Glucose test in pregnant women

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2206560 tn?1354300304 how many weeks are yu wen yur suppose to take the glucose test? or is it the one they do right in the begining nd yu have to drink some nasty really sweet drink?
415867 tn?1323369103 I think they are affiliated in that when your glucose levels are high you are susceptible to insulin resistance which is why many women who have PCOS are at risk of getting diabetes. It is the insulin resistance that I think has an affect on the other hormone levels.
Avatar f tn Hello moms do all pregnant women do a glucose test.
Avatar f tn Hello moms do all pregnant women do a glucose test.
Avatar f tn I would do a blood glucose test ... The glucose test they administer to pregnant women is dangerous ... I took my test via blood and they got a clear result I'll send a link here exposing the horrible glucola drink ... http://foodbabe.
Avatar f tn Yes every pregnant women has to take it unless they refuse it
Avatar f tn Yes every pregnant woman has to take it and it's to test your blood sugar to see if you have gestational diabetes
Avatar f tn Also, I have read lots of stories on here on women that failed the first glucose test, and did just fine on the 3 hour. I wish you luck!!
Avatar n tn What is this glucose test I keep hearing about? I'm 25wk and I've not done it.
Avatar f tn I'm so nervous for my glucose test . It's in 2 weeks. I just hope I pass.
Avatar f tn How important is it to get the glucose test done. I have appointment in the morning and cant be botherd to go.
Avatar f tn Do you not have friends to drive you? Family? A lot of wic offices have women that drive pregnant women to appointments. Have you considered that?
Avatar n tn Hello ladies have any of ya skip or went to do the glucose test at 25 weeks I hate it I don't want to do it
Avatar f tn Hey all, I have that glucose test tomorrow, with the orange drink. Can anyone tell me what they do exactly? I've heard you can be there up to 3 hours waiting, and that they'll take blood twice? I absolutely hate needles so this is gonna suck.
Avatar f tn You should be fine.. My mom failed her 1 hour glucose test everytime she had it.. And she never had gestational diabetes.. My aunt had gest. diabetes and her and baby were absolutly fine and healthy.. she just had to take insulin shots like a diabetic person while she was pregnant.. Dont be worried he will be fine!
Avatar f tn Im 30 weeks pregnant and I failed my first 1hr glucose test, my levels were just a tad high than where they should be. So now im worried about the 3hr glucose I have to take but most women ive talked to said they passed their 3hr test. Is anyone going through something similar?
Avatar f tn Im almost 20 weeks n dr. Set up glucose test for next appt. Really worrying about it since both my mother and grandmother had gestational when I had sono yesterday baby weighed 11oz which according to some websites is above average although dr said it was fine.
184622 tn?1258559967 Well, my Dr called Friday and informed me that I failed my glucose test last week and now have to take a 3 hour test. I'm concerned because my mother, 58, was just diagnosed with diabetes. She did not have it while she was pregnant. But, I also understand there are alot of people who fail the inital test and end up fine. Can anyone share similar stories and your outcome. I'm trying to brace myself and put my mind at ease. Thanks!!!!
Avatar f tn I've never done this test, I'm 17wks & had sugar in my pee so they sent me for blood work "glucose reading" but I never drank anything, I go today to see if I have diabetes, unless they are trapping me & I'll be drinking something today lol they never said anything
Avatar f tn This Friday will be 2 weeks since my test and as of right now (I just called) my test results are still not in...WTF? I'm getting so mad!! And yesterday I had a scare, Bryce was not moving almost all day!! I was so scared!!!! I drank ice cold water, ice cold oj, some chocolate shake and nothing!! But then last night he didn't want to let mr sleep =) and today he is going nuts! Just needed a resting day I guess!!
Avatar f tn I failed my glucose test. they have me going in to retake it, a three hr test where they draw my blood four times. my question is, how worried should I be as I am freaking out....I'm very much in shape, not over weight, eat decently well, so I feel worried and confused by this. this is my first pregnancy, I'm worried about the health of my baby....
5609181 tn?1375335972 If your test is early in the morning I wouldn't eat after midnight that's what I did. I watch my sugar intake the day before. And all I had for fluids is water. Most women don't pass their first ones I didn't and alot pass their second ones like I did.
Avatar n tn She said it was a misshipment from the hospital and that they are not even ALLOWED to order 100g since it's only used in in-lab testing (the 3hour GTT). She looked in the cupboard and they were ALL 100g so i saved a few other pregnant women from false positives too apparently. She cleared me of the diagnosis using the 3 hour chart (yippeee). Just to clarify, it wasn't my doctor I was doubting, it was the staff who hands out this stuff.
5650943 tn?1374116408 ( on a brighter note i get to see my stubborn lil girl today us to check her growth and i cant wait to see how much bigger she has gotten
Avatar f tn Has anyone got sick after doing their glucose test? I did =/ I was in my doctors office and started getting light headed and my head was spinning so they gave me toast with butter. Once I got home tho I threw it all up (sorry tmi). After you got sick were you ok the rest of the day or ???
915119 tn?1341952589 15 blood/And once again At 11:15am For my 1hr test/Went in at 8:30 Drank the juice/Waited 1hr And draw blood at 9:30 Maybe you could call or email your dr ...ask him why? Dont you have a new dr.? I do and I'm always questioning everything he does.......just to make sure...he probably thinks I'm a little annoying lol...but he does everything different than my ex OB/GYN...
Avatar f tn So I had my glucose test last Monday and I got a call today saying that I failed and I will have to do the 3 hour test. So I'm kinda freaking out. Does this mean my baby could have diabetes? I take the 3 hour test on Friday, should I completely lay off sugar until then? I'm not that shocked because diabetes runs in my family but it's so scary cause of course I was hoping it would come back negative. I just want some more info mommies.
Avatar n tn With my glucose test which was not that long ago I failed the first test (Glucose Screening) But I passed the second one (Glucose Tollerance) I eat a very very very large amount of sugar and sweet products... Hence the name sugar mama. Since I have been pregnant the only thing that appitizes me is sweet stuff. I do not drink nearly enough liquid and the doctor says I am dehydrated all the time. So foods should not affect the test considering I did not change my diet between the two tests.
8650265 tn?1421569013 it was terribly upsetting and of course the first thing i did was blame myself but nothing you have done or didn't do caused it. it just happens to roughly 20% of all pregnant women. once i wrapped my head around that fact and was reassured that baby will be fine its alot easier to accept. best cause scenario if you are diagnosed with it is some changes in your diet and frequent exercise.