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5461539 tn?1376251168 So I took the one hour test and I didn't pass it :/ I am to take the three hour test soon. How do I pass it? I am planning on going on a very strict diet. Any else I should do? How did you pass the test?
4981292 tn?1381260405 What is the glucose test & what is the purpose of it? How does it work and how do you fail/pass the test :/ someone explain everything to.
Avatar f tn I know I already have a post but wondering how u lady's got by with your glucose test? Im terrible at having blood taken if I don't eat something before hand I pass out so im petrified cuz im not aloud anything but water from 10pm the night before how am I gonna manage having blood taken with no food?
Avatar f tn My midwife told me it was ok to eat before my test she just said no sweets
Avatar f tn Please can someone explain to me what exactly is this glucose test all about.
8171031 tn?1399331234 Has anyone had to do the test twice? I was told I have to come in and do the 3 hour test. How did some of you guys get through it? When I did the 1 hour it took two tries and I barely made it through the second one. Right after they finished drawing blood I threw up a little bit and couldnt eat the rest of the day. Please help!
Avatar f tn I failed my 1 hr glucose test. Have to take my 3 hr on Monday. It was pretty high and I did not eat or drink anything before appointment. Has anyone ever failed 1 hr pretty badly and passed the 3hr?
Avatar f tn How many of u failed your first glucose test and had to go for the 3 hour test? I have to go tommorow morning for the 3 hour because I failed the first one. I am sooooo worried about failing this one. Is it something that happens often?
Avatar f tn My doc just called and I did not pass the 1-hour glucose test so now I have to go back for the 3-hour! Has this happened to anybody? Anyone know what happens if I have the diabetes you get with pregnancy? Ugh!
7164766 tn?1391500256 I have to do the glucose test on the 19th. it'll be the second time I've done it because the first time I only made it 30 minutes before getting sick.
7094011 tn?1405459486 Everyone else I've talked to said I should fast from midnight tonight, drink the drink and go to my appointment. Any suggestions? I would prefer to only do the test once and pass. I ABSOLUTLY hate needles and doing blood work.
Avatar f tn I have a family history of diabetes so when I failed the 1 hr I thought for sure I would have GD but i passed the 3 hr with flying colors!
2075937 tn?1334887794 i was given a green drink to drink when i got there and then after 1hr they took some blood and then i could leave, unfortunately for me my levels came back really high so i had to a second test where i was not allowed to eat for 12hrs before the test but i was still allowed to drink water. This time they took blood before then made have a green drink then i had to sit around for 2hrs then they took more blood before i could go home.
10909590 tn?1416440706 Heyy mommas, since most of us are done with the 20 week is the glucose test....arghhh.....are url ready? Im not lol..just the thought of not eating for an hr + *****.
Avatar f tn Why are woman on this app always trying to "cheat" the test? Eat how your doctor told you to eat. If you have gestational diabetes your body WONT process sugar within an hour of the drink they give you and you will fail regardless of your previous sugar fast. This is definatly something you need to know about if you have it. Your baby's pancreas is at stake and will depend on a proper diet and possibly insulin if you do in fact have it. Good luck on your test, I hope you pass.
Avatar f tn If you fail and have to do the three hour the draw your blood first, make you drink the drink, and then draw blood at specific time intervals throughout the next three hours. The purpose of the test is to see how your body responds to and processes a large amount of glucose.
Avatar f tn If it's the one hr they take ur blood then u have 5 minutes to drink then at the end of the hr they draw blood again, if it's the three hour which I had to do twice this pregnancy, u have to fast the night before they draw blood every hr for three hours and u drink again it ***** waiting there but I was so .
Avatar f tn So yesterday i had my test done and got a call that i failed it and have to retest with a 3 hour wait instead of 1. I have been eating a lot of junk food my whole pregnancy. If i get diabetes will it go away? Will my baby have it?
8761324 tn?1399736679 If you dont have time for a glucose test to make sure you and baby are safe, how the heck will you have time for a baby?
Avatar f tn I went for my testing yesterday, safe to say it didn't go well I ended up vomiting it up all over the office and got sent to talk to my Dr to figure out what to do and am now known as the 'woman that threw up everywhere' quite embarrassing, but I guess my first pregnancy is gonna be pretty memorable..
Avatar f tn after my first test they send me for 3 hours test that they gave me 150 mil same drink ,if u are going to take the test and want to pass it , try to fast for few hours before the test. i did not for that reason i did not pass it for first round.
Avatar f tn What does it mean to fail the 2 hour glucose test? Is there another one after this? I'm really hoping to not have to do this test again.
10798067 tn?1431554033 Hey ladies..ok so im on my 4th pregnancy and due to have a glucose test in a few week..told its goin to take 2 to 3 hours! I have never had one before on previous pregnancies but i have heard it makes you feel awful sick this true? And what exactly does it involve? What was your experience of it like?
Avatar f tn Is It Bad To Not Go For Your Glucose Test ? I Took It The First Time Where You Had To sit There For An Hour .. But Then They Called Me Saying I Failed It & That I Had To Come Back To Do It Again , But Instead Of An Hour .. I Have To Sit There For 3 hours !! I'm Like Extremely Busy In The Morning & The Lab Hours Are 7-3 & They Go On Break At 12-1 .. i Work Almost Everyday At 11am Besides Wednesday & Thursdays , So I Never Actually Have Time To Sut There For Them 3 Hours ..
Avatar f tn The drink they gave me was cold pretty easy to drink. But I didn't pass that test and had to go for the 3hr which was horrible! I went to a different lab and I guess they don't keep their drinks refrigerated and it was warm and gross. Plus it has twice as much sugar as the drink they use for the 1hr test.
Avatar f tn I failed my glucose test. they have me going in to retake it, a three hr test where they draw my blood four times. my question is, how worried should I be as I am freaking out....I'm very much in shape, not over weight, eat decently well, so I feel worried and confused by this. this is my first pregnancy, I'm worried about the health of my baby....
7818018 tn?1406158041 I gained a lot for some reason and exercised through whole pregnancy(am at 36 weeks) and had to take both. I was nervous about the 2nd test, but passed all but one of the 4 draws, which didn't have to do with my weight gain or what i ate. Just how my body was slower to break down sugar in the 2nd hour. My 1 hr fail and the draw i didn't pass were barely over what they should be if that helps.
Avatar f tn Mine didn't give me explicit instructions about fasting, just a little sugar drink with instructions on it on how to drink it, and I had a Monday morning test so I had to wing it. I ate, just stayed away from carbs and sugars, so had eggs that morning. Mine came back okay, not sure if it was because of what I did/didn't eat that morning.
Avatar f tn I wasn't on any diet restrictions for glucose test. And in my opinion you eant to eat bc point of testvto see how your bidy is producing indulin and maintaining your sugar hence to see if you've developed gd. So I'd say no eat normal and healthy prior to drinking the drink and blood draw :-) and quit a few ppl fail the 1 hour and pass the three hour. I did that with first pregnancy this one haven't got that far yet.