including nuts, dairy products, shellfish, eggs, and wheat. Symptoms include lip and mouth swelling, nausea, stomach pains, and diarrhea, in addition to vomiting. The itchy rash that typically develops is also known as hives and tends to appear as large, flat, pink or red bumps.
Avatar m tn The best way to figure out if gluten is the culprit is to go on a trial elimination diet for gluten and/or dairy for at least a month to a month and a half before challenging the gluten by eating your usual gluten containing foods once again. If you break out after going back on gluten, then gluten is the culprit.
Avatar m tn Is dizziness upon standing a symptom of gluten intolerance, wheat allergy , or oat allergy? I have read that oats don't have gluten is this true, or will they affect people who are gluten intolerant? Im pretty sure they do affect me.
Avatar m tn I have been getting a rash off and on since winter came. The rash lasts a few minutes but it is extremely itch and prickly. When i go out in the cold and return into a room that is warm/well heated my skin breaks out in a rash. The dermatologist said it might be some type of allergy. He has prescribed numerous medications and i am still getting the rash. I'm starting to worry it might be a symptom for something serious.
Avatar n tn s is a gluten intolerance, not a food allergy -- Food allergy and intolerance are different, so you may be allergic to gluten without actually having celiac's. This publication explains the difference :) Hope this helps!
10866013 tn?1413399900 So as of right now she is off Gluten and things have slowed down per the whole chest, back but her flare ups on her arms remain and some on back and little on chest. We have a few tests out there with a local autoimmune Rheumatologist( 6 viles of blood) plus I had here send off a stool to Enterolab. I will pass on this year long in-depth look to a lot of doctors and negative results other then a Nickel reaction on a patch test. Thanks for reply and any feedback is appreciated.
Avatar f tn I think I am gluten intolerant. I have had stomach problems for 12 years and someone suggested I quit eating gluten. My stomach problems are gone; no more extreme bloating, pain, nausea or diarrhea. When i do eat gluten my stomach problems hit within half hour to an hour. I also notice that when i accidentally eat gluten my skin breaks out with abnormal blemishes. They are deep and filled with fluid. When I squeeze them fluid squirts out. Is that probably another allergic reaction?
Avatar f tn Okay, ya ready? You have 3 possibilities here: - celiac disease - non-celiac gluten intolerance - wheat allergy. It gets complicated because many studies and scholarly texts use "celiac disease" and "gluten intolerance" interchangably...they're not the same thing. Celiac is an autoimmune disease. Once you have one autoimmune (Hashi's), you're more prone to developing another (celiac). So, yes, there is a connection. Celiac can be tested for...
13435728 tn?1429937586 Thanks I will look at NAET and see what I can do. I have done allergy shots for 3 years in ontario and nothing came about from it.
Avatar n tn I would like to see the medical profession research further into the connections with gluten and geographic tongue, as it may well be an early indication of gluten intolerance, a disease that almost killed my son. I do not believe this is pure coincidence, as gluten intolerant people have the villi on the intestinal wall worned down by gluten, a similar thing to what occurs on the tongue - the protection is eroded away.
Avatar f tn Our 17 month old grandson broke out for the first time with a red rash on his cheeks, on his first birthday, right after eating bbq. We thought it looked like an allergy, and avoided that food. However, he began breaking out with this redness on his cheeks after eating almost anything. It was just redness, warm to the touch, and went away after an hour or less. Didnt itch, he didnt have a fever, and it did not seem to bother him, as he remained happy and very active.
8170270 tn?1413845335 A few days after starting this new medication I developed hives and a rash all over my body. I do not have a gluten intolerance though I typically avoid it and I am on no other daily medication. I have been taking Benadryl around the clock but it seems to be getting worse. I called my endo and he said he's never heard of such a thing. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn It also defines the difference between Celiac, gluten sensitivity (in this case, allergy), and gluten intolerance. It defines gluten intolerance as the culprit in all sorts of chronic ailments. And, this makes sense. The modern wheat grown today is vastly different from what our grandparents and great-grandparents knew when they were kids. It is dwarfed in height and the amount of the gliadin gluten is actually much higher than the native wheat that our forefathers knew.
Avatar f tn Thanks, I have tried a few gluten free foods every now and then, but not because I thought I had a gluten allergy. I will try eliminating that and see if it helps.
Avatar m tn for a wheat allergy yes, gluten intolerance isnt an allergy so skin test wont work, anyway i can differ between these 2 from symptoms?